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Chapter 703: You Bunch of Idiots!

 Chapter 703: You Bunch of Idiots!

But before setting off to Peace Emperor World, Huang Xiaolong added more than a dozen defensive and killing formations over the Huang Clan Manor.

The defensive formations that Huang Xiaolong laid out when he and his family left Martial Spirit World were already destroyed by Ying Fei's group. At that time, Huang Xiaolong's cultivation was too low and his knowledge in array formations was pitifully shallow. Thus it was nothing strange for the defensive formations he laid out before to be destroyed by Ying Fei and the rest.

Now, Huang Xiaolong was an Eighth Order God Realm and his comprehension of array formations had improved significantly over the years in the Black Warrior Institute. Moreover, the materials that Huang Xiaolong used were all rare materials from the Divine World, even a Ninth Order God Realm master would be hard pressed to break down these formations.

After he finished laying out defensive and killing formations around the Huang Clan Manor, a thought occurred to him. Taking out one thousand divine grade spirit stones, he arranged a huge Spirit Amplifying Array around the manor.

This Spirit Amplifying Array was a self-created formation, an upgrade from the usual spiritual energy gathering array. It was also more efficient.

In general, energy gathering arrays attracted the spiritual energy from their surroundings, however, Huang Xiaolong's Spirit Amplifying Array was different. It birthed natural spiritual energy by itself.

Through the spiritual energy absorbed by these one thousand top divine grade spirit stones used to arrange the formation, it produced more spiritual energy of higher quality.

Huang Xiaolong planned to head to Peace Emperor World alone.

After all, other than razing the Zhao Family to the ground, he'd be looking for the Black Tortoise Divine Fire. Having everyone with him was, no doubt, inconvenient.

From his years of researching old records, Huang Xiaolong concluded that the Black Tortoise Divine Fire was most likely in the Peace Emperor World's Black North Sea. On top of this, that divine fire should be at the deepest part of the sea.

In the deepest part of the Black North Sea was an extremely frigid qi called Black North Cold Stream Flow. Even high-level God Realm masters would have difficulty resisting it.

Which was the main reason Huang Xiaolong decided to leave Shi Xiaofei, his family, and everyone else at the Huang Clan Manor until he returned.

Based on the Huang Family members' current strength, adding the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger and other demonic beasts as well as the defensive and killing formations that Huang Xiaolong arranged, he wouldn't be worried about their safety while he was gone.

Even if the Twin Celestial World's Ying Family sent more masters over while he was in the Peace Emperor World, they would be at their wit's end trying to break through the layers formations before reaching the Huang Family.

Prior to this, Huang Xiaolong had scoured Ying Lu's soul. From there, he knew that the Ying Family's strongest person was their Ancestor, merely an early Ninth Order God Realm master.

Other than their Ying Ancestor, their Ying Family Patriarch was only a late-Eighth Order God Realm master. The rest were early and mid-Eighth Order God Realm Grand Elders.

Considering that his search for the Black Tortoise Divine Fire might take longer than expected, Huang Xiaolong cautioned everyone not to search for him even if he hadn't returned after several years or more.

Before the reluctant gazes of his family and Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong flew away, his figure grew smaller and finally vanished from their sight, leaving the Huang Clan Manor behind.

Emerging from Martial Spirit World's outer membrane, Huang Xiaolong traveled in the vast space on his sword, toward the Peace Emperor World.

With Huang Xiaolong's current strength, at his fastest flying speed, he'd be able to arrive in Peace Emperor World a day later.

'Those several Zhao Grand Elders that fled should have reached the Peace Emperor World by now.' Huang Xiaolong sneered at the thought as he flew forward at his fastest speed.

This time, among the Zhao Family's sixteen Grand Elders, four managed to escape. Counting from the time they fled from Martial Spirit World, it had been slightly more than a week. Accordingly to the average speed of an early to mid-Eighth Order God Realm, rushing from Martial Spirit World to Peace Emperor would take eight to nine days' time. Hence, Huang Xiaolong guessed that the four Zhao Family Grand Elders that escaped should be back in Peace Emperor World by now.

