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Chapter 654: Can't Afford

 "Come on, let's head to the Peace Spring Street!" Walking in the lively streets of the Black Warrior City, Huang Min suggested in high spirits.

They had stayed for a period in the Black Warrior City and thus were familiar with some parts of the city. Located at the city center, the Peace Spring Street was one of Black Warrior City's most prosperous streets, with shops offering various kinds of goods, entertainment, as well as restaurants.

Undoubtedly, the shops and restaurants on this streets were some of the largest ones on the Cloudsea Mainland, and the entertainment premises were known to be of higher standards. Therefore, Peace Spring Street garnered the highest spending rate.

Everyone thought it was a good suggestion and agreed. Hence, the group headed out towards the Peace Spring Street.

Since Xie Puti's meeting was scheduled for the day after, Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti accompanied everyone to the Peace Spring Street. As for the Ascending Moon Old Man, he was talking and laughing with everyone the entire way, portraying an impeccable image of a proper elder. Even so, he was still clad in that old and shabby robe, seemingly a little out of place with the rest.

Upon arriving at the Peace Spring Street, the womenfolk began scouring the various shops.

The first shop they entered was a large shop that sold various kinds of ornaments, however, these weren't the usual ornaments. The ornaments were made with rare and precious spiritual gemstones and star diamonds found in the galaxy, amongst other materials, set in ore kernels. When worn on the body, they nourished the body and were said to keep evil at bay.

Some of the higher grade ornaments were even inscribed with powerful formations. When facing an enemy, the formation could be activated to block attacks. Certain precious ornaments were inscribed with attack formations, enhancing the wearer's attack power.

Because most of the Huang Family members were Saint realm cultivators, Huang Xiaolong had concealed his aura, coupled with the Ascending Moon Old Man in his permanent beggar-like appearance, when they entered the shop, the workers around merely swept a quick glance over the group and looked away with disinterest. No one bothered to introduce or explain the ornaments' functions to the womenfolk.

Inside the shop, some big family's madame perusing the displayed ornaments also showed disdain and distaste toward Huang Xiaolong's group.

In their eyes, Saint realm cultivators were no different from the lowest of slaves.

"I wonder which family this bunch of slaves ran out from!" A splendidly garbed middle-aged woman muttered under her breath.

Despite her low voice, it reached everyone's ears inside the shop loud and clear. Huang Xiaolong and the Huang Family all raised an eyebrow.

At this point, the middle-aged woman was pointing at a phoenix-shaped hairpin, "Worker, how much is this phoenix hairpin?"

Immediately, a shop worker hurried to her side, bearing a respectful smile, "Madame Wenting's sight is sharp as always! This phoenix hairpin had just arrived yesterday, it was made with an extremely rare stone in the galaxy, Sky Dawning Gem, Crimson Star Stone, and a mix of Divine World's soft irons. Not only are there two defense formations inscribed on this hairpin, it even has an attack formation. The selling price is ten thousand top heaven grade spirit stones! As our shop's longtime customer, there is a special discount, only needing nine thousand five hundred spirit stones!"

One piece of top heaven grade spirit stone was almost equivalent to twenty thousand Xuanwu coins.

Ten thousand pieces were close to two hundred million!

Hearing the price gave that Zhou Wenting a fright. Although her status wasn't low, two hundred million Xuanwu coins was an exorbitant amount for her. She gave a little smile, saying, "I'm just asking out of curiosity, I have one like that at home, it's a waste to buy the same thing twice."

But it was obvious to everyone around, this was just a surface excuse, as for whether she really had the same hairpin back home, the people around each have their opinion.

However, the shop worker smiled amiably, agreeing, "It is so, as Madame said."

Unnoticed by others, Huang Min sent a look at Huang Xiaolong. Understanding his younger sister's intention, he slightly nodded.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong agree, Huang Min deliberately raised her voice, sounding drastically surprised, "Wha-t?! This phoenix hairpin is only ten thousand top heaven grade spirit stones? Worker, quickly wrap it up for me, I want it."

The shop's atmosphere instantly fell into a pin-drop silence.

