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Chapter 690: Are You Certain?

 Chapter 690: Are You Certain?

Prior to this, it was Xiang Mingzhi who challenged Huang Xiaolong before the public, and if Huang Xiaolong lost he had to perform a thousand kowtows. On top of it, he also had to call Xiang Mingzhi Ancestor henceforth!

Xiang Mingzhi had the guts to do that in public surely because the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi had given the nod of approval.

Who was Huang Xiaolong? He was the Ascending Moon Old Man's personal disciple!

Xiang Mingzhi's action was a blatant act of disrespect toward him. In other words, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi did not put the Ascending Moon Old Man in his eyes, not giving him any face!

Since it was so, the Ascending Moon Old Man need not give Qin Yi any face either!

Then again, the Ascending Moon Old Man had never put the status of the Azure Dragon Institute Principal in his eyes.

No one expected the Ascending Moon Old Man to be so direct and unyielding before a crowd, spurning Qin Yi's request without hesitation.

Similar to those present, Qin Yi was finding it hard to believe that the old man had just refused to give him face in front of so many people.

Qin Yi's expression changed, turning cold and sullen, even the temperature in the square plummeted sharply. With Qin Yi's feet as the center, a thick layer of ice spread out on the square.

"Ascending Moon Old Man, are you certain?" Qin Yi asked, a faint sneer on his face. Although he was wary of him, it didn't mean that he was really afraid of the old man.

Within the four galaxies, there had yet to exist a person that he, Qin Yi, was afraid of!

A good-natured grin spread over the Ascending Moon Old Man's face, "Boy, your talent is not bad, it seems like you've reached the perfection stage in your Three Thousand Azure Dragon Art. However, that year, your Master also reached the perfection stage in his Three Thousand Azure Dragon Art, but he still wasn't my opponent. Do you really think you're stronger than your Master at his peak?"

Qin Yi was looking extremely grim, recalling his Master saying that unless his Three Thousand Azure Dragon Art exceed the perfection stage, he wouldn't be the Ascending Moon Old Man's opponent. But, that year, his Master did not mention about suffering any injuries from his battle with the Ascending Moon Old Man.

The light of doubt and hesitation flickered in Qin Yi's eyes.

By this time, all the Azure DragOon Institute masters standing behind Qin Yi had begun to circulate their Qi in silence. Their oppressive momentum enveloped the square, preparing to attack at any moment.

The high tension was suddenly broken by Xiang Mingzhi's voice. "Master, since the bet was proposed by this disciple, disciple is willing to fulfill it as agreed." Finished saying that, Xiang Mingzhi walked toward Huang Xiaolong. Before many shock-widened eyes, Xiang Mingzhi bent his knees, kneeling down and starting the first kowtow.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi's fists were tightly clenched, releasing a terrifying aura. In the end, he made no further action.

Though Qin Yi prided himself in the fact that his strength had already surpassed the previous Azure Dragon Institute Principal, despite being on the top of the God Ranking List, the Ascending Moon Old Man was already the first ranked on the God Ranking List sixty thousand years ago. So many years had passed, what was the Ascending Moon Old Man's current strength today?

Not forgetting that this was Royal Pill City, not his Azure Dragon Institute!

Perhaps due to the chilling aura coming from the Azure Dragon Institute Principal, no one dared to ridicule or laugh at Xiang Mingzhi.

With every knock, Xiang Mingzhi called out the word 'Ancestor.' In the enormous square with myriad of prominent forces and characters around, Xiang Mingzhi's lone voice echoed.

There was a tiny frown on Huang Xiaolong's forehead. Xiang Mingzhi's abrupt change in attitude, being able to endure this humiliation, strayed from his assumptions.

For the members of the Azure Dragon Institute, time passed torturously slow.

Xiang Mingzhi returned to Qin Yi's side after he was done with the one thousand kowtows with an exceedingly calm expression.

"We're leaving!" Qin Yi coldly stated, leading the group of Azure Institute masters away.

Before Xiang Mingzhi turned to leave, despite his calm face, the look in his eyes as they swept over Huang Xiaolong contained enmity and viciousness so strong that any other person would have buckled at their knees.

