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Chapter 633: Reuniting With Shi Xiaofei

 Chapter 633: Reuniting With Shi Xiaofei

Even Chen Yun was in a fit of loud cackles. When he finally stopped, he was looking at Huang Xiaolong no differently from looking at a dead person, flashing Huang Xiaolong a sympathetic smile as he said, "Punk, now not only will your legs be broken before getting tossed out, every bone and meridian in your body will be broken as well."

Huang Xiaolong suddenly made his move at this point. His figure disappeared in a flicker, emerging right in front of Chen Yun.

The sympathetic smile on Chen Yun's face vanished in an instant as his eyes widened in shock. His reflex reaction kicked in, prompting Chen Yun to swing both his hands out, attacking Huang Xiaolong.

"Eight Extremes Star Collapsing Fist!"

Both of Chen Yun's fists punched out, sending energy waves rippling in the air akin to starlight exploding in the night sky, exuding a whelming momentum.

Huang Xiaolong watched his actions with contempt. Raising both hands, he directly gripped the opponent's fists with ease.

The surrounding space immediately returned to its previous calm, the glittering starlight vanished without a trace.

Chen Yun was flabbergasted as he stared wide-eyed at Huang Xiaolong's hands firmly pinning his own two fists in midair. A high-pitched shrieked escaped his mouth: "You...!" However, the rest of his words turned into a blood-curdling scream when Huang Xiaolong roughly twisted both of Chen Yun's arms into a shape resembling mahua crisp.

Then, Huang Xiaolong executed a swift hard kick right at Chen Yun's stomach, sending him flying out the main hall. Chen Yun's body crashed heavily outside the main hall, shaking the floor structure with a heavy dull thud, feeling like all his internal organs were shattered by Huang Xiaolong's kick.

Blood gurgled up his throat again and again, red blood mixed with a greenish substance splattered all over the ground.

Everything happened too abruptly. Only after Huang Xiaolong sent Chen Yun flying with a kick did Zhang Han finally regain his wits, jumping to his feet with an ugly grim expression.

"You, actually dare to wound my Zhang Family's people?!" Zhang Han's face was warped as he glowered at Huang Xiaolong, not disguising the killing intent in his eyes at all, "Little punk, you probably don't know, we're from the Zhang Family!"

Although Huang Xiaolong displayed formidable strength in his attack earlier, there was no fear in Zhang Han's eyes. But, just as his sentence ended, Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of him, his palm enlarging in Zhang Han's pupils as it slapped down on him.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong still dared to attack him even after knowing that he was a disciple of the Zhang Family, Zhang Han roared in fury, "Wintry North Prison Heaven Slaughtering Fist!" Zhang Han's fist howled through the air, bringing with it a frigid winter cold that enveloped the earth. Purplish streams of terrifying cold qi could be seen flowing around his fist.

Affected by the frigid qi from his fist, the entire main hall seemed frozen in an instant.

Huang Xiaolong watched the other side with an aloof expression, totally ignoring the incoming attack. His palm continued to slap down on Zhang Han. This one slap had enough force to make Zhang Han's head snap the other way. Lowering his eyes to look, Zhang Han saw his own butt where his little birdie was supposed to be.

Huang Xiaolong's slap actually made his head snap all the way back to his butt, yet, Huang Xiaolong did not stop there. He locked Zhang Han's arms, and starting from his shoulders, he crushed down, shattering every inch of bones in his two arms before kicking him out in the door's direction.

Zhang Hang slammed heavily on the ground right next to Chen Yun.

The frigid qi circulating in the main hall immediately receded.

"Yo-you're actually alright?!" Zhang Han had shock, anger, and disbelief written all over his face staring at Huang Xiaolong. He was dead sure that his Wintry North Prison Heaven Slaughtering Fist had struck Huang Xiaolong, moreover, there were clear fist imprints on Huang Xiaolong's robe."

The god battle qi inside Huang Xiaolong's body circulated, shaking off the small cluster of purple icicles on his chest, "This Wintry North Prison Heaven Slaughtering Fist technique is indeed powerful, too bad your strength is too weak."

Chen Yu was a Second Order God Realm, and although Zhang Han's strength was higher, it was still only at Fourth Order God Realm. To Huang Xiaolong, there was no difference between the two.

