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Chapter 615: Burst It With One Kick!

 Chapter 615: Burst It With One Kick!

Late-Fifth Order God Realm!

The crowd was once again surprised by the surging aura that Xiang Mingzhi released. But, they were merely surprised, unlike the astonishment and disbelief they felt at Huang Xiaolong's progress. After all, the news of Xiang Mingzhi breaking through to Fifth Order God Realm a few years ago was already a known fact.

Moreover, Xiang Mingzhi's cultivation time was more than double that of Huang Xiaolong's. Despite being considered a great, talented genius, compared to Huang Xiaolong, his brilliance didn't seem much.

Seeing Xiang Mingzhi's real strength, Huang Xiaolong laughed instead, "Xiang Mingzhi, this is your real strength? I'm honestly disappointed. During the auction five years ago, you were early Fifth Order God Realm, in five years you merely advanced to late-Fifth Order God Realm?" Huang Xiaolong even shook his head in lament at the end.

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely disappointed. He had assumed that Xiang Mingzhi would have broken through to Sixth Order God Realm at the very least. If Xiang Mingzhi did advance until Sixth Order God Realm like he assumed, he'd be a much bigger headache, but now, a late-Fifth Order God Realm Xiang Mingzhi posed no great problem for the current Huang Xiaolong with his improved True Dragon Physique.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong say that he was disappointed after displaying his strength, that genuine look of disappointment pushed Xiang Mingzhi over the line of being enraged.

"Huang Xiaolong, killing you is as easy as turning my palm!!" Xiang Mingzhi roared in anger. However, just as his voice stopped, a shadow flickered, and Huang Xiaolong was already right in front of him.

A monstrous energy, fierce and violent was suddenly directed at Xiang Mingzhi.

Startled by the sudden attack, Xiang Mingzhi was still able to react, and he was about to attack when a piercing pain came from his chest. In the next moment, he was knocked flying without any power to resist, slamming down hard on the sturdy stage.

The stage and the ground both quaked noticeably.

Xuu! The spectating crowd made a hissing noise of pain that sounded similar to little children pissing upon waking from their sleep.

Those from the Azure Dragon Institute felt their hearts sink.

Huang Xiaolong slowly approached Xiang Mingzhi, his voice cold and calm, "That was payback for your punch just now."

As Huang Xiaolong got closer, Xiang Mingzhi's body suddenly exuded a powerful aura, growing stronger by the second as it continued to expand. Next, the crowd saw various lightning streaks shoot out from his body, enveloping him, then covering the stage, still expanding outwards. The lightning's power of destruction caused the audience's hair to stand on ends.

Xiang Mingzhi slowly stood up, his scarlet red eyes fixed on the figure opposite him, "Huang Xiaolong, you asked for it! I'm going to let you die, destroyed under numerous lightning strikes until not even the bones are left!" He extended his arms to his sides, then Xiang Mingzhi floated up to the sky. The higher he got, the more violent and numerous the ribbons of lightning dancing around him became.

More and more divine lightning appeared.

The Great Life and Death Vanquishing Divine Lightning, Boundless Divine Lightning, Five Elements Divine Lightning, Fire-metal Divine Lightning, Sacred Light Divine Lightning, Yin Yang Star Divine Lightning, Star Monarch Divine Lightning, Blessed Heaven Divine Lightning.

Myriad of divine lightning streaks shrouded the enormous Rising Dragon Arena.

"This is the Nine Palace Divine of Lightning Technique! The most powerful ancient lightning cultivation technique!"

"Such frightening destruction power, this Xiang Mingzhi most likely cultivated it to the sixth stage!"

Exclamations of shock and surprise could be heard all around.

Up on the stage, Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed solemnly.

"Eh, Extreme Lighting Destruction Physique?" Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's voice sounded in Huang Xiaolong's mind.

"Extreme Lighting Destruction Physique?" Huang Xiaolong failed to make head or tail at Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's words.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, explaining, "There's no mistake about it, ranked sixth among the three thousand unique physiques, the Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique!"

