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Chapter 720: Highgod Realm Master

 Chapter 720: Highgod Realm Master

"A Black Lotus more than two million years old!!" A feverish light flickered in Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

In the four galaxies, one-million-year-old and above medicinal herb were already considered rare and little in quantity. However, in the last twenty to thirty thousand years, a herb above two million years old merely appeared once.

It was thirty thousand years ago, when a super force' Grand Elder found a two-million-year-old Golden Dragon Ginseng King in the Black Tortoise Galaxy's Ghost Abyss.

At that time, this news traveled through the four galaxies like a storm, a medicinal herb reaching two million years old was an existence on a whole other level compared to a one-million-year-old herb.

It was said that herbs above the age of two million years contained miraculous properties. After consuming one, not only would one's strength improve in giant strides, it was also able to overhaul one's physical attributes. Most of all, it could help a cultivator achieve complete soul clarity!

Everyone knew that the clarity of one's soul was a crucial condition when condensing a godhead. Just because of this condition, this two-million-years-old Black Lotus was enough to make God Realm cultivators, especially Tenth Order God Realm cultivators, throw away their reason.

That year, that person was at the perfection stage of Tenth Order God Realm, a Grand Elder from a super force that could breakthrough to Highgod Realm at any time. After finding the Golden Dragon Ginseng King, he swallowed it whole. Not only did that Grand Elder successfully step into the Highgod Realm, he even condensed a rank seven godhead!

A rank seven godhead!

"Little Huang brat, you reaped a big harvest coming to Heavenly Mountain this time!" Dragon Emperor Ao Tayi couldn't help marveling at Huang Xiaolong's luck.

Huang Xiaolong flashed a big grin.

Just like Dragon Emperor Ao Tayi said, after coming to the Heavenly Mountain, not only had he found the Heavenly God's blood pool, achieving a breakthrough and the Etheric Physique, but now he also stumbled upon a two-million-years-old medicinal herb!

The Black Lotus in itself was a rarely seen herb, even more precious than the Snow Lotus, White Lotus, or the Red Lotus. A one-million-year-old Black Lotus was a priceless treasure, one could imagine the value of a two-million-years-old Black Lotus.

Excited, a gentle force from Huang Xiaolong's right hand wrapped around the Black Lotus that was flying away, pinning it to the air.

But two sounds of piercing winds could be heard heading in Huang Xiaolong's direction.

"What is that?!"

"It's Black Lotus! More than twenty petals, a Black Lotus above two-million-years-old!!"

"We actually ran into the birth of a Black Lotus above two-million-years-old!"

The exchange between the two voices sounded, and in the next moment, two middle-aged men clad in fire-red robes appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei with euphoric expressions on their faces.

When the black light from the lake caused by the Black Lotus' birth shone in the sky, these two men were in the proximity and were attracted by it. Both of them rushed over after concluding that it may be the sign of a priceless treasure surfacing.

Neither of them expected it to be a two-million-years-old herb! A Black Lotus on top of that!

As the two men arrived, the Black Lotus was flying toward Huang Xiaolong, falling onto his palm.

"Haha, Senior Brother Chen, looks like our luck isn't bad. We didn't find the Heavenly God's blood pool, but just as we were planning to leave, we actually came across the birth of a two-million-years-old Black Lotus!" He Zhi laughed. "With this Black Lotus, we'll be able to break through to Highgod Realm in the future without worry!"

In He Zhi's eyes, that Black Lotus was already theirs!

Senior Brother Chen, Chen Ruiguang, was also laughing, "You're right, with this Black Lotus, there's no worry of not being able to break through to the Highgod Realm!" Precisely at this moment, Chen Ruiguang suddenly attacked. A sharp light flashed from his palm as he struck toward He Zhi's Qi Sea.

