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Chapter 569: Annihilate The Huang Clan Manor From Top To Bottom

 Chapter 569: Annihilate The Huang Clan Manor From Top To Bottom

"Zhou Ying, that cheap slut, if it weren't for the protection of the Fu Family, I'd have done her to death." The lean young man fumed, "Sooner or later, there'll be a day when she has to kneel before me and lick my toes!"

The fat old man changed the subject, "Let's not talk about Zhou Ying, that cheap slut. Then again, I didn't expect that kid Ying Tian to die in the hands of a kid that's not even half-step God Realm!"

"Otherwise the Patriarch wouldn't have ordered us to capture this Huang Xiaolong alive." The lean young man continued, "After capturing him, the Patriarch definitely wants to force out the cultivation technique he uses of him, as well as research the bloodline and potential in his body!"

This pair of Ying Family 'twin heroes' chit-chatted as they continued to fly at high speed toward the Martial Spirit World. Coincidentally, they were coming from the opposite direction of Huang Xiaolong. One group was closing in on the Martial Spirit World from the north side, while the other was rushing back from the south direction.

In the boundless galaxy, the closer Huang Xiaolong got, the stronger his unease grew.

After another short distance of flying, Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth and took out the Godly Mt. Xumi as well as the remaining five divine grade spirit stones, placing them at the center of the Ten Buddha Formation. The rest of the way was made using the Godly Mt. Xumi. As for the person in charge of activating the formation, it was Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother Liu Yun.

Looking at the Godly Mt. Xumi and divine grade spirit stones, Liu Yun and Qi Wen once again lamented in secret. Space divine artifact like the Godly Mt. Xumi was extremely rare in the whole Black Tortoise Galaxy.

However, with Liu Yun at the helm and divine grade spirit stones as energy source, their speed was indeed much faster than before. In the endless dark space, the Godly Mt. Xumi sped past at high speed like an asteroid, aiming for the Martial Spirit World.

Within the territories of the Duanren Empire in the Martial Spirit World, it was another peaceful day at the Huang Clan Manor. Over three hundred Saint realm experts were hidden in the corners, protecting the safety of the Huang Clan Manor.

Inside Huang Clan Manor, laughter rippled as two figures went tit-for-tat, trading fist for fist with each other in the air above the front hall square. A sudden loud blast resounded and the two figures separated from each other.

On one side was a man about thirty and the other side was a youth no more than thirteen to fourteen years of age.

"Haha, Little Uncle, if you don't put in more effort, in another two years, you won't be my opponent!" the youth smirked.

"Go ahead and act proud! I know you kid's talent is better than mine. You only know to come for sparring, wait till your Big Uncle comes back, at that time, come look for me if you dare." The young man teased.

This youth and young man were none other than Huang Xiaolong's nephew, Guo Xiaofan, and younger brother, Huang Xiaohai.

Six years had passed since Huang Xiaolong left the Martial Spirit World, the little kid from that time had grown into a fine young man.

Guo Xiaofan grinned sheepishly, "Forget this, sparring with Big Uncle with my little strength, it's basically self-seeking abuse."

Both men laughed.

Right at this time, two figures entered the Martial Spirit World from the galaxy outside, passing through its chaotic space layer, standing high in the sky above.

These two men were exactly the Ying Family's 'twin heroes'.

Peering at the mountains and rivers below, the fat old man shook his head, "This Martial Spirit World's scenery is not bad, but the spiritual energy is too thin. In that year's Great Godfiend War, the Martial Spirit World suffered the most damage, all of its God and Highgod Realm warriors have fallen. Who knows how many hundreds of thousands of years it will take to recover."

The lean young man urged, "Come on, don't just stand here and look. Even if the Devil Surpreme's grand army comes again the next time, it has nothing to do with us. The people above will hold the sky, let's hurry and finish our task."

Both men turned into a streak of light, disappearing in a flicker. In the blink of an eye, they were standing in the air above Snow Wind Continent.

"Find a Saint realm warrior for directions."

The fat old man spread out his spiritual sense, and both men disappeared from view, appearing above a tall mountain peak. A palm pressed down lightly on the peak and the entire mountain crumbled into countless dust particles without a single sound.