While Huang Xiaolong was speeding through space, inside the great hall of the Zhao Family's Mansion, Zhao Kai and three others stood with their heads down, looking sorry and disheveled.

Sitting on the large throne-like seat with a grim expression on his face was a thin middle-aged man. He was the Zhao Family's Patriarch, Zhao Weitong.

"You all are saying that Huang Xiaolong and the Huang Family suddenly returned to Martial Spirit World from outside, that Zhao Shuang and everyone else was killed by Huang Xiaolong? And the Ying Family's Ying Changtian also died in his hand?!" Zhao Weitong sternly glared at the four standing below.

Zhao Kai confessed, "That is so, Patriarch. That Huang Xiaolong's strength is absolutely terrifying. It is said that Ying Changtian was powerless to retaliate against Huang Xiaolong, killed in two moves." Though Zhao Kai knew it was hard for anyone to believe what he said, it was the truth. He merely reported accordingly.

As if he had just heard the funniest joke in his life, Zhao Weitong laughed out loud, slapping the arm of his throne in an exaggerated manner, "You're saying that Huang Xiaolong, who cultivated for a little more than a hundred years, is stronger than our Ancestor?!"

Killing the Ying Family's Ying Changtian in two moves, even their Zhao Family Ancestor was incapable of this.

At this point, Zhao Chengdong who stood beside Zhao Kai spoke, "Furthermore, every single person of the Huang Family has broken into the God Realm! Patriarch, should we...."

Before Zhao Chengdong could finish what he was about to say, Zhao Weitong's furious roar resounded through the great hall, akin to a mad lion, "Are each and every one of you taking me for a fool? Do you think that I'm a three-year-old ignorant child? That I'd believe that Huang Xiaolong really killed Ying Changtian in two moves?! Also, those Huang Family ants weren't even in the Xiantian realm when they left Martial Spirit World, correct? How many years have gone by, you're telling me that all of them miraculously became God Realm masters?!"

The more Zhao Weitong shouted, the angrier he became, his finger shook with fury as he thundered at the four Grand Elders: "Are you guys idiots, or am I? You bloody fools, get out of my face!"

The four men struggled, wanting to say something.

"Patriarch, I think that Huang Xiaolong will appear in Peace Emperor World very soon, should our Zhao Family...?" Zhao Kai couldn't stop himself from reminding the Patriarch. The whole time he was fleeing from the Martial Spirit World, Zhao Kai's had been plagued by a whelming sense of unease.

Zhao Wenting burst out laughing after hearing Zhao Kai's caution, his expression indifferent, "What you're trying to tell me is that Huang Xiaolong dares to come to Peace Emperor World looking to trouble our Zhao Family?" A sharp light glinted in his eyes, "I ask for nothing better, it'll save me the effort of making a trip to Martial Spirit World personally."

Zhao Chengdong carefully added, "That Huang Xiaolong isn't simple. Patriarch, shouldn't we investigate Huang Xiaolong's background a little?"

Zhao Weitong sneered, "So what if he isn't simple? It's unnecessary. It doesn't matter what identity he has, there is the Li Family behind us, there is no reason to be scared of him."

Zhao Kai and Zhao Chengdong wanted to say a few more words of persuasion but were sent away by an irritated Zhao Weitong.

"A bunch of trash!" After the four Grand Elders left, Zhao Weitong harrumphed coldly. Looks like he needed to investigate what happened in Martial Spirit World. As for Zhao Kai and the other three's explanation, claiming that Huang Xiaolong killed Ying Changtian and the other Zhao Family's Grand Elders, he did not believe a word of it.

Although he vaguely felt that Huang Xiaolong's identity might not be as simple as he had initially assumed, Zhao Weitong did not give the thought much attention.

That was because their Zhao Family had climbed up a big tree that was the Li Family!

The Li Family was a super dominant force!

At this time, a Zhao Family Elder walked into the hall, respectfully informing, "Patriarch, Young Master Li requests your presence."

Hearing this, Zhao Weitong almost jumped to his feet, hurrying to a luxuriously decorated residence with that Zhao Family Elder.

Passing through a maze of corridors in quick steps, he finally arrived at a certain courtyard.