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Chapter 682: Senior Brother Huang

 Chapter 682: Senior Brother Huang


This word sounded like thunder in Jia Liang and the surrounding disciples' ears, watching in disbelief as the Lin Pinghai knelt in front of the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Their brains went blank, not one of them could believe that this beggar old man, skinny but thick-faced, who most of them believed was a little not right in the head, turned out to be Lin Pinghai's Master!

Who was Lin Pinghai?

Lin Pinghai was an Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association ah!

Not to mention those present in the hall, even both of Lin Pinghai's personal disciples were dumbstruck. They had never heard their Master mention anything about his own Master!

In truth, it wasn't because Lin Pinghai did not wish to tell them, it's just that the Ascending Moon Old Man had strictly forbidden Lin Pinghai from talking about him in front of others. Furthermore, the Ascending Moon Old Man has never admitted that Lin Pinghai was his student!

Even though the Ascending Moon Old Man did not recognize Lin Pinghai as his disciple, in Lin Pinghai's heart, the Ascending Moon Old Man was his Master. Without the Ascending Moon Old Man's guidance, he would never have achieved the level of alchemy skills he had today, and definitely would not be an Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association.

While everyone was still in shock and disbelief, another large group of people rushed into the hall.

The loud noise attracted Jia Liang and everyone's attention. Turning their heads to look made their pale faces turn even paler.

The new arrivals were none other than the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief, Chen Ye, with his Elders in tow.

Chen Ye and a group of Elders behind him rushed into the hall with fierce angry faces, but when they rushed into the hall and saw Lin Pinghai kneeling on the floor, all of them were stunned. When they finally saw the Ascending Moon Old Man's face, each of them was trembling with excitement.

Just like Lin Pinghai previously, Chen Ye hastened to kneel in front of the Ascending Moon Old Man, kowtowed and saluted: "Master!"


Everyone in the hall felt like a thunderbolt struck right above their heads, especially Jia Liang.

By this time, the remaining Alchemist Grandmaster Association Elders also hurried before the Ascending Moon Old Man, saluting respectfully on their knees, "Greeting, Grand Elder the Ascending Moon!"

Grand Elder!

This old man was actually one of the three legendary Grand Elders of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association?! Moreover, he was the head of three Grand Elders, Grand Elder Ascending Moon.

Another great wave of shock crashed against Jia Liang's heart and those present.

Outside on the street, Lin Yanhan finally regained conscious, struggling out from the rubbles above him to his feet. He let out an animal like roar: "Old man, I want you dead, DEAD-!"

Lin Yanhan had just climbed out from the rubble, his mind was still a little confused, thus neglecting the scene taking place inside the hall. Only after he hollered did Lin Yanhan look into the hall.

When Lin Yanhan saw the sea of Alchemist Grandmaster Association Elders kneeling toward the Ascending Moon Old Man, he was stupefied. Yet, to this point, he still failed to realize what the scene in front of him meant.

The Ascending Moon Old Man's cold gaze fell on Lin Pinghai, who was kneeling in front of him, "This is the good son you've brought up?"

Lin Pinghai felt a chill run down his back, he became panicked out of fear, "Master, Han'er doesn't know your identity, please spare his life." He repeatedly kowtowed, pleading for his son's life.

Neither Chen Ye nor any of the Elders dared to utter a sound.

Master?! Lin Yanhan stared dumbly at his father banging his head to the floor, calling that beggar old man Master... He was jolted to his senses and fear crept into his eyes, his face becoming pale.

The Ascending Moon Old Man coldly said to Lin Pinghai, "If you weren't considered as my half student, do you think he would still be alive until now? He can escape the death penalty, but not punishment. You know what to do."

Lin Pinghai continued to kowtow, saying that he knows what to do, thanking the Ascending Moon Old Man for mercy. Then, he issued the order personally, to have Lin Yanhan arrested and locked up inside the Alchemist Grandmaster Association's prison. Later, Lin Yanhan would be punished according to the crime of opposing his superiors.

Only then did the Ascending Moon Old Man's grim face relax, nodding at Lin Pinghai and Chen Ye, "Stand up, all of you." Although he was still angry inside, Li Pinghai and Chen Ye's status was no longer the same as before. Having them kneel for a long time in the Alchemist Grandmaster Association hall was not proper.

Lin Pinghai, Chen Ye, and the Elders acknowledged respectfully before rising to their feet.

The Ascending Moon Old Man pointed at Huang Xiaolong, saying matter-of-factly, "He's Huang Xiaolong, my personal disciple. All of you come and greet him as your Senior Brother Huang."

Personal disciple!

Shock could be seen on all the Alchemist Grandmaster Association higher echelon's faces. Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and all the Elders knew how strict the Ascending Moon Old Man's requirement in accepting a personal disciple were, which was why, based on their talents, they could be considered as half students to the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Yet, this young man in front of them actually...!

Despite feeling extreme shock, none of them dared to take the Ascending Moon Old Man's words as passing breeze, quickly greeting Huang Xiaolong as 'Senior Brother Huang'!

Each of them was sincere, devoid of any pretentious attitude.

Elders that were not the Ascending Moon Old Man's students also hurried to greet Huang Xiaolong, wearing amiable smiles on their faces, revealing a hint of respect.

That year, when the Ascending Moon Old Man received Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple, the ceremony was conducted on the Golden Dragon Peak with only the Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders as witnesses, and thus the matter did not spread out. Whereas Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and most of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Elders rarely ventured out, spending most of their days refining pills. Thus, none of these people knew that the Ascending Moon Old Man had taken in a personal disciple.

Naturally, neither did they know Huang Xiaolong's other identity, the Black Warrior Institute Principal's personal disciple.

However, hearing even the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief calling him Senior Brother Huang, at this moment, Huang Xiaolong was at a loss as to how to behave.

Watching Huang Xiaolong not knowing what to do from the side, the Ascending Moon Old Man felt a sense of accomplishment, relishing in the moment.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong passed his Alchemist assessment. However, when Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and the other Elders found out from Jia Liang that Huang Xiaolong refined without using a furnace, and moreover, used common ingredients to produce saint grade Amorphous Star Pellets, they were astounded. After discussing the matter, they agreed to give Huang Xiaolong an Elder status.

In fact, once someone reached the level of a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster and passed the assessment, they would be promoted to Elders. With the Ascending Moon Old Man being one of the reasons, Huang Xiaolong was promoted with exemption from further assessments. Toward this decision, the Ascending Moon Old Man did not say anything. After all, Huang Xiaolong's alchemy refining skills were more than qualified to become an Elder.

No doubt, Huang Xiaolong was the first person to jump directly from an Alchemist to an Elder.

When all was done, Chen Ye respectfully invited the Ascending Moon Old Man, Huang Xiaolong, and Shi Xiaofei to rest in his residence. Hearing the Ascending Moon Old Man agree, this Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief was on cloud nine, it clearly showed in his speech and demeanor.

As Huang Xiaolong and the others headed to Chen Ye's residence, news about Huang Xiaolong's Alchemist assessment also spread out.