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Chapter 664: Penalize Huang Xiaolong

 Chapter 664: Penalize Huang Xiaolong

Contribute their mothers to the Black Warrior Institute!

Li Jiarong's anger erupted hearing this, "Huang Xiaolong, you deserve to die! Even if you're the Institute Principal's personal disciple, I shall set straight an audacious disciple like you!" He leaped up, aiming a palm strike at Huang Xiaolong.

Multiple streams of azure energy shot out, turning into a slither of azure pythons. A strong bloody stench permeated the air.

This was one of the Black Warrior Institute's high-grade battle skills called Devouring Azure Python Hand. Cultivating this battle skill required the person to stay inside the Thousand Snake Den, absorbing the various kinds of snake qi, completely integrating it into their own battle qi for it to be considered successful.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong snorted. Without bothering to stand up, he remained seated on the host seat, countering the attack with a backhand. In that instant, a stream of dazzling starlight burst out in the hall, as if stars were being born from Huang Xiaolong's hand, turning the hall into a vast galaxy.

This was a battle skill that Feng Yang taught to Huang Xiaolong, the Everlasting Star Handseal!

Stars rotated, releasing an overwhelming astral force that instantly shattered the slithers of azure pythons into smithereens. It did not stop there, however, the astral force spiraled forward like angry waves toward Li Jiarong.

Li Jiarong's face tightened.

"Great Roc Nine Transformations!" Swiftly spinning around, his silhouette flickered in the air, constantly changing, making it hard to locate his actual position.

Then, his everchanging silhouette seemingly slammed into something that sent him flying in the opposite direction. A loud boom rang out as Li Jiarong's body crashed into one of the hall's pillars.

Silence ensued.

Hu Yue was stupefied as he stared at Li Jiarong's ending. He knew very well Li Jiarong's strength-a peak late-Seventh Order God Realm, infinitely close to breaking into Eighth Order God Realm.


He made an abrupt turn toward Huang Xiaolong, his voice a little shaky, "You, you're already a Seventh Order God Realm?!"

'Seventh Order God Realm! Huang Xiaolong actually broke through to Seventh Order God Realm?!

How can this be?! Not possible!'

How long had it been since Huang Xiaolong was promoted to the ranks of elite disciples? In less than thirty years, he actually sped through Fifth Order God Realm to Seventh Order God Realm?! This was Seventh Order God Realm ah, not Seventh Order Saint realm!

Li Jiarong climbed up from the floor, he too was looking at Huang Xiaolong with an astounded expression.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as he faced Li Jiarong, "Want to set me straight? It's very clear that you do not have the strength. Li Jiarong, could it be that you're unwilling to contribute your mother to our Black Warrior Institute's disciples? As a Black Warrior Institute Elder, this is something you should do!"

"You!" Li Jiarong's chest was heaving heavily due to anger, hot liquid gushed up his throat. Failing to repress it, Li Jiarong spat out a mouthful of blood.

As an honorable Black Warrior Institute Elder, he was actually angered to the point of vomiting blood by a disciple. If word of this got out, he would probably turn into a household laughing stock.

However, despite being angered until he vomited blood, Li Jiarong dared not make another move to attack, he knew it would only bring further humiliation to himself.

On the other hand, Hu Yue was glaring coldly at Huang Xiaolong, "Huang Xiaolong, you've become too unbridled, defying elders above your rank, injuring an Institute Elder. We shall report this, the Grand Elders' Committee will definitely penalize you! Don't assume that just because you're Institute Principal Feng Yang's personal disciple you can do as you please!"

"Defying elders?" Huang Xiaolong chuckled hearing at this accusation, but a sharp glint flashed in his eyes, "Since it's like that, I'll be penalized regardless, whether I injure one or two. In that case, I won't hold back." Before his last word sounded, Huang Xiaolong already disappeared in a flicker. When he appeared again, he was standing within a few feet from Hu Yue.

Hu Yue was startled and panicked.

"Iron Arm!"

He punched out at Huang Xiaolong with both fists. The sleeves of his robe exploded into fragments, revealing two thick arms that exuded a metallic glimmer, as if they were wrapped in a layer of iron.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes were cold and detached as his fists punched out as well, colliding head-on.

