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Chapter 591: Hate Being Threatened The Mos

 Chapter 591: Hate Being Threatened The Most

"What happened?!" Huang Xiaolong's heart sank too, having a bad premonition even before Zhao Shu spoke.

"Just now, Third Young Master got into a clash with a young man named Jiang Wei'en inside a carrier." Zhao Shu spoke urgently, " That Jiang Wei'en gravely wounded Third Young Master and the others!"

Gravely wounded!

Huang Xiaolong's expression darkened as he jumped to his feet: "Quickly, lead me over there now."

Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others also stood up, agitated.

"Father, Mother, wait for my word here in the Divine Fort Residence." Huang Xiaolong insisted, "Me going over is enough, don't worry, nothing will happen to third brother and the others."

Huang Peng and Su Yan still wanted to follow, however, they relented in the end, listening to Huang Xiaolong's persuasion to wait for his news in the Divine Fort Residence. Both were aware that they wouldn't be able to help with anything even if they went over, rather, they might even make things worse for Huang Xiaolong.

Soon, Zhao Shu and Huang Xiaolong rushed out of the Divine Fort Residence, speeding off in the direction of the Riding Wind Carrier.

On the way, Zhao Shu briefly described the head and tails of the matter to Huang Xiaolong. Because Huang Xiaohai and that Jiang Wei'en young man took a liking to a Nine Phoenix Carriage at the same time, conflict aroused. Angered, that Jiang Wei'en suddenly attacked Huang Xiaohai, Guo Fan, and the others.

"The other side made the first move?" Huang Xiaolong's asked with iciness in his eyes.

"Yes." Zhao Shu nodded.

Huang Xiaolong's expression was akin to a storm waiting to unleash.

Daring to attack within the Changzhi City, ignoring the Cloudsea Mainland's fundamental rule, this Jiang Wei'en, without a doubt, was a Jiang Family disciple.

Amongst the twenty-three ranks of the Black Tortoise Galaxy's super forces, the Jiang Family's forces stood within the top five.

While Huang Xiaolong was rushing over to the Riding Wind Carrier, Workshop, inside the workshop's building, Jiang Wei'en was seated down on a grand chair, peering loftily over Huang Xiaohai's group lying on the ground.

"Bumpkins that don't know the rules." The steward behind Jiang Wei'en, Gu Yun, looked at Huang Xiaohai's group with a gaze thick with contempt, "Xiantian? Saint realm? On this Cloudsea Mainland, its equivalent to the existence of lowly slaves, you actually dare to fight over a carrier with our Young Lord?"

Huang Xiaohai wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. His chest was throbbing with pain, yet it did not reduce the anger in his eyes one bit as he glowered at the other party, "You actually dare to attack inside Changzhi City? Aren't you afraid of the city's law?!"

"Rules?" Jiang Wei'en stood up, together with his steward Gu Yun, both broke out in raucous laughter, "In this Changzhi City, my word is law. This Changzhi City belongs to our Jiang Family, the current Changzhi City Castellan is none other than my Uncle. Who do you think my Uncle will believe, you or me?"

Huang Xiaohai, Guo Xiaofan, Huang Min, and Guo Fan paled. They did not expect this Changzhi City's Castellan to be this young man Jiang Wei'en's biological Uncle.

In fact, Huang Xiaohai, Huang Min, and the rest understood that the so-called laws were relative. Regardless of the place, laws and rules were insignificant and non-existent before certain people.

Jiang Wei'en took note of the changes on Huang Xiaohai's face, as well as the others, and he was emboldened. Approaching Huang Xiaohai with a proud, wide grin, he suddenly raised his foot and stomped down on Huang Xiaohai's left hand, exerting more force than necessary.

A scream escaped Huang Xiaohai's throat.

"Little Uncle!" "Third brother!" Guo Xiaofan and Huang Min both cried out.

Jiang Wei'en felt even more complacent, raising his foot again, this time stomping on Huang Xiaohai's right hand.

Another tragic scream came from Huang Xiaohai.

"What are you, you dare compete with me?" Jiang Wei'en sneered, turning toward his steward Gu Yun, "Break their Qi Sea, cripple their meridians, then throw them out on the streets."

