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Chapter 705: Could It Be, These Two Know Each Other?

 Chapter 705: Could It Be, These Two Know Each Other?

Inside the great hall of the Zhao Family's main residence, the Zhao Family Patriarch, Zhao Weitong, and all Zhao Family Grand Elders were discussing matters regarding the Martial Spirit World when, all of a sudden, a panicked Elder burst into the hall, reporting that the Castellan of White Emperor City, Zhao Ping, was murdered. Other than Zhao Ping, several thousand guards inside the White Emperor City's Castellan Manor were also dead...

Zhao Weitong and all the present Zhao Family Grand Elders were astounded.

"Have you found out who did it?" Zhao Weitong's face was gloomy like murky waters.

That Zhao Family Elder shook his head, "No, by the time the other Zhao Family disciples arrived at the White Emperor City, the murderer had already left. According to some of the disciples in White Emperor City, they saw a terrifying great cyclone appear in the Castellan Manor!"

"Terrifying great cyclone?!" The Zhao Family Grand Elders exchanged a baffled expression.

"Could it be the Demonic Cult Luo Qiao's Black Flame Windstorm?!" Zhao Kai ventured a guess.

In the Peace Emperor World, there were only a handful of people strong enough to kill the White Emperor City's Castellan, Zhao Ping, who a peak late-Fifth Order God Realm.

Not to mention that their Zhao Family had no grudges with the Mo Family and the Nether Ice Palace. Logically, only the Demonic Cult's experts were left.

The Demonic Cult's Grand Elder Luo Qiao's Black Flame Windstorm gathered airflow within a hundred li to form a terrifying wind cyclone to attack.

"No, from the White Emperor City disciples' description, that wind cyclone's appearance differs from Luo Qiao's Black Flame Windstorm. His wind cyclone emits a dark aura, but the wind cyclone that killed Elder Zhao Ping released a brilliant light!" That Zhao Family Elder replied.

Zhao Weitong and the group of Grand Elders frowned hearing this. If it wasn't Luo Qiao, then who could it be?

Due to the distance between Martial Spirit World and Peace Emperor World, it never occurred to Zhao Weitong the possibility of it being Huang Xiaolong. As far as he was concerned, even if Huang Xiaolong rushed all the way to Peace Emperor World, it would take him at least two weeks or so.

Zhao Weitong barked an order: "Investigate! Use all efforts! No matter who it is, death to those who dared to kill our Zhao Family's Elder and thousands of disciples!"

"Yes, Patriarch!" The Elder respectfully complied.

"No need." A cold voice suddenly sounded in the great hall as a black spot appeared on the horizon. Then, before anyone could react, a blinding light filled the hall, coming from the black-haired young man that was now standing in front of everyone.

"Huang Xiaolong?!" Seeing the young man's face, one of the Zhao Family's Grand Elders shouted out loud.

The 'uninvited guest' was none other than Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong was calm and indifferent after being recognized as his eyes surveyed the great hall, his voice low and dark, "Looks like all the remaining Zhao Family Grand Elders are here. I couldn't ask for more, as it saves me the hassle of locating them one by one."

Zhao Weitong's eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong, breaking into an unexpected grin, "I didn't expect you to come so soon, seems like you're in a hurry to die, Huang Xiaolong. I heard from Zhao Kai and the others that you killed Ying Changtian?"

Some of the Grand Elders also laughed in mockery, only the four people who fled from the Martial Spirit World did not laugh.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhao Weitong with a detached expression, "I only need one move to kill you."

Zhao Weitong laughed until his whole body was shaking and his face red, "Huang Xiaolong, are you sure you can kill me in one move?"

Then again, Zhao Weitong and some of the Grand Elders couldn't be blamed for finding it funny.

Huang Xiaolong was just a child who had only cultivated for around a hundred years, yet he actually claimed that he could kill a peak late-Eighth Order God Realm Zhao Weitong? Moreover, using just one move!

