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Chapter 570: We're Fifth Order God Realm Masters

 The fat old man didn't even spare a glance in Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu's direction after sweeping them away. He turned toward the Huang Family's ears: "Tell Huang Xiaolong to roll out here!"

His curt voice rumbled like a furious thunder, shaking the minds of every member of the Huang Family, causing everyone to vomit blood from the penetrating shockwave.

"My Big Uncle is not here!" Amidst the group of people Guo Xiaofan stepped out to the front with anger shining in his eyes, "To tell you the truth, my Big Uncle is already a Black Warrior Institute disciple, if you dare to kill us, Big Uncle will never spare you!"

A Black Warrior Institute disciple! Both the fat old man and lean young man were stunned, neither of them thought of the possibility that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't be in Martial Spirit World.

"A Black Warrior Institute disciple?" The lean young man snickered, "Little friend, you nearly frightened me to death just now." His words and tone filled with incessant mockery.

The fat old man also sneered with contempt, "So what if he's a Black Warrior Institute disciple? You think our Ying Family would be afraid of a mere Black Warrior Institute outer disciple?" Indeed, for the Ying Family, someone who had just passed through the selection assessment was too insignificant to be considered a threat.

The lean young man was scanning through the faces of the Huang Family, but just as he lifted his hand preparing to kill all of them once and for all, his eyes suddenly lit up. He spotted Shi Xiaofei among the people below.

Noticing the pause in the lean young man's actions, the fat old man's eyes followed his gaze. Seeing the object at the other end, the fat old man's eyes lit up as well.

"Little beauty, you're the one they call the number one beauty of the Martial Spirit World, Shi Xiaofei, right?" The lean young man revealed a lecherous grin, "A real beauty indeed. A few points higher than that cheap slut, Zhou Ying. Hehe, still a virgin as well, what a pleasant surprise." He was smacking his lips at the end.

The fat old man joined in with a wicked cackle, a force from his palm easily pulled Shi Xiaofei out from the group, making her fly to the sky, where they were.

Shi Xiaofei went deathly pale. She tried to struggle free, but to her dismay, she actually couldn't move an inch as she 'flew' toward the two men.

Leaving Shi Xiaofei hovering in front of them, the fat old man moved in closer to Shi Xiaofei, his nose scrunched up as he made several exaggerated sniffs at the untainted scent coming from her body. Drunk from her scent, the wicked light in the fat old man's eyes increased, and at the same time, his lower male part had an instant reaction.


"Sister Xiaofei!"

Everyone below cried out in alarm.

The fat old man looked over at the Huang Family members.

"Hehe, go die!" A thick killing intent flashed across his eyes, his right palm raised and slammed down at the crowd of Huang Family.

When the palm attack was about to send everyone flying, a sudden sword light flew from the void, immediately slicing the fat old man's palm imprint into two.

Everyone present was stunned for a moment.

In the next moment, three human silhouettes came whistling through the wind from afar.

"Big brother Huang!"


When they saw who one of the three people was, every Huang Family member was overjoyed, crying out his name.

The three people were none other than Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen who rushed all the way from the Cloudsea Mainland.

The fat old man and lean young man both snapped around, their eyes narrowed dangerously at the interruption.

A brief moment later, Huang Xiaolong's group of three had arrived at the Huang Clan Manor, stopping in front of everyone.

A Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple? The fat old man and his partner immediately noted the inner disciple robe on Huang Xiaolong. Both of them were shocked inwardly and exchanged a silent look.

If Huang Xiaolong was just an average Black Warrior Institute outer disciple, the two of them would not have any scruples, however, neither of them expected Huang Xiaolong to be promoted to an inner disciple in such a short time.

Murdering a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple would be troublesome.

Then the Ying Family twin heroes looked at Liu Yun and Qi Wen. Because Liu Yun and Qi Wen did not wear their Black Warrior Institute Grand Elder robes, the two men mistook Liu Yun and Qi Wen for Huang Xiaolong's associates. Moreover, Liu Yun and Qi Wen hid their auras, a matter that the Ying Family's twin heroes overlooked.

