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Chapter 567: Returning To The Martial Spirit World

 Chapter 567: Returning To The Martial Spirit World

Zhao Chen and Xie Hui desired nothing more than to tear Huang Xiaolong apart even in their dreams, to feast on his flesh and drink his blood, but neither of them lost reason, noticing the black tortoise emblem on the chest of Huang Xiaolong's robe. Both were dazed for a moment, the surging killing intent emitted from their bodies immediately reduced by half.

Although the Zhao and Xie Families weren't among the Black Tortoise Galaxy's first rank forces, they were by no means small or insignificant. At least, as a member of the Zhao Family and a Xie Family disciple, both young men could recognize the Black Warrior Institute's uniform.

The Black Warrior Institute! Their hearts shuddered. Never did they imagine that not only did Huang Xiaolong manage to enter the Black Warrior Institute, he was even an inner disciple!

"Huang Xiaolong, you're quite lucky ah, running into unbelievable dogshit luck, becoming a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple." Zhao Chen spouted mocking words, inwardly, his heart was raging with hate, jealousy, and killing intent.

The news of Huang Xiaolong being received by the Black Warrior Institute Principal as a personal disciple was only made known to the super forces and first rank forces. Mid-level forces like the Zhao and Xie Families were not included in the loop.

Forget the younger generation like Zhao Chen and Xie Hui, even the Patriarchs and Elders of these families were still in the dark about the fact that the Black Warrior Institute's Principal had taken in a new disciple.

This situation could be portrayed by the old Huang Clan Manor. As the head of Huang Clan Manor, it was impossible for Huang Qide to know what took place in the Duanren Empire, for there was a mammoth difference in their identities. Huang Qide had no way of touching matters of that level.

"But, so what if you're a Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple?" Xie Hui sneered. "Can a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple save the entire Martial Spirit World?"

Although seeing with their own eyes that Huang Xiaolong was a Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple, both Zhao Chen and Xie Hui weren't apprehensive in the least, even knowing that Huang Xiaolong must be a God Realm master, for they were in the Cloudsea Mainland, Changzhi City!

Even most Elders belonging to the super forces' families dared not deliberately attack in Changzhi City.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed dangerously all of a sudden. An overwhelming pressure from killing intent froze the surroundings, as if it was a thousand zhang ice cave, causing Zhao Chen and Xie Hui's faces to turn ash-gray.

"What did you say just now?!" Huang Xiaolong's gaze was sharp like knives.

"Hehe, you didn't hear it clear enough? Huang Xiaolong, to tell you the truth, the Ying Family has already found out that you're the one who killed Ying Tian. Two months ago, they've sent experts to the Martial Spirit World, they might have already arrived by now." Zhao Chen selectively ignored the dense killing aura from Huang Xiaolong, regaining his composure after his initial shock, rubbing it to Huang Xiaolong's face with a wide sneer.

"Who knows, if you try to rush back to the Martial Spirit World now, perhaps you can still collect your parents, siblings, and subordinates' bodies. If you dally here a few more days, perhaps you won't even be able to find their bodies." Xie Hui burst into manic laughter.

Huang Xiaolong's face paled slightly, his hands tightly clenched-Ying Family!

He did not expect the Ying Family to find out so quickly!

"Ah, I forgot to tell you, the reason why the Ying Family was able to find out so quickly about Preceptor Ying Tian's murdered is courtesy of our Zhao Family. We informed them." Zhao Chen also burst out laughing, looking extremely complacent and proud.

"You!" Huang Xiaolong's eyes were red with fury, the energy fluctuations around him became intense, suffocating, soaring to the sky.

Before Huang Xiaolong's terrifying aura, Zhao Chen and Xie Hui felt increasingly difficult to breathe, akin to a little fish that had left the water, dead at any moment. At this moment, they finally felt the genuine terror of Huang Xiaolong's strength.

Both of their fathers were also God Realm masters, but it was disheartening to note that Huang Xiaolong's momentum seemed far stronger than even their fathers'. Was this Huang Xiaolong's strength after breaking into the God Realm?