Despite Zhao Kai and three other Grand Elders having reported that Huang Xiaolong killed Ying Changtian within two moves, they merely heard a recount of the incident instead of witnessing it with their own eyes.

To Zhao Weitong's understanding, Huang Xiaolong must have borrowed someone's power to kill Ying Changtian. He didn't believe for a second that Ying Changtian and the rest of the Ying Family's masters, as well as their Zhao Family masters in the Martial Spirit World, were all killed by Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong watched Zhao Weitong whose face was red from laughing too hard. He stood there patiently, in no hurry to act.

"Huang Xiaolong, come, let this great-grandfather play with you for a while." At this point, one of the Grand Elder approached Huang Xiaolong, speaking in a mocking tone, "Up until now, you merely cultivated for around a hundred years, right? Don't say I'm bullying the younger generation. I, Zhao Hengfeng, will give you a hundred moves handicap, I'll only start attacking after that."

The Grand Elder named Zhao Hengfeng laughed heartily again, adding, "One hundred moves is enough, no?"

This brought another round of laughter from the Zhao Family Grand Elders.

While everyone was laughing, Huang Xiaolong's figure flickered into a blur, arriving right in front of that Grand Elder. Zhao Hengfeng's laughter stopped abruptly and tried to retreat, but he was pulled forward by the overpowering suction force from Huang Xiaolong's hand. For a moment, Zhao Hengfeng felt that Huang Xiaolong's fingers were like a great five-fingered mountain pressing down on him.

To his shock, he found that he couldn't move at all!

'This is...?!'

Before his mind could figure out the reason, Huang Xiaolong's five fingers easily dug into his skull from above.

A blood-curdling scream came from Zhao Hengfeng, but it soon faded. His stiff body fell to the floor at the center of the great hall.

Bang! A muffled thump echoed in the air.

"There's no need for a hundred moves," Huang Xiaolong looked at the lifeless body on the floor, "One move is sufficient."

All present Zhao Family Grand Elders were dumbfounded, staring blankly at Zhao Hengfeng's corpse.


Thick silence filled the great hall.

Zhao Weitong's face twisted into an ugly expression. At the same time, one could see the rising fear in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong's strength was really as horrifying as Zhao Kai's claims?! But, he was in denial. He refused to believe that a punk with a hundred years of cultivation could be so powerful!

While this took place in the great hall, in a residence not far away from the Zhao Family Mansion, a Zhao Family Elder was reporting to Li Zishuai, "Young Master Li, that person who robbed millions of weapons and armors from our Zhao Family is here, he's in our Zhao Family Mansion's great hall."

Li Zishuai was stunned, "So fast?" Then a sinister laugh sounded, "Then this Young Master shall go and see if he has three heads and six arms." With that said, he flew toward the Zhao Family Mansion with the four mid-Ninth Order God Realm Li Family guards.

A moment later, Li Zishuai's groups of six arrived in the air above the Zhao Family Mansion.

Even before he entered the mansion, Li Zishuai's voice thundered through its area, "Which punk that has no eyes dares to steal our Li Family's things?!" Li Zishuai's group appeared in the great hall after his words ended.

Huang Xiaolong slowly turned around.

In that moment, Li Zishuai and Huang Xiaolong's eyes met, both were a little surprised at the unexpected meeting.

Li Zishuai stuttered, "Huang, Huang, Huang Xiaolong!"

Zhao Weitong and the Grand Elders, who were initially overjoyed at Li Zishuai's arrival, were doubtful watching his reaction. Could it be, these two knew each other?

Zhao Weitong scurried to Li Zishuai's side, "Young Master Li, it is exactly this Huang Xiaolong, he..."

Before Zhao Weitong could finish, Li Zishuai's palm struck across his face, sending him spinning in the air. Li Zishuai's roar thundered in Zhao Weitong's eardrums, "You mother-f*cking Zhao Weitong, it's fine if your Zhao Family wants to die, but don't drag me in with you!!"