In their assumption, the strength that the associates of a newly promoted inner disciple like Huang Xiaolong had wouldn't be too high, most likely between Second or Third Order God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong finally heaved a sigh of relief when he arrived, seeing that all the Huang Family members were alright. However, noting Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu lying injured some distance away, unknown whether they were dead or alive, as well as the many corpses of the Huang Clan Manor's Saint realm warrior guards, his expression became frosty.

In the end, he was half a step late.

Pain filled his heart looking at the figure held captive between the two men. There was a blood stain running down from the corner of her mouth.

"Damn both of you!" Huang Xiaolong said through gritted teeth, his icy yet furious eyes glaring at the two men. Each word was slow and deliberate.

Feeling the intense killing intent coming from Huang Xiaolong's body, both men laughed instead.

"Huang Xiaolong, you think rushing back will allow you to save your Huang Family?" The fat old man laughed loudly, "I might not dare to kill you since you're Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple, however, the Huang Family members are not inner disciples of the Black Warrior Institute."

"It's even better now that you've returned, I will kill them one by one in front of you." The lean young man chipped in, "Now you can watch how your family dies in front of you."

The fat old man added leisurely, "After that, we'll slowly peel off Shi Xiaofei's clothes layer by layer. We'll let her learn a little of the wonderful skill of our lower parts. Don't worry, we guarantee to make sure your woman feel as if she's gone to heaven!"

Both men broke out laughing at their own joke, brazen and unscrupulous.

The killing intent thickened in Huang Xiaolong's eyes, but he took a deep breath and turned to Liu Yun and Qi Wen, "I'll have to trouble Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother and Third-Apprentice Sister to help. But, don't kill them yet."

Huang Xiaolong could tell that these two masters from the Ying Family were Fourth Order God Realm or above. If he was the one to fight, he was not confident that he'd be able to save Shi Xiaofei, hence, he could only trouble his seniors.

"Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother, leave it to us." Liu Yun and Qi Wen beside him nodded. They did not act earlier because they were waiting for Huang Xiaolong's decision.

Qi Wen said to Liu Yun, "Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother, you just stay put, I alone am enough." Two mere Fifth Order God Realm did not call for two Tenth Order God Realms to deal with them.

The fat old man and the lean young man laughed even harder hearing Qi Wen's words, as if they just heard a funny joke.

"Little chick, you probably don't know our powerful strength," The lean young man was still laughing as he spoke to Qi Wen, "Honestly telling you lot, we're Fifth Order God Realm masters!" As his last words fell, he fully released his Fifth Order God Realm aura, followed by the fat old man.

"Fifth Order God Realm!" The Huang Family exclaimed in horror.

"Big brother Huang, quickly run!" Shi Xiaofei disregards her own safety, shouting out at Huang Xiaolong.

At this moment, Qi Wen made her move. Her extended hand shone with a jade-like luster. In that instant, the complacent laughter on the fat old man and lean young man's faces vanished, replaced by horror, despair, and disbelief.

"Y-you, you're a high-level God Realm master!" Two voices stammered almost simultaneously.

Qi Wen's right palm made a gentle push forward.


Their clothes exploded into bits, blood gushed out uncontrollably from their mouths. Then, in the next second, two bodies plummeted to the ground like dead dogs, slamming down heavily on the ground. Violent tremors shook the earth, raising a thick curtain of sand and dust.

Qi Wen retrieved her palm, coldness suffused her delicate face as she looked at her handiwork. Around her, Shi Xiaofei and the Huang Family members were agape with shock.

'Two, two Fifth Order God Realm masters were dealt with just like that?'

Huang Xiaolong did not find this result surprising. Looking at the two people that were 'thrown' down, a sharp gleam flickered in his eyes. A suction force swirled from his palm, drawing the two men's limp bodies before him.

Their clothes had burst into pieces, exposing their full naked bodies to the sunlight. Huang Xiaolong's gaze was on their lower parts. He suddenly lifted his leg, and in two quick successive actions, landed a kick each on their lower body.

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