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Chapter 641: Attacking the Golden Dragon Peak

 Chapter 641: Attacking the Golden Dragon Peak

"Congratulations for advancing to Seventh Order God Realm, League Leader!"

Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, Deng Xuan, Jin Tieshan, and the rest who rushed out of the main hall saluted, lauding words of congratulations in a sonorous voice.

A joyous laughter came from Jiang Yu, nodding his head. Raising his right hand, he simply pointed a finger to his front. Not the slightest energy fluctuations could be detected, but before Lin Tong and everyone else's eyes, the large hill in front of them crumbled like a sandcastle without warning.

This frightened and amazed Lin Tong and the All Dragons League members.

"Now that League Leader has broken through to Seventh Order God Realm, he's the number one among the elite disciples!"

"That's right, even if Huang Xiaolong, Gudu Jiu, Pan Haicheng, Wang Xiaomei, and Long Junze, these five people jointly attacked, they still wouldn't be League Leader's opponents!" Deng Xuan and several others moved up, fawning all over Jiang Yu.

"Huang Xiaolong?" At this name, Jiang Yu's interest was piqued. In recent years, most of his time was spent in seclusion, thus this was the first time he was hearing Huang Xiaolong's name.

Lin Tong and everyone present immediately reported everything they know about Huang Xiaolong to Jiang Yu, each of them adding a sentence here and there. Jiang Yu listened, from Huang Xiaolong winning the first place in the disciple selection assessment to being received as the Black Warrior Institute Principal's personal disciple, and his eyes narrowed.

When it reached the part of the outer disciples assessment, hearing that Huang Xiaolong defeated a late-Second Order God Realm Wang Biaoyuan, once again snatching the first place, he was shocked within. Moreover, during the inner disciples' assessment, the fact that Huang Xiaolong actually won over Xiang Mingzhi from the Azure Dragon Institute raised his shock to extreme astonishment.

But, when Lin Tong and the rest reached the point where Huang Xiaolong was promoted to an elite disciple, snatching the Golden Dragon Peak upon his arrival at the Red Flood Mountain Range, injuring the members of their All Dragons League and even declaring in public that he would be taking all the twenty-odd mountains around it, Jiang Yu's expression was turbid like muddy water.

A sharp glint gathered in Jiang Yu's eyes.

"League Leader, because you were in death seclusion, we dared not disturb you this entire time." Jin Tieshan's foghorn voice rang out. "League Leader, now that you've broken through to Seventh Order God Realm, you must help us vent this injustice ah! That Huang Xiaolong, just because he's a little bit stronger than us and also the Institute Principal's personal disciple, he did not put our All Dragons League in his eyes at all! Now, Gudu Jiu, Pan Haicheng, and the others are laughing behind our backs, that several hundreds of our All Dragons League brothers are afraid of Huang Xiaolong, this one person!"

Lin Tong, Deng Xuan, and the others also clamored incessantly, their anger rising at the mention of Huang Xiaolong.

Jiang Yu raised his hand, calming everyone down.

"Come, all of you, accompany me to the Golden Dragon Peak!" Killing intent poured out from Jiang Yu's body.

"Yes, League Leader! But, I heard that Huang Xiaolong went out a few months ago, he's not at the Golden Dragon Peak!" Jin Tieshan said, "At the moment, there's only his family and a bunch of Saint realm subordinates left there!"

A sinister grin flashed across Jiang Yu's face, "If it's like that, we'll collect some interests first. When Huang Xiaolong that punk comes back, I'll play well with him at that time!"

"Go! To the Golden Dragon Peak!"

Jiang Yu made a gesture, lowering his right hand. He then led a large group of people toward the Golden Dragon Peak.

Inside Pan's Tiger Peak, Pan Haicheng sat on the throne seat, but there was a surprised expression on his face at the moment, looking at Li Ming, "What did you say? That Jiang Yu broke through to Seventh Order God Realm?!"

Li Ming nodded with a somber expression, "Yes, we didn't expect that Jiang Yu to really succeeded, breaking into Seventh Order God Realm! According to rumors, Jiang Yu had a fortuitous encounter during the last trial! At this moment, he's leading the All Dragons League to the Golden Dragon Peak!"

Pan Haicheng's eyes narrowed, "Any news of Huang Xiaolong?"

