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Chapter 622: I Want Them All

 Chapter 622: I Want Them All

A muffled boom resounded in the air, and everyone present seemed to hear a clear crisp noise of something bursting under Huang Xiaolong's palms.

Subsequently, the All Dragons League members saw their sole female Enforcer Deng Xuan's bosom exploding, and she was mercilessly sent tumbling back in the air. Just like Chen Gaoming before her, her upper body, head included, were buried into the earth. As coincidence would have it, her 'landing' spot was right beside the hole left behind by Chen Gaoming.

Also, in the similar posture, Deng Xuan's big, well-rounded derrière were jutted out in the air.


The whole scene was frozen in shock!

As one of All Dragons League's Six Enforcers, Deng Xuan was a mid-Sixth Order God Realm master ah, yet she too was defeated with one move? Everyone's attention turned toward Huang Xiaolong's pair of hands, realizing that his hands weren't incinerated after coming in contact with Deng Xuan's scarlet copper body. In fact, they were fair like jade, clearly not harmed in the slightest!

While these members of the All Dragons League were still dazed in shock, Huang Xiaolong's silhouette flickered a second time. With a backflip, a punch came swinging toward Jin Tieshan.

Jin Tieshan was startled to his senses, letting out a big roar as the size of his already enormous body grew even bigger, pouncing onto Huang Xiaolong.

But, his attack fell on empty space as Huang Xiaolong seemed to vanish from the spot. In the next instant, a piercing pain from his chest caused his face to distort as he was sent flying away.

Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, and the others quickly regained their wits, jointly launching a heavy assault on Huang Xiaolong, yet, once again, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from their view.

A brief few breaths of time later, more than a dozen All Dragons League disciples were tossed into the air. The brutal high speed battle continued, or more accurately, the strange battle.

After every few breaths of time, there would be several All Dragons League disciples struck flying into the air by Huang Xiaolong. Consecutive tragic screams were heard as they were either 'staked' into the ground or had both of their arms broken.

Watching everything from a safe distance, shock seemed permanently stamped onto Yang Feiyue's face. He could barely capture the blurred shadows of Huang Xiaolong's afterimages, failing to fathom Huang Xiaolong's attacks. Yang Feiyue merely knew that the number of All Dragons Leagues disciples surrounding Huang Xiaolong was rapidly reducing.

The All Dragons League's Six Enforcers had led no lesser than three hundred of their strong followers, but in a short half an hour, the numbers had been reduced by half. One hour later, only Lin Tong and Ceng Leng remained standing.

From early on, energy fluctuations from the battle here had attracted many elite disciples over. Arriving at a scene where more than three hundred All Dragons League disciples were either planted into the ground or curled up clutching their groins, caused a shiver to run through these elite disciples at the shocking sight. Slightly recovering, each of them quickly made inquiries about Huang Xiaolong's identity.

Similarly, Lin Tong and the others were just as flabbergasted. They were unresigned, their emotions a mix of fear, denial, as well as regret.

Huang Xiaolong's strength actually reached such an extent!

They had relaxedly thought that any one of them, the All Dragons League's Six Enforcers, would be able to suppress Huang Xiaolong just by lifting a finger. But, to their dismay, everything had gone awry from what they had imagined. Even with the six of them joining efforts, adding three hundred of All Dragons League's strongest disciples, they still met with a disastrous defeat!

Was Huang Xiaolong really such a monster?! Judging from Huang Xiaolong's current display of strength, it was comparable to the Great Five of the elite disciples! Even if he might be slightly lacking, it was almost a negligible difference.

"Huang Xiaolong, as long as you let us leave and chose another mountain peak to open your cultivation cave, our All Dragons League will not pursue this matter further." Lin Tong yelled anxiously, "Those ten thousand Three Revolutions Golden Pills and ten billion Xuanwu coins, we don't want them anymore!"

"That's right!" Ceng Leng quickly followed up, "Otherwise, the enmity between you and our All Dragons League will never end till one of us is annihilated!"

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, it seems like these two people still couldn't see the situation clearly, he too was too lazy to be bothered with more words. One thousand arms suddenly bloomed from his back, punching out in accordance with his two fists.

"The Ninth Move of the Dragon God, Dragon God in the Clouds!"

Tens of thousands of divine dragons flew out, exuding a vast majestic dragon might as their roars reverberated through the heavens.

