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Chapter 566: Leader of the Inner Disciples' Great Ten

 Huang Xiaolong didn't exactly spend his days like a hermit in seclusion, he took some time to understand the inner disciples' environment in the last few days. He was aware of those top personas among the inner disciples.

This He Can was not only one of the Great Ten inner disciples, he ranked at number three!

The third strongest inner disciple!

Those capable of being promoted to a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple were all genius among geniuses, and the Great Ten inner disciples were each more outstanding than the other. As for the top three, they were the crème de la crème of inner disciple hierarchy.

What purpose did this He Can have in paying him a visit? Bearing doubt in his heart, Huang Xiaolong proceeded to deactivate the array surrounding his courtyard and walked out.

"Brother Huang." Seeing Huang Xiaolong emerging from within, He Can greeted with a fist-palm salute.

Huang Xiaolong returned the etiquette in the same manner, slanting his body aside, inviting He Can into his yard. Both men took a seat in the front hall.

After taking a seat, He Can issued a laugh before speaking, "I've just returned from outside today and heard about Brother Huang defeating Li Dufeng with one move. That Li Dufeng has always acted overbearing due to his family background, so bullying the weaker inner disciples is a norm. Brother Huang teaching Li Dufeng a lesson like that makes an immense number of people feel gratified."

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand saying, "A small matter."

Both men went on trading a few polite sentences before He Can revealed his purpose.

"However, Li Dufeng is someone who holds a grudge, Brother Huang should pay more attention. That Jiang Bi is his cousin brother. At the moment he's outside performing a task, but he'll be back to the institute in half a year's time. At that time, Jiang Bi will definitely make trouble for you, Brother Huang." He Can advised.

Jiang Bi, leader of the inner disciples' Great Ten!

According to rumors, this Jiang Bi had broken through to Fourth Order God Realm. After the upcoming inner disciple assessment, he would be promoted to the ranks of elite disciples.

A slight crease wrinkled Huang Xiaolong's brows thinking of this. Although he took the time to understand some of the workings between inner disciples, he knew of Jiang Bi's strength but wasn't aware that Jiang Bi and Li Dufeng were cousins.

He might be the Institute Principal's personal disciple, but there were still certain things that weren't convenient for his Master to intervene in-such as the friendly competition between inner disciples.

Just like how Huang Xiaolong broke Li Dufeng's arms and made him kowtow one thousand times, and even the Li Family, as one of the super forces, did not make any noise.

A short while later, He Can left, but not before extending an open invitation to Huang Xiaolong to his courtyard when he had time. He Can's cultivation courtyard was located nearby, a few hundred meters away from Yard No.1.

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong's eyes as he watched He Can's leaving figure. On the surface, this He Can seemed to come with goodwill, but reminding Huang Xiaolong about Jiang Bi with a veiled intention of currying favor with him where in fact just him discreetly sowing dispute. A smiling tiger , the kind of people that hid a dagger in their sleeves while smiling at you.

This kind of people was unsuited to be taken as a friend. On the other hand, that was Jiang Bi indeed a problem.

"Half a year?"

If he could break through to Third Order God Realm, he need not be wary of this Jiang Bi, however, to do so in half a year's time... it wasn't an impossible feat, for he could cross over and practicing in Hell at any time.

'Forget it, I'll handle it when the times comes.' Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. It's not like he would be afraid even if that Jiang Bi really was a Fourth Order God Realm. More importantly right now was to purchase a manor.

Huang Xiaolong exited Yard No.1, activated the array and flew off, leaving the Misty Rain Mountain Range. He flew toward the North Star Square's transmission array.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the North Star Square, it was one day later.

It was a rule that every disciple that wanted to use the transmission array had to pay a fee, unless it was an Elder or higher rank, which were exempted from paying any fees. Moreover, the transmission fee was a scary number. For each usage of a single transmission, a disciple was charged one million Xuanwu coins.

One million Xuanwu coins was a significant amount for any super forces' core disciples, but Huang Xiaolong, who was rich and afforded to be extravagant at this point, he really did not put this one million Xuanwu coins in his eyes.

After paying the one million Xuanwu coins transmission fee, Huang Xiaolong arrived shortly in the Cloudsea Mainland, at the Black Warrior City's Supreme Harmony Square through the North Star Square transmission array.

Of course, there was another method other than using the transmission array. By flying through the galaxy, with Huang Xiaolong's speed, he could arrive in the Cloudsea Mainland in one month.

Arriving at the Supreme Harmony Square on the Cloudsea Mainland, Huang Xiaolong's first stop was one of the largest exchange firms, the Azure Sea Firm.

Because Huang Xiaolong was wearing the Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple robe, the moment he entered the Azure Sea Firm's building, he was warmly welcomed by the firm supervisor himself.

Naturally, a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple held a high status within the Black Warrior City. But then again, even if one were to strip away Huang Xiaolong's inner disciple status, as a Second order God Realm master, he'd garner a high standing regardless where he went.

Still, when Huang Xiaolong brought out over a million pieces of high grade one spirit stones from the Asura Ring, it terrified the firm supervisor to the point where he forgot to breathe, his legs shaking unsteadily.

That was more than a million high grade spirit stones ah!

He had been a supervisor at this branch for more than two thousand years, but this was his first time looking at so many high grade spirit stones piled high up in front of him. More than a million spirit stones piled up, that was a quite a high mountain.

It was quite some time later before the firm supervisor recovered from his shock. His throat was dry and his hands were trembling as he calculated the mountain of high grade spirit stones.

In the end, it came up to 1,213,621 pieces. Multiply that by 1400 Xuanwu coins for each spirit stone, giving Huang Xiaolong more than 1.6 billion Xuanwu coins.

When Huang Xiaolong walked out from the firm, the firm supervisor was literally prostrating before Huang Xiaolong, extremely polite and flattering as he personally sent Huang Xiaolong out.

Before Huang Xiaolong left, the firm supervisor gave Huang Xiaolong a supreme guest card, only then did he find out that Huang Xiaolong was looking for a property. He seized the chance, enthusiastically giving several property recommendations that belonged to their Azure Sea Firm.

Since there was a rule allowing only elite disciples and higher to purchase a property within the Black Warrior City, Huang Xiaolong could only search in other cities. The good thing was that Huang Xiaolong didn't lack money. When he got promoted later on to an elite disciple, he could buy another property in the city itself.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong left the Black Warrior City, flying toward to largest city closest to it, Changzhi City. He arrived half an hour later and headed straight to the Azure Sea Firm branch. But just as he stepped inside the hall, he ran into some unexpected people.

Zhao Chen, Xie Hui!

That's right, the son of Sin City's Mayor in the Bedlams Land, Zhao Yi's son, Zhao Chen, and also Cosmos God Cult's Young Lord, Xie Hui!

"Huang Xiaolong!" Neither Zhao Chen nor Xie Hui imagined that they would run into Huang Xiaolong here. A surprised exclamation escaped their mouths.

That time, when Huang Xiaolong unified the whole Martial Spirit World, Zhao Yi and his son Zhao Chen fled back to Peace Emperor World.

Killing intent exploded in Zhao Chen and Xie Hui's eyes, regaining their senses.

In the Martial Spirit World, one was Sin City's Young Lord, whereas the other was Cosmos God Cult's Young Lord, their status allows them to call for wind and summon the rain, whatever their hearts desired, but because of Huang Xiaolong, they fled like mongrels out of the Martial Spirit World.

All of it was because of Huang Xiaolong!

1. A seemingly kind but inwardly a ruthless and cunning individual

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