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Chapter 689: Give Me Some Face

 Chapter 689: Give Me Some Face

"No, not possible! They cannot be tribulation grade!" Xiang Mingzhi shouted hysterically, pointing at Lin Pinghai and everyone on the host stage, screaming like a mad person, "It must be you lot siding with Huang Xiaolong, deliberately falsifying things!"

"There had never been anyone able to refine tribulation grade pills! It's impossible for Huang Xiaolong to do that!"

"Not possible! No way in hell could he refine it!!"

Xiang Mingzhi grew increasingly violent and his voice reverberated in the square, causing the crowd to look at him with strange expressions.

On the host stage, Lin Pinghai's patience stretched thin, speaking in a cold tone, "Falsifying things? Huang Xiaolong's refinement attracted pill tribulation lightning, everyone here saw it with their own eyes."

But Xiang Mingzhi retorted loudly, "Pill tribulation? This is only a myth, no one has ever seen how pill tribulation really looks like. Are you saying you can determine that it was pill tribulation based on some old records' description?"

Lin Pinghai was stumped.

Though the 'pill tribulation' that Huang Xiaolong attracted earlier matched the descriptions in old records, it was also true that no one had ever managed to do so. Therefore, determining that the Exalted Divinity Pellets refined by Huang Xiaolong were tribulation grade only on this reason was slightly forceful.

Lin Pinghai turned to look at the Ascending Moon Old Man.

The Ascending Moon Old Man replied with indifference, "Whether or not they are tribulation grade, have a person consume one and we will know. According to old records, consuming tribulation grade pills would cause that person to be bathed in lightning. That is the tribulation lightning rushing out from that person's body, able to cleanse the marrow and replace the tendons. An early-level God Realm consuming a pellet would be equivalent to the effect of a decade's cultivation!"

"This way, I'm sure no one will have further doubts, right?" The Ascending Moon Old Man's cold gaze swept through the crowd around the square.

Naturally, no one had any objection.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi merely raised an eyebrow in silence.

Xiang Mingzhi wanted to argue further but was prevented from doing so with a look from his Master Qin Yi. Thus, Xiang Mingzhi endured.

As no objection was raised, the Ascending Moon Old Man summoned the Alchemist who supervised Huang Xiaolong's Alchemist assessment, Jia Liang, giving one of the tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellets to him.

One tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellet was more precious than a top divine grade spirit stone. Such a valuable pill could naturally not be given to outsiders.

At that time when Lin Yanhan was making things difficult for Huang Xiaolong, this Jia Liang spoke up for him, therefore, this could be considered a kind of reward for Jia Liang.

With nervous excitement, Jia Liang swallowed the tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellet without hesitation. Instantly, a streak of lightning shot out from the surface of his skin. In the blink of an eye, Jia Liang was shrouded by a glaring light as numerous tribulation lightning streaks flew out from his body.

Watching this scene, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi and everyone from the Azure Dragon Institute had ugly expressions on their faces.

The scene before their eyes was evidence enough that Huang Xiaolong indeed refined tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellets!

Before this, Qin Yi and everyone from the Azure Dragon Institute held a slim hope, but now even that slim ray of hope was shattered to smithereens!

"N-NO! Impossible!! Not true, this cannot be true-!!!" Xiang Mingzhi went hysterical once more, roaring the unwillingness in his heart. "It's you lot, you are definitely cheating! This is an illusion! A deceitful illusion arranged by you!"

He went through a lot of trouble for the Xuanji Treasure, that was the ancient Xuanji Divinity Faith's treasure ah, how would he be willing to yield it to the enemy?!

This time, the crowd shook their heads in pity watching Xiang Mingzhi.

On the host stage, the Ascending Moon Old Man exuded a cold aura watching the hysterical Xiang Mingzhi, his tone was piercing cold, "If you dare to roar once more, disturbing the alchemy competition, I will strangle you dead this instant!"

Strangle you dead!

Fury was spewing out from Xiang Mingzhi's gaze, he did not believe that the Ascending Moon Old Man would dare to kill him.