Both Lin Tong and Ceng Leng were taken aback. Staring at the myriad divine dragons, their feet staggered backwards in panic while their hands sent out messy attacks in feeble attempts to defend. However, in front of Huang Xiaolong's Godly Xumi Art coupled with the Ninth Move of The Dragon God, regardless of how intense the two of them retaliated or dodged, they felt just as powerless.

In the blink of an eye, both Lin Tong and Ceng Leng were drowned by the attack, unseen.

In the eyes of those elite disciples spectating in the distance, the two peak mid-Sixth Order God Realm, Lin Tong, and Ceng Leng, were no different than the bunch of All Dragons League disciples below them, slamming heavily down the ground.

The earth shook vigorously in protest as another two deep human-shaped pits emerged. Every single All Dragons League disciple present was dealt with!

In a quick flicker, Huang Xiaolong appeared above the two human-shaped pits that were Lin Tong and Ceng Leng, stomping his foot down through the void. Immediately, two tragic howls rang out from having their arms broken under Huang Xiaolong's foot.

"Go back and tell Jiang Yu, the twenty- peaks around my Golden Dragon Peak, I want them all!" His gaze grew icy looking at the two, "If he isn't happy about it, tell him to come look for me himself!"

The twenty-odd peaks around my Golden Dragon Peak, I want them all!

Yang Feiyue and the surrounding elite disciples stared dumbstruck at Huang Xiaolong. No one had ever dared to snatch food from the mouth of the All Dragons League, but not only did Huang Xiaolong want the Golden Dragon Peak, he even wanted the twenty odd peaks surrounding it!



These were the immediate words that came to the crowd's mind.

"Now scram!" With a kick, a strong wind from Huang Xiaolong's leg rolled Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, and the rest of the All Dragons League's disciple off his Golden Dragon Peak.

Even though Ling Tong, Ceng Leng, and the rest were fuming with anger and hatred, no one dared to utter a word, fleeing away disheveled and embarrassed until not a single All Dragons League disciple remained in the vicinity.

Watching Ling Tong, Ceng Leng, and others running away in a sorry state, Huang Xiaolong coldly snorted. He trusted that after this little episode, there wouldn't be other elite disciples that would come looking for trouble at his doorstep.

Such as the likes of Gudu Jiu, Long Junze, Wang Xiaomei, and Pan Haicheng.

As for that Jiang Yu, whether he'd be angered or otherwise wasn't something he cared about. Turning around, Huang Xiaolong once again took out the Hailstone Holy Cauldron, beginning to refine his third palace residence.

The Hailstone Treasure vault contained large quantities of Divine World's iron and ores. Not to mention one hundred similar palaces, it could satisfy Huang Xiaolong's requirements even if he wanted to refine two hundred palaces.

It didn't take long for the news about the battle between Huang Xiaolong and the All Dragons League to spread throughout the ranks of elite disciples. No doubt, as the Black Warrior Institute's Vice-Principal, Wang Na also received a report on the matter.

"This Huang Xiaolong is really arrogant without limit, causing trouble no matter where he goes." A cold glint flashed across Wang Na's eyes.

"But Huang Xiaolong's strength once again surpassed my estimation. He still kept some strength hidden in the fight with Xiang Mingzhi yesterday." Sitting in the lower subordinate seat, Grand Elder Liu Yu frowned deeply as he stated, "If we allow this person to grow further, I'm afraid he will affect our plan two hundred years later."

"Exactly, this child must die." Another Grand Elder, Qi Bowen declared with a hard iciness to his tone.

The Black Warrior Institute had no less than forty Grand Elders, and half of them supported Wang Na, which was also the main reason why she dared to oppose Feng Yang so openly.

"Don't worry, he won't live till that time." Wang Na sneered, "But, even if he can live till that time, he won't be able to affect our plans."

"I heard that the kid's body contains a kind of fire that can even melt the Divine World's iron and ores." Liu Yun somberly said.

Wang Na shook her head, not caring much about it, "It's nothing, it's not like he really possesses the strength of a Highgod Realm master. Us wanting to kill him is as easy as killing a stray dog. However, Feng Yang that old monster, is still sitting in the official position, therefore we cannot touch Huang Xiaolong using conventional means and can only make our moves in the dark. In fact, we don't need to do anything, the Azure Dragon Institute hates his guts more than us, they wish to see Huang Xiaolong dead more than us!"

"However, that Hailstone Treasure, we must not let others snatch it before us!"