Peng! Like a collision between metal, a dull but loud noise rang out in the hall.

Before Li Jiarong's eyes, Hu Yue's body was flung off into an arch in the air like a broken kite, all the way out of the hall, before crashing heavily on the ground. The flesh on his arms was ruptured, glaring red lines covered the remaining flesh as blood flowed out in a never-ending stream.

Li Jiarong's heart felt like it took a leap off a gorge as his gaze moved from Hu Yue's arms to Huang Xiaolong's.

Hu Yue had cultivated his Iron Arm for more than ten millennias and was able to shatter through almost anything. Even a piece of Divine World's iron would be dented with a punch from Hu Yue's Iron Arm. But now, Hu Yue's arms were destroyed by Huang Xiaolong!

What were Huang Xiaolong's fists made of?!

From what Li Jiarong could see, there was no difference between Huang Xiaolong's hands and those of other people, merely a little fairer, a little smoother, and a little bit more supple.

Huang Xiaolong walked over, slowly approaching Li Jiarong.

Only then did Li Jiarong jolt to his senses, becoming apprehensive, "Huang Xiaolong, what do you want?!"

Huang Xiaolong did not answer. Coming to a stop in front of Li Jiarong, Huang Xiaolong extended his leg and sent Li Jiarong flying out of the hall with a kick, falling right beside Hu Yue's body.

Huang Xiaolong walked out of the front hall, standing before the two Elders with a cold expression, "Go back and tell that old witch Wang Na that if she wants the Swallowing Sky Starquake Divine Pill formula, I can give it to her on one condition. She has to contribute that place of hers to all Black Warrior Institute disciples!"

Contribute that place of hers to all Black Warrior Institute disciples!

That place!

Hu Yue and Li Jiarong were shocked, astonished, and angered knowing full well what ' place' Huang Xiaolong was referring to.

"Scram!" Huang Xiaolong's eyes were sharp as knives sweeping over them as he barked.

Hu Yue and Li Jiarong did not hesitate. They got up on their feet all flustered, fleeing for their lives.

After fleeing from the Golden Dragon Peak, Hu Yue and Li Jiarong did not return to their own places, instead, they went to Wang Na's Wuhuang Peak. Seeing Wang Na, both of them bitterly complained.

"That punk Huang Xiaolong is too audacious and lawless! He even dared to attack us Elders. Institute Principal, you must convene the Grand Elders and penalize that Huang Xiaolong!"Hu Yue cried with anger.

"That's right, that Huang Xiaolong is defiant!" Li Jiarong chimed in angrily, "He must not be spared just because he's Feng Yang's personal disciple, allowing him to continue his lawlessness!"

Watching the two Elders return in such a sorry state, she was inwardly shocked; Huang Xiaolong, that punk, broke through to Seventh Order God Realm!

Moreover, neither Hu Yue nor Li Jiarong was his opponents at all! Both of them were genuine late-Seventh Order God Realm and peak late-Seventh Order God Realm masters.

"Both of you retreat, I know how to handle this matter." Wang Na pondered with a solemn expression, excusing the two Elders.

Hu Yue and Li Jiarong dared not disobey. After giving a salute, both of them retreated. As for the words Huang Xiaolong said, telling Wang Na to contribute her 'place' to all Black Warrior Institute disciples, neither of them dared to say it.

After the two had left the hall, Grand Elder Liu, who had been standing at the side, icily said, "That kid's growth is too scary, we absolutely must not allow him to continue growing any stronger, otherwise he'll be a big threat to our plan two hundred years later!"

Another Grand Elder named Qi Bowen added, "With Feng Yang protecting him, we cannot exterminate that kid using forceful excuses, furthermore, I really don't know what kind of dog-shit luck that kid has, to actually catch that old monster Ascending Moon Old Man's eye." Qi Bowen felt a headache thinking of this.

Wang Na ordered sternly, "Pass the order! Convene the Grand Elders for a committee meeting to discuss Huang Xiaolong's penalty!"


Wang Na is referred as 'Institute Principal' by her subordinates in private because they are all extremely confident that she will be the one taking over the position after Feng Yang.