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Chapter 642: He's Nothing But A Dog of A God

 Under Jiang Yu's stalwart oppression, the surrounding All Dragons League members retreated in awe and apprehension.

"Golden Yang Reincarnation!"

"Reincarnation of Heaven and Earth!"

"Law of Reincarnation!"

The look in Jiang Yu's eyes grew colder, throwing out one powerful attack after another, slamming them against the Golden Dragon Peak's defense formation.

Blinding golden light lit up the entire mountain. Watching this scene, the All Dragons League members had the illusion that the world they were in was pulled into the reincarnation cycle under Jiang Yu's Golden Yang Reincarnation Palm, time and space distorted.


Like a torrent of exploding thunders, booming explosions resounded in the air, shaking the great earth. The resounding explosions stopped, taking with them the blinding lights.

As the All Dragons League members peered from afar, they saw that the defense barrier around Golden Dragon Peak formed from countless sword qi rays had vanished, whereas the Ten Killing Swords dimmed, losing most of their brilliance as they returned to the Golden Dragon Peak.

Finally, the formation broke!

The All Dragons League members cheered loudly after seeing this.

"League Leader's might is peerless!" Lin Tong, Deng Xuan, and the rest approached with big smiles on their faces.

Jiang Yu waved his hand but did not speak as he secretly repressed the volatile qi and blood churning inside his body. If it weren't because of his breakthrough to Seventh Order God Realm, and that fortuitous encounter that enabled him to cultivate this reincarnation cultivation technique, he would be hard pressed to break this defensive formation!

Even so, after exerting all his efforts in the earlier consecutive attacks, the shockwaves sent back by the Ten Killing Swords had caused him some light injuries.

After repressing his volatile qi, Jiang Yu signaled the All Dragons League members with a wave of his hand. His icy voice sounded in their ears, "Enter the Golden Dragon Peak, slaughter the whole Huang Family!"

"This... Leader, if we kill the Huang Family now, it wouldn't be good when Huang Xiaolong returns, right?" Ceng Leng spoke cautiously.

Jiang Yu sneered, "I've already given them a chance to live just now, if they had chosen to roll out here and beg on their knees, I might have spared their lives. But now, all of them must die! This is a warning to all elite disciples, those who dare to ignore my orders, the consequence is death!"

Ceng Leng and the rest dared not utter another word.

"When Huang Xiaolong returns, it will naturally be up to me to deal with him!" Jiang Yu snorted cold: "What are you lot afraid of?! Go, clean up the Huang Family now!"

"Yes, League Leader!"

The All Dragons League members complied with sonorous voices, rushing madly into the Golden Dragon Peak. However, just as these people rushed into the Nine Halls Bagua Formation, a dazzling golden beam of light shot toward the sky, followed by an overwhelming force surging up from the land below.

The Palace of Nine Halls seemed to come alive as shadow replicas of all eighty-one palaces flew to the air, spinning rapidly, resembling a bagua trigram. Every member of the All Dragons League who came in contact with the light was sent back flying.

In an instant, the air shook with tragic screams.

Ceng Leng, Lin Tong, Deng Xuan, and the others were startled, but each of them reacted quickly to defend themselves. Even so, they were repelled back more than several hundred li, leaving them pale and panting.

Jiang Yu was stunned, then his pupils constricted, these eighty-one palaces could actually form a formation and attack!

What kind of formation was this? Its power actually surpassed the Ten Killing Swords Formation! At the same time, his expression grew ugly.

"Leader, see, how about we...?" Ceng Leng and the rest returned to Jiang Yu's side, traces of fear still noticeable of them.

"A group of good for nothing! Scram to the side!" Jiang Yu snapped: "I'll do it myself!"

No one dared to utter a sound, quickly retreating to the back, making room for Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu once again gathered his god battle qi. From the outside, he looked like a golden shining statute as the golden lights around him formed various ancient runes, rotating around Jiang Yu's body.

"Reincarnation of Endless Lifetimes!" His arms quivered as if supporting a great burden while both of his palms slowly pushed forward.

As if everything was swallowed by this light of reincarnation, space froze and time slowed, experiencing ten thousand lifetimes of reincarnation as the reincarnation palm imprints landed on their target.