"Little brother, resolve peacefully if there's any disagreement, this is Changzhi City." At this point, a voice sounded out of nowhere. Searching for the source, a middle-aged man in a brocade robe was seen walking out from the Azure Sea Firm's back hall.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed to a slit at this middle-aged man's emergence. Despite not exposing any aura, Huang Xiaolong could tell that this middle-aged man was definitely a master. Most likely not weaker than the Black Warrior Institute's Elder Zhang Tianchuan.

After a second of hesitation, Huang Xiaolong converged his aura.

Just like what the middle-aged man said, this was Changzhi City, in the Cloudsea Mainland. He couldn't kill Zhao Chen and Xie Hui. Even his Master Feng Yang couldn't be exempted from this rule.

No fighting and no killing in the Cloudsea Mainland was a rule set by the Black Tortoise Galaxy's twenty-two super forces.

"There'll be a day when I will personally annihilate both the Zhao and Xie Families." Huang Xiaolong shot an icy glance toward Zhao Chen and Xie Hui before turning around and left the Azure Sea Firm.

He was no longer in the mood to purchase a property right now. His heart was filled with anxiety, wishing so badly he could be back in the Martial Spirit World in the next second.

As for Zhao Chen and Xie Hui, they would be dead for sure in the future! Then again, Huang Xiaolong did not intend to let them die comfortably.

Zhao Chen and Xie Hui watched as Huang Xiaolong converged his aura, turned around and left the Azure Sea Firm, feeling like they just survived an ordeal. Despite knowing for sure that the Cloudsea Mainland banned fighting and killing, who could really say that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't run amok all of a sudden, adamant in killing them regardless of the punishment.

After regaining their composure, both flew into rage from shame. Just now, they nearly pissed their pants from Huang Xiaolong's threatening aura. 'Damn this Huang Xiaolong!'

In fact, both of them came over to the Azure Sea Firm to purchase something under the orders of their family elders, but they never imagined that they would be running into Huang Xiaolong just as they were about to leave.

After confirming that Huang Xiaolong was really gone, Zhao Chen and Xie Hui left the Azure Sea Firm.

"I didn't expect that dog Huang Xiaolong to break through to the God Realm so fast!" In Zhao Chen's eyes glimmered with hate and jealousy.

Fleeing back to the Peace Emperor World from the Martial Spirit World, Zhao Chen had come across many good encounters, and under the Zhao Family Elders' guidance, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds. Yet, to date, he had only reached Sixth Order Saint realm.

Of course Zhao Chen wasn't aware that Huang Xiaolong had already broken through to peak early-Second Order God Realm and defeated a late-Third Order God Realm, being an outstanding genius. He assumed that Huang Xiaolong had just advanced to the God Realm recently, a First Order God Realm.

Xie Hui smirked, "If he rushes back, with his strength alone, what can he do? This time, the Ying Family actually sent two Fifth Order God Realm masters to the Martial Spirit World. In front of a Fifth Order God Realm, he's nothing but a measly ant. Not only is he powerless to save the Martial Spirit World, powerless to save his Huang Family and his subordinates, he'll even lose his own life!"

"It's a pity we won't be able to kill this dog personally." Zhao Chen sneered.

"Later, after the two masters of the Ying Family kill Xiaolong, we'll return to the Martial Spirit World and conquer it once over." A cold gleam flashed in Xie Hui's eyes, "Those treacherous bastards that betrayed us and submitted to Huang Xiaolong, I'll make them regret it a thousand times over!"

"Go, we should head back!"

Zhao Chen and Xie Hui flew eastward after coming out from Changzhi City.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong flew at breakneck speed the moment he exited Changzhi City. He had to think of a way to return to Martial Spirit World quickly, but the fastest method was through a transmission array. However, Martial Spirit World's transmission array couldn't be used, he could only be transported to the closest world surface.

Unfortunately, Huang Xiaolong was not familiar with the Black Tortoise Galaxy's transmission array locations, neither did he know what the closest world surface to Martial Spirit World was, where he could be transferred to.

"This...I also don't know the current status of the Black Tortoise Galaxy's transmission arrays." Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said. "Now, you can only rush back to the Black Warrior Institute and ask your Master, he should know."