"From some of the subordinates' reports, Huang Xiaolong has just appeared in the Black Warrior City." Li Ming said, his brows scrunched into a tiny frown. "Last time he left the institute, we informed Vice-Principal Wang Na, could it be that Vice-Principal Wang Na, the Jiang Family, and even the Azure Dragon Institute did not make a move? If not, how could that punk still be alive?!"

Pan Haicheng sneered, "We need not bother with this matter any further, now that Jiang Yu has broken through to Seventh Order God Realm, we just need to sit back and enjoy a good show! It would be best if Jiang Yu cripples Huang Xiaolong in anger!"

Of course, the news of Jiang Yu's shocking breakthrough also reached Gudu Jiu and the rest. Just like Pan Haicheng, everyone decided to sit and watch the fire from across the river.

Several hours later, the All Dragons League led by Jiang Yu arrived at the Golden Dragon Peak.

Seeing the swirling spiritual clouds formed from rich and abundant spiritual energy above the Golden Dragon Peak, Jiang Yu was astonished. He didn't imagine that after Huang Xiaolong's arrangements around the peak, its spiritual energy could reach such a high level! But his astonishment was quickly replaced by glee, for after today, this Golden Dragon Peak would belong to him!

His gaze lowered toward the eighty-one palaces of the Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation, his eyes shining with splendor as he broke out in a loud laugh, "Good, really not bad! This Golden Dragon Peak, I'll be taking it! All of you will cultivate here in this Golden Dragon Peak with me!"

Hearing this, the All Dragons League disciples cheered.

"People inside the Golden Dragon Peak, listen up. I'm the All Dragons League's Leader, Jiang Yu. Roll out here, you lot, get out from the Golden Dragon Peak! Get on your knees in front of me and plead for your lives, maybe I can consider sparing you!" Jiang Yu added battle qi to his voice, "If you force me to act, after I break this Golden Dragon Peak's defensive formation, I'll make you wish for a quick death!"

Although the rules stated that they were forbidden to kill disciples of the institute, these people were just slaves brought in by Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Yu had no qualms about killing them.

Inside the Nine Palace Bagua Formation, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others were flustered and agitated hearing Jiang Yu's words.

"Long'er is not here, what should we do?!" Su Yan was extremely worried.

"Nothing will happen, don't worry. Xiaolong had said before, this Golden Dragon Peak's defense is impregnable as long as we do not go out ourselves, we'll be safe here!" Huang Peng's voice was filled with an air of authority. Despite his words, Huang Peng was just as anxious and worried as everyone else. Was this Golden Dragon Peak really as impregnable as his son said?

Outside the Golden Dragon Peak, Jiang Yu waited for a while, yet seeing that there was neither movement nor reply, the killing intent in his eyes deepened.

"Since this is your answer, then this Leader will make it rain blood!" Jiang Yu's grew colder, "Allow me to move my muscles!" He flew high up as he his voice rippled in the air, "I'll let you experience the terrifying power of a Seventh Order God Realm!"

As he slowly raised his hands, two golden lights accumulated on his palms at rapid speed.

"Golden Yang Reincarnation Palm!"

Palm imprints shattered the surrounding space, descending down on the Golden Dragon Peak like two falling suns. The All Dragons League members watching behind Jiang Yu felt a painful sensation, like needles prickling their eyes.

Just when the two palm imprints were about to land, a palpitating killing intent flooded out from the Golden Dragon Peak. Ten piercing sword lights shot out from the Golden Dragon Peak, forming a large sword formation that blocked Jiang Yu's Golden Yang Reincarnation Palm.

A resounding 'dang' rippled through the air, and in the next second, the Golden Yang Reincarnation Palms were destroyed. Ten swords hummed and released sword qi, enveloping the whole Golden Dragon Peak.

"This is an ancient formation, the Ten Killing Swords?!" Jin Tieshan and the others with him were astounded.

Jiang Yu had an ugly expression on his face watching his attack being repelled.

Ten Killing Swords?!

Huang Xiaolong actually obtained the Ten Killing Swords?!

"The ancient God of Slaughter's Ten Killing Sword, so what?" Jiang Yu's killing intent rose even higher, sneering, "Today, nobody can stop me from breaking this Golden Dragon Peak!" His momentum rose crazily, soaring skyward, bathed inside an aureate light.