Huang Xiaolong was a tiny bit surprised. He didn't think that Xiang Mingzhi would possess one of the three thousand unique physiques, moreover, one that ranked so highly at sixth place. This was the strongest unique physique he had come across so far.

"Although your True Dragon Physique is ranked fourth, solely judging from attack power, his Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique does not lose to your True Dragon Physique by much, because he can summon the various types of lighting between heaven and earth to attack." Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi added, "But his Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique has yet to reach major completion, thus it has one weakness. Others might not know, but I do."

"What is it?" Huang Xiaolong's eyes brightened.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's tone turned sly and wicked as he chuckled, "His little birdie."

"Little birdie?!" Huang Xiaolong's eyes furtively swept over Xiang Mingzhi's lower part, looking a little odd.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's wicked chuckle sounded again, "Burst his little birdie, and in a short time his Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique won't be able to gather and summon divine lighting!"

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless.

Since this was the only method, 'Xiang Mingzhi, don't blame me.'

Xiang Mingzhi, who was accumulating lightning power to summon more divine lightning, inexplicably felt a cold shiver down his back, his thighs tightened slightly by reflex.

"World Destroying Divine Lightning!" He let out an angry roar, taking the initiative to attack. Following his arms' movement, the destructive divine lighting enveloping the Rising Dragon Arena stage streaked toward Huang Xiaolong as if it found an outlet to vent.

Faster than this lighting was Huang Xiaolong, disappearing in a flicker.

Streaks of wrathful divine lighting bombarded the spot where Huang Xiaolong stood moments ago, causing the entire stage to shake. This time, alarming crack lines appeared on the stage, causing the spectators' hearts to palpitate from the scene.

When Huang Xiaolong appeared again, he had shortened the distance between him and Xiang Mingzhi.

"Flower of the Other Shore!" Two strange looking flower buds appeared above out of nowhere, vanishing just as mysteriously barely a second later.

Wary, Xiang Mingzhi swiftly waved his hands, forming a lightning barrier protecting his whole body formed from the numerous lighting streaks around him.

The vanished Flowers of the Other Shore reappeared, hitting right on the lighting barrier. The lightning barrier quivered vigorously from the impact, but it managed to hold on. Huang Xiaolong did not intend to shatter the barrier at all with that move, hence, the Blades of Asura were already sending out a second attack.

"Wind Blade Volations!" The Ninth Move of the Asura Sword Skill.

In an instant, countless wind blades banged against the lightning barrier wave after wave, each wave stronger than the previous one, like the rising great tide.

In the end, the lighting barrier was shattered.

By this time, another pool of lightning had gathered above, but just as Xiang Mingzhi wanted to move the lighting to bombard Huang Xiaolong a second time, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow flicker. In the next second, a pain he had never experienced before came from his lower body; even his face was twisted from the pain, his mouth opened wide. He seemed to hear the sound of eggs cracking amplified in his ears.

Incapacitated, Xiang Mingzhi's plummeted down from high altitude.

The crowd watched Xiang Mingzhi in bewilderment, for he was clutching his groin in a curled up position even as he crashed. The various expressions flashing past his face were indescribable with words, other than anger. Below, the crowd unconsciously squeezed their thighs.

The turn of events took place too quickly, no one imagined the end result would be like this.

Feng Yang's sonorous voice filled the arena once more, "Good! Burst his little birdie with one kick! This move is ruthless, powerful, I like it!"

The various forces' masters were speechless, shaking their heads even as they burst out into laughter.

On the Azure Dragon Institute viewing stand, rage was boiling over.

Huang Xiaolong walked over to Xiang Mingzhi, not betraying any thoughts on his face. He didn't expect Xiang Mingzhi's Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique to be so easily broken. Then again, since it was broken, then the end result was set.

Before Huang Xiaolong could land the final blow to completely cripple Xiang Mingzhi, then killing him once and for all, a sharp cold voice rang out: "Stop!"

Looking over, the one who spoke was none other than the Azure Dragon Institute Vice-Principal.

"Vice-Principal Jia Xiangtian, do you want to disregard the rules?" Huang Xiaolong retorted in aversion.