"It doesn't matter who you are, you'll definitely pay for this!" Zhang Han fiercely glared at Huang Xiaolong, not concealing the killing intent spewing from his eyes, "In this Wintry North World, no one can escape after injuring my Zhang Family's people!"

Huang Xiaolong approached in silence, and when he reached Zhang Han, he raised a foot and stepped on his face, exerting force and squashing it into the ground. Indistinguishable noises sounded as dirt and stones filled Zhang Han's mouth.

"Scram or I'll kill you." Huang Xiaolong's icy voice rang in the two men's ears, "Don't ever let me see the two of you again, otherwise you'll die without an intact corpse."

Zhang Han and Chen Yun paled noticeably. They scrambled to their feet, fleeing with their tails between their legs. Both of them strongly believed that if they didn't leave immediately, the young man would really kill them.

Watching the two sorry figures fleeing away awkwardly, Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly before walking back to the main hall. As for whether the Zhang Family masters would come for payback was inconsequential. Inwardly, he was looking forward to the arrival of the Zhang Family, he didn't mind turning the Wintry North World upside down.

He would let those people who had designs on his Hailstone Treasure understand that he was not some popular steam bun from a corner shop that they were capable of eating.

"Xiaolong!" Not long after Huang Xiaolong returned to the main hall, he saw Shi Xiaofei dashing out from the inner hall, her exquisite delicate face shining with unspoken happiness.

Huang Xiaolong too felt great joy seeing Shi Xiaofei again. He had just stood up from the chair, but Shi Xiaofei crossed the space between them in a few quick steps, tightly embracing him.

The maid at the side was dumbstruck agape.

In her eyes, their Miss Shi Xiaofei was an ice-beauty. Numerous family disciples came calling for her in the last few years, but they had never seen their Miss Shi Xiaofei smile at any of them, much less take the initiative to 'embrace' them, which crossed the boundary of propriety.

Deeply inhaling the natural scent that drilled into his nose, Huang Xiaolong circled his arms around Shi Xiaofei's slim supple waist, smiling wryly at her, "There's someone watching."

Only then did Shi Xiaofei realize her gaffe and a bright burning blush colored her cheeks as she quickly sent her maid away.

After the maid left, Huang Xiaolong's hand reached out, gently brushing the strands of hair from Shi Xiaofei's forehead, asking, "Were you able to adapt to the life here in the Wintry North World?"

Shi Xiaofei lightly nods her head, "Master is very good to me. I very much like the snow here in the Wintry North World, in fact, the Wintry North World is beautiful, especially this land of new moon. The moon is especially mesmerizing during every rising and receding tide."

Huang Xiaolong smiled, teasing in his voice, "Then, did you miss me?"

A mischievous light flickered in Shi Xiaofei's spirited eyes, questioning demurely in return, "What about you?"

Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a second, chuckling as he replied, "I missed you more than I miss drinking."

Hearing this, sweetness poured out, filling Shi Xiaofei's heart. She knew that other than cultivating, Huang Xiaolong's favorite pastime was wine.

He pulled Shi Xiaofei deeper into his embrace, "How is the progress of your Moon Summoning Rhyme?"

"Late first stage, close to peak late-first stage, I think in another three years, I can begin the second stage." Shi Xiaofei answered softly, "But, to breakthrough to the third stage, at least another twenty years or so are needed." She raised her face toward Huang Xiaolong, worry shadowing her expression, "I heard that Zhang Family's Zhang Han was here and you gave him a beating?"

He knew what Shi Xiaofei was worried about, and spoke to quell her worries, "Don't worry, nothing will happen. Have you forgotten whose personal disciple I am?"

Still, Shi Xiaofei was less than reassured, "That Zhang Han never lets go of a grudge, he definitely won't let the matter end like this. Although you are the Black Warrior Institute Principal's personal disciple, this is Wintry North World, it's better to be more careful."

Huang Xiaolong smiled faintly, not wanting to continue discussing the matter, thus changing the subject, "Where's your Master?"

Shi Xiaofei was surprised, "You want to see my Master?"

"Yes, I have some matters I'd like to ask her." Huang Xiaolong said. Though Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi knew that the Ascending Moon Old Man used to cultivate in the Wintry North World, he had no idea where his cultivation cave was located. Perhaps, Shi Xiaofei's Master might have some clues.

"Master is meeting with a guest, I'll bring you over to her now." Shi Xiaofei lovingly answered.