Moments later, the Azure Dragon Institute group disappeared from their sight. Those who were waiting to watch a good show dispersed with stirrings of regret.

Initially, everyone had assumed that one such the Azure Dragon Institute Principal would not endure watching his personal disciple give Huang Xiaolong a thousand kowtows in apology before the public, but it actually happened! The Azure Dragon Institute Principal actually endured it!

Even more unexpected was that Xiang Mingzhi voluntarily admitted that he lost and kowtowed!

At the same time the spectators dispersed in various directions, a battle of spit ensued, discussing the highlights of the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition.

In this term's Alchemist Grandmaster Competition, Huang Xiaolong actually produced rank one tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellets!

Tribulation grade!

Tribulation grade divine pellets had never appeared in the four galaxies before!

Huang Xiaolong was truly deserving of this term's Pill King title!

As things ended, Huang Xiaolong, the Ascending Moon Old Man, Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and the Elders of Alchemist Grandmaster Association made their way to the association headquarters.

According to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association's tradition, every new Pill King was to pay homage to the previous Pill Kings' statues. Of course, after today, a statue of Huang Xiaolong would be added into the line.

After the ceremony was done, the Ascending Moon Old Man returned to his usual self, beaming at Huang Xiaolong, "Kid, you won the first place in the competition, as well as the Xuanji Treasure. You're now a genuine rich man, we must drink our hearts' fill to celebrate! Come, to the Royal Pill House!" The old man looked over his shoulder at Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and the rest, "Let's go, all of you come as well. This kid's buying!"

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely speechless this time. Judging from the situation, it seems like he wouldn't be able to run from his duties as the host

Hence, Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, the Ascending Moon Old Man, Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and a large group of Alchemist Grandmaster Association Elders headed to the Royal Pill House in a good mood.

When the owner of the Royal Pill House, Deng Caizhi, received news that Huang Xiaolong and the Ascending Moon Old Man were coming over, he was already respectfully waiting at the entrance to welcome them. He even went a step further and cleared the whole premise, closing their place for a day especially for Huang Xiaolong's group.

The long-established rule was 'one person, one jug of Royal Pill Wine', but Deng Caizhi sent more than a hundred jugs to Huang Xiaolong's group. According to Deng Caizhi, all of them were from his private collection, therefore no rule was broken.

Whether these jugs of wine were really his own personal collection, everyone knew in their hearts, but no one pointed it out bluntly.

Under the influence of good mood and excellent wine, even Shi Xiaofei drank more than she usually did, her delicate face was red as an apple, adding a layer of allure to her beauty,

As the drinking progressed, Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and many more continuously raised their cups for a toast with Huang Xiaolong, consecutive calls of 'Senior Brother Huang' rang out, making Huang Xiaolong want to bolt from them. Still, Huang Xiaolong was powerless when these people insisted on calling him Senior Brother Huang.

Whereas Chen Ye and Lin Pinghai were willing to call Huang Xiaolong 'Senior Brother Huang' not entirely because of the Ascending Moon Old Man, but also because both of them were convinced by Huang Xiaolong's alchemy skills.

To them, Huang Xiaolong's skills had already surpassed the Master, saying he was the first alchemist in the four galaxies was no exaggeration. They were people infatuated with alchemy. For them, being able to say that Huang Xiaolong was their Senior Brother was also a great honor.

By the time this group of people made their way out from the Royal Pill House, it was a day and night later.

As they were leaving, those hundred jugs of wine were all bottomed out.

Back in Chen Ye's residence, inside the courtyard arranged for him, Huang Xiaolong took out the rank six godhead with nervous excitement.

Rank six godhead!

Like the previous rank five godhead, this rank six godhead was also from a late-First Order Highgod Realm master, but the vast energy, godforce, and God's Law contained inside this ran six godhead exceeded the previous one by far.

On the same day itself, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged within the Xumi Temple and began refining the rank six godhead.

Almost instantaneously, the godforce and God's Law inside the godhead were greedily devoured by the Treasure Dragon Protective Shield Art diagram inside him, becoming a part of Huang Xiaolong.

While he was refining the rank six godhead, the Buddha śarīra was continuously releasing pure Buddhism energy and blood essence into his body as well.