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Chapter 725: Arriving at the Vermilion Bird Galaxy

 Chapter 725: Arriving at the Vermilion Bird Galaxy

"Enter the Vermilion Bird Institute to search for information?" Both the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi were baffled.

Naturally, both elders could see that Huang Xiaolong was concealing something from them, however, if Huang Xiaolong didn't wish to say, neither of them insisted to know the details.

Then again, it never occurred to either of them that Huang Xiaolong would be aiming for information related to the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire's location.

Only Shi Xiaofei knew that Huang Xiaolong had obtained the Black Tortoise Divine Fire. Not even his own family was in the know.

And now, Huang Xiaolong chose not to tell the old man and Yang Yi. Everyone would find out, just not now, but after the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

Yang Yi grew quiet as she pondered before saying, "Although I am the Vermilion Bird Institute Principal's Junior Sister, our relationship is not that close. That time, when I left the land of new moon with He Feifan, I was ambushed by people from the Vermilion Bird Institute. Later, it was your Master, the Ascending Moon Old Man, that came to my rescue. Moreover, when people from the Vermilion Bird Institute came for the Black Lotus, I killed one of their Grand Elders in anger, hence..."

Huang Xiaolong was confounded.

If this was how things were, then his method of entering the Vermilion Institute with Yang Yi's help was out of the question.

A tiny frown creased Huang Xiaolong's forehead.

He was unwilling to give up just like this.

Huang Xiaolong's strong intuition convinced him that he would be able to find clues about the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire's location just like he found information about the Black Tortoise Divine Fire from the Black Warrior Institute's library.

A second later, his eyes lit up. In fact, Yang Yi's help wasn't a compulsory factor for him to enter the Vermilion Bird Institute.

With his true immortal force, he could change his appearance as he liked-both his height and body shape. As long as he changed his appearance to look like one of the Vermilion Bird Institute's disciples, he could literally enter and leave the institute grounds anytime.

But, Huang Xiaolong was worried about leaving his family in Martial Spirit World while he was away.

Huang Xiaolong voiced his worry to the Ascending Moon Old Man. Hearing this, the old man waved his hand nonchalantly, "This old man has nothing to tend to these few years anyways, and life in the Huang Clan Manor is quite comfortable, so I'll stay here. You don't need to worry about Martial Spirit World. But brat, you really want to go to the Vermilion Bird Institute's library? You better not run into any problems, otherwise it'll trouble this old man to make a trip to the Vermilion Bird Institute!"

The Ascending Moon Old Man's words were spoken out of concern.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, "I know, old man. I'm going to look up some information, not provoke trouble, don't worry."

With the Ascending Moon Old Man staying in the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong's worries were lifted. Since Yang Yi too did not have other matters, she also decided to stay in the Huang Clan Manor.

Though Yang Yi was unable to help Huang Xiaolong enter the Vermilion Institute, she was still the Institute Principal's Junior Sister, and thus knew many of its secrets.

Therefore, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong tried to understand the Vermilion Institute's situation, especially regarding its library.

Knowing that Huang Xiaolong wanted to enter the Vermilion Institute, it was granted that Shi Xiaofei would worry and be ill at ease, but she was aware that once Huang Xiaolong had decided to do something, he wouldn't change his decision. She could only remind him to be extra careful.

Watching Shi Xiaofei's worrying for himself, Huang Xiaolong slightly chuckled, comforting "You need not worry, I'm just going to search for some information this time, nothing will happen. Moreover, have you forgotten that I have the Black Tortoise Divine Fire? Amongst the Vermilion Institute's masters, only the Institute Principal, Vice Principal, and the two Protectors can harm me."

Shi Xiaofei nodded. Remembering the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, her worry slightly diminished.

When they were at the Heavenly Mountain, even a perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm Black Dungeon Tarragon couldn't harm Huang Xiaolong. At that time, Huang Xiaolong was still a peak late-Eighth Order God Realm, whereas now, he was already a peak late-Ninth Order God Realm.

However, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong spent more than ten days to perform a blood sacrifice using all the demonic beasts' bones that he had collected from the Heavenly Mountain, turning them into fertilizer for Martial Spirit World.

When the blood sacrifice was done, its spiritual energy spiked up at an alarming rate, growing rich and abundant.

Observing the improved quality of Martial Spirit World's spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction. With Martial Spirit World's current spiritual energy level, even without the saint and divine grade spirit pellets that he rewarded them, the Martial Spirit World's families, kingdoms, and empires could nurture more and more Saint realm cultivators. And a thousand years later, they would have nurtured many God Realm masters.

When that time came, Martial Spirit World would only grow stronger.

Huang Xiaolong did not forget to remind his family about a few things before leaving, sent off by many reluctant gazes watching his back. He soon left Martial Spirit World, heading toward the Vermilion Bird Galaxy.

After a series of non-stop hopping through transmission arrays or flying to another transmission array location, Huang Xiaolong finally reached the Vermilion Bird Galaxy half a month later, at a place called Dounan Mainland.

There was an enormous city hovering above the Dounan Mainland, and in the airspace of the city, numerous luxurious carriages could be seen, comparable with the number of God Realm masters flying in and out.

Compared to the Cloudsea Mainland in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, the spiritual energy here felt thinner, but it was still on the higher side. Moreover, Huang Xiaolong keenly sensed a vibrant fire element energy in the air.

Determining his direction, Huang Xiaolong flickered into a blur, speeding off toward Vermilion Bird City.

Vermilion Bird City was a city built by the Vermilion Institute on Dounan Mainland, similar to the Black Warrior City built and governed by the Black Warrior Institute on the Cloudsea Mainland. The transmission array in Vermilion Bird City was the sole entrance to the Vermilion Bird Institute.

It took Huang Xiaolong six hours to arrive at Vermilion City flying over Dounan Mainland's vast land surface.

Vermilion City was quite huge, its city walls rose tall as a mountain. However, it was a little lackluster compared to Royal Pill City.

To enter Vermilion City, each visitor was required to pay ten thousand Zhuque coins. Not having any Zhuque coins on him, Huang Xiaolong gave a heaven grade spirit stone. Regardless of which galaxy it was, spirit stones were a commonly accepted item.

There were a lot of people inside Vermilion City, and something occurred to Huang Xiaolong as he observed the attires of the various Vermilion Galaxy families' disciples. He decided to find a place to convert some Zhuque coins.

Even though spirit stones were accepted, it was inconvenient to take out spirit stones everywhere.

Huang Xiaolong entered a relatively large scale shop.

"Good day, may I know if brother is looking to buy something, or...?" A staff member approached Huang Xiaolong, politely inquiring.

"I have a batch of saint grade spirit stones that I want to convert to Zhuque coins." Huang Xiaolong stated.

The staff did not appear surprised or shocked, asking, "Can brother tell me if the spirit stones are of low or mid-grade? How many do you want to convert?" In general, family disciples usually converted either low or mid-grade saint grade spirit stones, and not many in quantity. At most, it would be a dozen pieces, even just a few pieces. This was the reason why the employee asked such a question.

Huang Xiaolong did not say much, directly taking out one thousand top saint grade spirit stones from his Asura Ring.

One top saint grade spirit stone was equivalent to four hundred thousand Zhuque coins, one thousand top saint grade spirit stones totaled to four hundred million Zhuque coins.

Four hundred million Zhuque coins could last Huang Xiaolong some time.

Of course, upon arriving in the Dounan Mainland, Huang Xiaolong had altered his physical features. As a newbie trying to establish himself here, Huang Xiaolong did not want to attract any attention, that's why he only exchanged four hundred million Zhuque coins.

With a different face, no one would recognize him.