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Chapter 660: I Thought It Would Be A Trillion

 Chapter 660: I Thought It Would Be A Trillion

"Eldest Apprentice-brother, is something the matter?" Noticing Liu Yun's expression, Huang Xiaolong asked.

Liu Yun shook his head, "Nothing."

Qi Wen also noticed Liu Yun's expression and her originally blushing face lost a little glow, becoming lost in thought.

Shortly after, Liu Yun and Qi Wen left.

Huang Xiaolong's gaze lingered on the two people's silhouettes as they left. He had a feeling that there was something troubling them, but if they weren't willing to tell him, Huang Xiaolong wasn't in a position to ask too many questions.

When they left, Huang Xiaolong returned to his yard, continuing with his alchemy practice.

'It seems like I need to make a trip to purchase a batch of ingredients.' At the end of his practice, Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

Although refining ingredients had been pile up high inside the Hailstone Treasure, they had dwindled down quickly over the years as he learned alchemy under the Ascending Moon Old Man. More importantly, Huang Xiaolong was reluctant to use those herbs above a hundred thousand years or those a million years in age as practice.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong decided to purchase a batch of ten thousand years to a hundred thousand years old ingredients tomorrow. Herbs and elixir ingredients ranging from ten thousand to a hundred thousand years old were most suited to refine divine grade and sacred grade pills.

Though it was generally difficult to refine sacred grade divine pellets merely using a hundred thousand years old ingredients, Huang Xiaolong wanted to use this opportunity to improve his alchemy skills. Achieving what another alchemist couldn't, this was his aim. And Huang Xiaolong's ultimate aim was to achieve one hundred percent success rate every time. One must know, not even the slightest error was acceptable during the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition.

In the afternoon, Huang Xiaolong practiced his Asura Sword Skills.

As his cultivation increased, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling that there should be more to the Asura Sword Skill than those ten moves he had. Unfortunately, he did not possess the manual for them.

According to his own conjectures, the Asura Sword Skill was probably created by a certain high expert of the upper Hell Plane, which was why Huang Xiaolong planned to try looking for the latter part of the Asura Sword Skill in Hell after the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition.

The night passed peacefully. When morning came, Huang Xiaolong exited the Godly Mt. Xumi.

When he was still an early Sixth Order God Realm, Huang Xiaolong could refine one thousand drops of godforce in one night, and now, at late-Sixth Order God Realm, the number had increased to over three thousand drops.

Huang Xiaolong's cultivation speed was so atrociously shocking that it rendered Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi speechless, with his eyes turning green with envy. At this rate, it was hard for Huang Xiaolong's strength not to increase.

Genius elite disciples belonging to super forces and families would spend two to three thousand years of accumulation in order to reach Seventh Order God Realm from Sixth Order God Realm, not to mention the fact that this short span of time was only achievable with the strong support of their families' rich resources and attentive nurturing. If it were geniuses from first rank families, the time would increase to five or six thousand years.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong, estimating based on his current cultivation speed, would likely breakthrough to Seventh Order God Realm in less than ten years' time. All in all, he climbed from early Sixth Order God Realm to Seventh Order God Realm in less than two decades.

No doubt, Huang Xiaolong's shocking speed was the rank five godhead's credit. Without it, regardless of his talent, it would most likely take Huang Xiaolong seventy to eighty years. After all, Seventh Order God Realm was an important dividing line. Once one broke through to Seventh Order God Realm, he would enter the ranks of high-level God Realm masters.

In the whole galaxy, high-level God Realm masters were still scarce in number.

After exiting the Godly Mt. Xumi, Huang Xiaolong decidedly went into Xie Puti's yard as he was passing by, dragging out a Xie Puti that almost ground himself away cultivating, insisting that Xie Puti accompanies him out for the day.

Buckling under Huang Xiaolong's insistence, Xie Puti had no choice but to follow Huang Xiaolong to the Black Warrior City.

Walking out from the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong breathed in deeply the air of Black Warrior City as he patted Xie Puti on the shoulder, "It has been a long time since us brothers drank together. Let's go, us brothers will drink to our hearts' content today."

A short while later, they arrived at one of the biggest restaurants located in the center of the city, ordering the best wine and the best dishes, enjoying themselves.