However, when he was just about to open his mouth, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi snapped at him: "Enough!"

Xiang Mingzhi stiffened, noticing that his Master Qin Yi was almost glaring at him. Xiang Mingzhi's heart shuddered and he no longer dared to make another sound.

Qin Yi was vexed. This disciple of his had never disappointed him before, but today, all of his face was thrown away because of this disciple. What he was disappointed in was not the fact that Xiang Mingzhi lost to Huang Xiaolong, but his attitude. It was clear as day to everyone that he had lost, yet he was shouting hysterically like an ignorant fool.

What was this? Showing that his Azure Dragon Institute was a sore loser? That they couldn't afford to lose? It was just a mere Xuanji Treasure, losing it didn't matter.

The main reason Qin Yi snapped at Xiang Mingzhi earlier because he knew for sure Ascending Moon Old Man would really kill his disciple! Others might think twice due to Xiang Mingzhi's identity, but not that old monster!

Who was the Ascending Moon Old Man? Even his Master, the previous Azure Dragon Institute Principal, showed fear and ire speaking of him.

Standing where he was, Xiang Mingzhi felt the gazes directed at him. They felt like sharp thorns, as if they were watching a clown, filled with ridicule.

Xiang Mingzhi clenched his fists, his enmity and killing intent toward Huang Xiaolong intensified.

From the beginning until now, Huang Xiaolong had maintained silence, standing there with a detached expression. Keenly sensing the surging hate and killing intent from Xiang Mingzhi, Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly.

Very soon, a full three hours passed.

Ancestor Mountaingoat and the remaining participants stopped what they were doing.

Anong one hundred and forty people that reached the final round, other than Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi, only Ancestor Mountaingoat, He Feifan, Wan Zhenxing, and another old monster Ancestor Myriad Poison succeeded in refining the Exalted Divinity Pellets.

Six people in total!

As for other participants, they either failed or merely reached halfway.

The Exalted Divinity Pellets refined by Ancestor Mountaingoat were verified as high grade, better than He Feifan, Wan Zhenxing, Ancestor Myriad Poison, and other old monsters'. He was awarded the third place.

Finally, the result of this term's Alchemist Grandmaster Competition was determined.

No doubt, Huang Xiaolong won the Pill King title at first place, Xiang Mingzhi was second, and third was Ancestor Mountaingoat.

Although Xiang Mingzhi won the second place, not a single person from the Azure Dragon Institute felt any spark of joy despite the fact that the second place was also considered a great achievement. Compared to the Xuanji Treasure, the second place was nothing.

The Ascending Moon Old Man personally presented the rank six godhead, three thousand Exalted Divinity Pellets, one sacred grade divine furnace, three thousand divine spirit stones, and three thousand kinds of herbs above one million years old to Huang Xiaolong.

After presenting the reward to Huang Xiaolong, the Ascending Moon Old Man broke into a hearty laughter, "My good disciple, you really did not disappoint your Master!"

Huang Xiaolong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Then again, with the rank six godhead in his hand, Huang Xiaolong was in a great mood.

Rank six godhead!

On top of that Buddha śarīra that he had refined earlier, it wouldn't take him long to breakthrough to Eighth Order God Realm!

Compared to Huang Xiaolong, when Xiang Mingzhi went to receive his second place reward, he looked like his Master had just died.

A short while later, all rewards were given out.

Just as Xiang Mingzhi was about to return to his Master Qin Yi's side, Huang Xiaolong's cold voice rang in his ears: "Xiang Mingzhi, it seems you've forgotten something."

Xiang Mingzhi's face instantly turned beet-red, knowing exactly what Huang Xiaolong was referring to.

One thousand kowtows!

The crowd that was about to disperse halted their steps.

Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi hesitated for a second before turning to face the Ascending Moon Old Man, "Ascending Moon Old Man, give me some face. This matter, can we let it end here?"

With the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi's status, him being willing to speak in such a manner was already seen as being humble.

Still, relying on his status, Qin Yi called the Ascending Moon Old Man by his name without the respectful Senior salutation.

The Ascending Moon Old Man sneered, "Give you face? Why should I?"