Zhou Wenting suddenly burst out in a shrill laughter, her face filled with undisguised ridicule as she looked at Huang Min, "I say, little maid, do you even know what top heaven grade spirit stones are? Top heaven grade spirit stones are not Xuanwu coins. Listen carefully, the price is ten thousand top heaven grade spirit stones, not ten thousand Xuanwu coins! Forget ten thousand top heaven grade spirit stones, you probably can't even take out a single top heaven grade spirit stone!"

The other wealthy madames around snickered, shaking their heads. It was clear that they too did not believe that Huang Min was capable of taking out ten thousand top heaven grade spirit stones. In fact, they very much doubted that Huang Min and the group of slaves with her even had ten thousand Xuanwu coins on them.

Huang Min flashed a satirical smile in response to their ridicule, "Just because you're poor, unable to take out that sum, doesn't mean others are like you. No money, yet putting a facade here."

Huang Xiaohai, Guo Xiaofan, Huang Xiaoyong, Xie Puti, and the others clamored, backing Huang Min up. That woman annoyed them ever since they stepped into the shop.

The Ascending Moon Old Man was more excited than anyone, clapping his hands while shouting 'good' to cheer Huang Min on, "That's right, you poor doxy, what are you pretending here for if you're actually poor? Quickly scram if you have no money, don't block people that want to buy things!"

In mere seconds, his respected elder image crumbled. Huang Xiaolong cried silent tears of bitterness watching the old man.

Zhou Wenting was fuming with rage, pointing at Huang Min's group with her long fingernail, "You all! You all! Oh, I'm so mad right now!" She made an abrupt turn toward the shop worker, "One look and it's obvious these slaves that ran out from god-knows-where are here to cause trouble, why aren't you throwing them out of here?!"

The shop workers around hesitated for a second before moving toward Huang Xiaolong's group. After all, Zhou Wenting was a frequent patron. On top of that, they didn't believe that anyone from Huang Xiaolong's group could afford to take out ten thousand top heaven grade spirit stones.

Another obvious reason was that the backing of a group of Saint realms was unlikely to be all that powerful.

"In order to not disturb our customers, please leave the shop." Someone that looked like the leader spoke to Huang Xiaolong.

However, Zhuo Wenting shouted: "Don't ask them to leave, throw them out!"

The group of workers struggled, not knowing what to do.

Watching these people, Huang Xiaolong sneered, "Leave the shop? Don't disturb your customers?" With a casual wave of his hand, numerous spirit stones rained down from midair like a torrential rain, falling to the floor.

The floor issued muffled thuds as large amounts of spirit stones fell on its surface, making some people began to wonder if the floor would collapse into a large pit if this continued.

A while later, the spirit stones rain finally stopped, filling the shop with rich spiritual energy as if it was the center of a spiritual energy ocean.

The family disciples and rich madames were flabbergasted staring at the pile of heaven grade spirit stones piled high as a small hill. How many spirit stones were there in this pile? One million? Ten million?!

It did not escape their notice that this tall pile of heaven grade spirit stones was fully composed of top grade spirit stones!

Zhuo Wenting stared dumbly, as did the surrounding shop workers.

Suddenly, the sounds of hasty footsteps could be heard coming from the back hall as a middle-aged supervisor appeared. Obviously, he was alerted by the loud noise of spirit stones falling to the floor.

The moment he saw the pile of top heaven grade spirit stones that looked no less than ten million pieces, he nearly took a tumble right into it. Regardless of his years of experience in business, this scene still shocked him to the core.

Ten million top heaven grade spirit stones, how much was that in Xuanwu coins? More than two billion!

Exerting great effort to tear his gaze away from the small hill-sized pile of spirit stones, the middle-aged man's eyes swept around the shop, finally stopping on Huang Xiaolong. He quickly scurried over to Huang Xiaolong, extremely respectful in his manner, "How may I address Young Master?"

The frostiness on Huang Xiaolong face did not change, "Just now, my younger sister wanted to buy that phoenix hairpin, but your workers were prepared to throw us out, assuming that we can't afford to buy it. Could it be that these ten million top heaven grade spirit stones are too little for that hairpin?"

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