Within that mountain peak, the Saint realm warrior cultivating there was paralyzed with fear.

With a simple gesture, the Saint realm warrior felt his body being pulled upwards without his control to the front of the lean young man. A trace of purple flashed in the lean young man's pupils as a purple light beam pierced into the Saint realm warrior's forehead. The Saint realm warrior's eyes lost its brilliance, turning dazed as if his soul was stripped away.

"Which empire is this?"

"Spring Faun Empire."

"Go, lead us to Luo Tong Kingdom's Huang Clan Manor."

That Saint realm warrior complied respectfully, flying in front as he led the two toward Luo Tong Kingdom's Huang Clan Manor.

Spring Faun Empire was right beside the Duanren Empire. It didn't take them long to cross over to the Duanren Empire's territory.

Three hours later, the Ying Family's twin heroes were peering down at the Huang Clan Manor that rivaled an imperial palace. The fat old man spoke first, "This Huang Xiaolong really put a lot of thought and resources into this place, to actually station over three hundred Saint realm warriors to protect a small Huang Clan Manor."

"Over three hundred Saint realm warriors might be able to withstand a First Order God Realm," the lean young man snorted, "But in front of us, this is not enough." As he said that, his finger poke at the Huang Clan Manor in front, as if he was poking at a bubble.

In an instant, the air high above rumbled loudly like a thunderbolt on a clear day. Then, the earth shook vigorously as if it would never stop, and a terrifying power of destruction enveloped the Huang Clan Manor.

Everyone inside the Huang Clan Manor became ashen. What was happening?!

In the sky high above, shadows appeared from numerous corners as all the Saint realm guards of the Huang Clan Manor revealed themselves. Dense, monstrous ghostly aura spewed from the Devils and Ghosts Flag, turning into a stream of evil spirits, covering the entire Huang Clan Manor.

"Eh? Array formation spiritual tool?" The fat old man was a little surprised when he saw the flag hovering in the void, before laughing happily, "What a pleasant surprise, I didn't expect the Martial Spirit World to have something like this. Although its grade is a little low, it's still a treasure that is worth some Xuanwu coins." His hand reached up, flicking toward the flag.

A purple giant hand formed out of nowhere, and wherever this giant purple hand passed, all the evil spirits from the Devils and Ghosts Flag dissipated. The flag quivered, and in a matter of moments, it was pulled out from the void by the giant purple hand.

Streaks of light flew out from the Huang Clan Manor, it was the members of the Huang Family.

The Saint realm warriors tasked with protecting the Huang Clan Manor swiftly launched attacks toward the fat old man and lean young man. Fists and palms covered the sky.

Watching the waves of fists and palm directed at them, the lean young man snorted with contempt, "A bunch of ants dare to attack us." Like slapping away annoying flies, his hand slapped away these attacks as if they were nothing.

Thunderous explosions rumbled. In the next moment, the more than three hundred Saint realm warriors tasked with guarding the Huang Clan Manor were sent flying all at once. Some of them even exploded in midair.

In less than a breath's time, over three hundred Saint realm warriors were either dead or gravely injured. Defeated in the most devastating manner.

Every member of the Huang Family paled at this scene.

"Who are you?" Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu stood in front of the Huang Family, blocking in front of them, watching the fat old man and lean young man with trepidation.

"Who are we?" The lean young man taunted, "Just so you can die peacefully knowing who killed you, we can be generous and tell you. We're Elders of the Twin Celestial World's Ying Family. Huang Xiaolong killed our Ying Family's disciple, Ying Tian. Our purpose this time is to annihilate the Huang Family from top to bottom."

Deities Templar's Preceptor, Ying Tian?

Their faces turned deathly pale, no one thought it would be the Ying Family.

The fat old man suddenly slapped a palm down through the void, sweeping away Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu who were blocking in front of the Huang Family. Blood spurted violently from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu's mouths as they crashed heavily into the mountain behind the Huang Clan Manor.

"Left Custodian Zhao! Right Custodian Zhang!" All of the Huang Family members cried out in alarm.