At the same time, the Nine Halls Bagua Formation also burst out with dazzling lights, spinning increasingly faster, sending wave after wave of energy fluctuations clashing with the reincarnation palm imprints.

Crisp clear sounds of collision reverberated in the air, each wave threatening to shatter the eardrums of everyone present. With every clash, Jiang Yu's face turned a shade paler, and nearing the end, his feet staggered in retreat time and again.

It was a long time later when the last collision dissipated.

Warm liquid gurgled up Jiang Yu's throat. Failing to suppress its flow, it spurted out from his mouth.

"League Leader!" The All Dragons League's Six Enforces were terrified, arriving at Jiang Yu's side in a flicker.

Whereas Jiang Yu glowered with fear and ire at the Palace of Nine Halls. In the collision just now, the shadow of the Nine Halls Bagua Formation had turned weak and vague, but now, it had already condensed again.

"Leader, we...?" Deng Xuan asked carefully.

Jiang Yu's expressions wavered, in the end, he issued a solemn order: "Let us return."

Return??! The Six Enforcers were shocked at Jiang Yu's decision, but no one objected.

Inside the Nine Halls Bagua Formation, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the rest breathed in great relief as they watched the All Dragons League leave. The joy of having survived a catastrophe hit each and every one of them, but in the next moment, Zhao Shu's face tightened as he remembered something, "Not good, Family Head! Duan Ren, that little monkey, the Elf Queen, the Nine Dragons Temple Master, and several others went out to the Spiritual Pool Peak yesterday. They have yet to return until now, if they run into that group of people, then...!"

Everyone paled slightly, anxiety gnawing at them once again. If Duan Ren's group really ran into the All Dragons League, the result....!

At the same time, Jiang Yu led the All Dragons League members back the way they came. Heavy silence shrouded the group; their League Leader, Jiang Yu, broke through Seventh Order God Realm, leading everyone to attack the Golden Dragon Peak in high morale, but who would have thought that they would be returning without harvest. The Golden Dragon Peak was far stronger than they ever imagined!

This trip had truly swept their All Dragons League's face away, swept it all the way into the drain!

As the All Dragons League disciples made their way back in low spirits, a group consisting of a dozen people was flying in their direction.

All of a sudden, one of the All Dragons League disciple shouted: "It's the Golden Dragon Peak's people!"

Jiang Yu, Ceng Leng, Deng Xuan, Jin Tieshan, and the others suddenly looked up.

Flying right toward them were the Duanren Emperor, Elf Queen, the Nine Dragons Temple Master, the Xie Family Ancestor, the Guo Family Ancestor, and a few others who were on their way back from the Spiritual Pool Peak.

Hearing the loud shout, Duanren Emperor's group looked over. Seeing that the All Dragons League disciples were out in full force, their expressions became ashen. Just when they prepared to flee, the All Dragons League disciples had them surrounded in a tight encirclement.

Staring at Duanren Emperor and those surrounded, a sinister grin spread over Jiang Yu's face, his eyes shining with undisguised killing intent.

"Leader, are we detaining them?" Ceng Leng inquired.

Jiang Yu sneered, "There's no need for so much trouble, just a few Golden Dragon Peak slaves. Even if I kill them, what can Huang Xiaolong do to me!" Finished saying this, his hand made a gripping gesture in the air. The Duanren Emperor didn't even manage a scream as his body exploded and disappeared in the wind-dead!

For Seventh Order God Realm master, killing a Saint realm cultivator was easier than squashing an ant.

The Elf Queen screamed in fear: "Kill us and Lord Beast God will not spare you!"

Jiang Yu howled with mad laughter: "You mean Huang Xiaolong? What bullshit Lord Beast God, in my eyes, he's nothing but dog of a god! You all are nothing but lowly slaves, killing you lot means nothing! It's even better if that Huang Xiaolong dares to come to my All Dragons Peak!" A palm strike shattered the Elf Queen.

The Xie Family's Ancestor and the rest didn't even have the power to resist, they were killed by the All Dragons League disciples one by one.

"Go, head back to the All Dragons Peak!" Although they failed to conquer the Golden Dragon Peak, killing some Golden Dragon Peak's slaves made Jiang Yu feel somewhat better.

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