Leaving the restaurant after their fill of good wine and good food, they headed toward the city's alchemy ingredients market.

The alchemy ingredients market, located on Jadeite Sky Street, was close to Peace Spring Street that the Huang Family visited the last time they were in the city. The several thousand shops lining the entire stretch of Jadeite Sky Street offered various kinds of materials for alchemy.

After a short walk, Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti reached the Jadeite Sky Street.

For each cultivator, it was undeniable that medicinal pills were an extremely important resource, hence, it was a given that Jadeite Sky Street was one of the busiest streets in the Black Warrior City. Every day there were countless family disciples, stewards, and Elders coming here to purchase alchemy ingredients.

Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti moved slowly down the street while looking around the shops before arriving at the largest and most luxurious shop on the Jadeite Sky Street, named Boundlessly Auspicious.

When the two of them walked into the shop, the hall was filled with disciples, both men and women, looking at and buying alchemy ingredients.

This time around, it could be said that the situation was slightly better than last time. Just as Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti entered the hall, a shop assistant immediately approached them courteously.

Huang Xiaolong did not waste time, speaking frankly to the shop assistant, "Bring out all the herbs and elixirs ranging from ten thousand years to a hundred thousand years old, I'll take them all."

Huang Xiaolong's speaking voice wasn't loud, but then again, the people present in the hall were all disciples of prominent families, possessing a certain level of strength and excellent hearing.

The hall immediately fell into a silence, so much that a drop of water hitting the floor would sound unnaturally loud.

The shop assistant was also staring at Huang Xiaolong with a flabbergasted expression.

But, a few breaths later, nearly everybody in the hall was shaking their heads, snickering among themselves. Clearly, most of them thought that Huang Xiaolong's joke was not funny at all.

However, there were certain people that took offense, ridiculing out loud, "Such gasconade! You want to buy all of Boundlessly Auspicious' ten thousand to a hundred thousand years old elixirs? Kid, do you know how many Xuanwu coins that is? Can you even take out a hundred billion?"

Not even the super forces' Patriarchs were able to simply take out a trillion Xuanwu coins just to buy alchemy materials!

They really didn't know where this kid crawled out from, actually daring to say that he wants to buy all of Boundlessly Auspicious' ten thousand to a hundred thousand years old herbs and elixirs!

Huang Xiaolong turned his head, spotting the person who just spoke. It was a red-haired young man, but when Huang Xiaolong noticed the young man's robe, a faint smile appeared on his face. This young man was wearing none other than the Zhuo Family's disciple robe, it seems like he and the Zhuo Family had a natural affinity for each other.

In the meantime, Huang Xiaolong couldn't help taking a glance at Xie Puti.

When Xie Puti also noticed the Zhuo Family disciple robe on that young man, his eyebrow raised up with interest.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was keeping silent, Zhuo Buzhi raised his voice even louder, "What? Scared now? Looking at you, forget a hundred billion, you probably can't even take out a mere ten million. You actually dared to talk big and show off here, uttering nonsense, wanting to buy off all Boundlessly Auspicious' ten thousand to a hundred thousand years old elixirs. Do you even know Boundlessly Auspicious' background? It's one of the Black Tortoise Galaxy's largest alchemy ingredients shops."

The other family disciples around remained quiet, waiting to watch Huang Xiaolong be humiliated.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong's expression was calm and indifferent, "Only a hundred billion? I thought it would be a trillion." Huang Xiaolong waved his hands. Instantly, numerous Xuanwu coins rained down from midair like a cloudburst, shaking the hall floor.

Everyone watching was stunned by the countless Xuanwu coins raining down all of a sudden.

The golden glimmer of Xuanwu coins in the light dazzled everyone's eyes.

At this point, the loud thudding noises in the hall outside had alerted the Boundlessly Auspicious' shop supervisor, Wan Baoding. Rushing out from the inner hall, he was met with the sight of Xuanwu coins falling down endlessly from midair, rendering him agape with shock.

A long time later, the downpour of Xuanwu coins finally stopped.

Every pair of eyes in the hall stared fixedly at that enormously tall and wide pile of Xuanwu coins, wondering if it was real or just an illusion.