It had never crossed He Zhi's mind that his Senior Brother Chen would attack him. Crashing to the ground, he still wore a look of disbelief looking at Chen Ruiguang. But what He Zhi saw was the cold sneer on Chen Ruiguang's face, "But, it's not 'us', only me. This two-million-years-old Black Lotus is mine!"

Finished putting his claim on the Black Lotus, Chen Ruiguang approached He Zhi with thick killing intent on his face.

He Zhi was glaring with anger: "Senior Brother Chen, you...!"

They had been brethren of the same sect for close to thirty thousand years and experienced life and death many times. Now, in order to monopolize the Black Lotus, Chen Ruiguang was going to kill him?!

Chen Ruiguang stopped in front of He Zhi, "You've saved my life before, and to repay this kindness, I'll let you die without pain. Don't worry, I will bury you, and will take good care of your wife too!"

He Zhi's eyes turned scarlet: "You're a beast!"

The long sword in Chen Ruiguang's hand slashed, slicing He Zhi's head off his shoulders. Then, he took out a bottle and poured out a drop of green liquid on He Zhi's head. In the blink of an eye, He Zhi's head was eroded by the green liquid into a small puddle of murky green water-dead!

Huang Xiaolong merely watched with a cold expression, not interfering. But he was very curious about the green liquid, what was it that could easily erode the body of a mid-Ninth Order God Realm.

After Chen Ruiguang was done dealing with He Zhi, he turned to Huang Xiaolong with a calm face, as if what he had just done was common. His gaze fell on the Black Lotus in Huang Xiaolong's palm, then toward Shi Xiaofei. When Chen Ruiguang saw Shi Xiaofei, his eyes lit up.

Earlier, all his focus had been on the Black Lotus, indirectly missing Shi Xiaofei. He didn't expect such a beautiful woman to be here.

Controlling himself, Chen Ruiguang once again looked at Huang Xiaolong, sneering, "Punk, I'll do away with the nonsense, hand over than Black Lotus." He was an early Tenth Order God Realm master, it was granted that he didn't put an early Ninth Order in his eyes.

"Scum like you should die from ten thousand cuts!" Shi Xiaofei suddenly interjected in a cold tone.

Obviously, Chen Ruiguang's conduct, killing his fellow disciple to monopolize the Black Lotus, and moreover, his victim being a Junior Brother that had saved his life before, disgusted Shi Xiaofei.

Chen Ruiguang laughed instead of getting angry, "I'm scum? However, scum like me is alive and well, and after getting the Black Lotus, I'll live even better! Chick, just for that sentence of yours I'll keep you alive and tame you into my sex slave, I'll let you enjoy the pleasures of life!"

Right when Chen Ruiguang's sentence ended, a human silhouette flickered. Just as he wanted to dodge, a pressure clamped around his throat and was held high up by his neck.

Chen Ruiguang looked at his attacker, the person who was holding him up by his neck. It was actually the Ninth Order God Realm black-haired young man!

Huang Xiaolong's icy gaze was piercing, "Cutting you into ten thousand pieces was actually too good for you, I'll let you taste pain a thousand times worse than ten thousand cuts before you die."

Chen Ruiguang's face turned a deep red. He tried to muster up force to attack but failed, as his Qi Sea was sealed by a frigid qi.

All of a sudden, a wind howling rang in the air.

Seeing the person who arrived, Chen Ruiguang's eyes brightened.

"Mas-Master, save me!" He shouted as loud as he could.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei were surprised, not expecting it to be Chen Ruiguang's master.

Space rippled.

A black-haired old man entered Huang Xiaolong's sight, wearing the same red large robe as the Chen Ruiguang and He Zhi duo. The only difference was that this old man's robe had a golden emblem on his chest.

"He's a Highgod Realm master!" Dragon Emperor Ao Tayi cautioned in a somber tone.

A shiver ran through Huang Xiaolong's heart, it was actually a Highgod Realm master!

The moment the black-haired old an appeared, Shi Xiaofei secretly crushed the jade talisman her Master gave her.