Gu Yun hesitated, saying, "Young Lord, should we check these several people's background?" Inwardly, he thought it was unlikely for several small Xiantian realm ants to not have any background. Due to his cautious nature, he felt more assured checking.

Jiang Wei'en waved his hand, unconcerned in the least, "Just a few Saint realm and lower garbage, what background can they have? Even the feet-washing slave at my side is stronger than these people by a thousand times. Even if they do have a little background, can it compare to our Jiang Family?"

Coming across this matter, the other side had no other option but swallow and endure, there was no way they'd risk offending their Jiang Family.

Although Jiang Wei'en was proud of his identity, he dared not kill Huang Xiaohai and the ones with him. After all, there was a distinction between teaching a lesson and killing, despite believing that nothing would happen to him even if he did kill this bunch of garbage. But if words of a murder inside Changzhi City leaked out, it would stain their Jiang Family's reputation.

Riding Wind Carrier Workshop's owner, Zhang Shaosheng, was standing some distance away. Seeing that Jiang Wei'en wanted to cripple Huang Xiaohai's group, he wanted to step up to stop him, but in the end, he failed to step up.

These several people were probably some small family's slaves. It wasn't worth it to offend Jiang Wei'en, a Jiang Family core disciple, for several slaves.

Gu Yun approached Huang Xiaohai in brisk steps, "You can only blame yourselves for being blind, offending our Young Lord." With that said, his palm struck out at Huang Xiaohai's chest, right above his Qi Sea.

Huang Xiaohai wailed from the pain.

Witnessing Huang Xiaohai's Qi Sea being broken right before their eyes, Guo Xiaofan and Huang Min's eyes were wide with fury.

"My Big Uncle definitely won't spare you lot!" Guo Xiaofan roared at the top of his lungs, glaring at Jiang Wei'en and Gu Yun with menace: "My Big Uncle will absolutely kill all of you, kill all of you!"

If the looks from Guo Xiaofan could kill, Jiang Wei'en and Gu Yun would have probably died a thousand times.

Jiang Wei'en snickered hearing those words, "Big Uncle? Hehe, I'm~ so~ scared." The ridicule in his voice was obvious. A mere Xiantian, a measly existence no different than the ants crawling on the ground, how strong could that so-called Big Uncle of his be?

"My Big Uncle is Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple!" Guo Xiaofan roared at Jiang Wei'en.

Everyone was stunned.

Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple?

Jiang Wei'en's brows scrunched together, but a beat later, he sneered, "No wonder you dare to compete with this Young Lord, but you were just relying on a Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple? Hehe, you think this Young Lord would be afraid of a measly Black Warrior Institute inner disciple?!" At this point, Jiang Wei'en was standing right in front of Guo Xiaofan, his leg suddenly kicked out right at Guo Xiaofan's Qi Sea.

As Guo Xiaofan screamed, his body flew out, sliding over the ground.

"Xiaofan!" Huang Min screamed shrilly.

Jiang Wei'en sneered, "This Young Lord hates being threatened the most, death-seeking reckless idiot, he actually dared to use an insignificant Black Warrior inner disciple to threaten me? Continue, break their Qi Seas and cripple their meridians. I would really like to see that fart of a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple 'Big Uncle' dare to come save them."

Gu Yun and several subordinates stepped forward. In a short few moments, they dealt with Huang Xiaohai, Guo Xiaofan, and the rest's Qi Seas and meridians. All crippled and shattered.

"Throw them out on the streets." Jiang Wei'en casually waved his hand.

Gu Yun and several others acknowledged, throwing out Huang Xiaohai's group as instructed.

"Young Lord, are we returning now?" Gu Yun asked.

Jiang Wei'en waved his hand again, saying, "There's no hurry, it's not every day that I come across something this interesting. We'll wait here for their so-called Big Uncle." Finished saying that, he really sat down, picking up a cup of tea and sipping in leisure, "This tea is not bad." He praised, smacking his lips.

With Zhao Shu leading, Huang Xiaolong reached the Riding Wind Carrier Workshop.

Seeing the large crowd surrounding the Riding Wind workshop, pointing here and there, a strong unease surfaced in Huang Xiaolong's heart.