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Chapter 543: About Thirty Years?

 Chapter 543: About Thirty Years?

Detecting the provocation in Huang Xiaolong's gaze, an unpleasant expression shadowed Jiang Shaoze, Xu Shaoqing, Zhu Haixiang, and other top geniuses' faces, yet no one dared to step out in contrary, including Gudu Leng.

Even Wang Biaoyuan, who activated the Indestructible Vajra Physique, was turned into a mere paper tiger in front of this person. If they walked out, wouldn't they be pummeled into a pig head?!

The crowd fell into a prolonged heavy silence when an abrupt angry shout cut across the square as a figure leaped out from the Wang Family's midst, attacking Huang Xiaolong. A Wang Family master.

A Third Order God Realm warrior.

His action was too fast, it did not occur to anyone that a Wang Family master would try to assassinate Huang Xiaolong.


Just when that Wang Family master was about to slap his palm down on Huang Xiaolong, a fleeting sword light glinted and disappeared. The Wang Family expert howled in pain, clutching his hand as he retreated, looking fearfully at Black Warrior Institute's Elder Zhang Tianchuan.

It was Elder Zhang Tianchuan who attacked earlier.

Everyone could see that all five fingers of that Wang Family master were cleanly cut off.

Zhang Tianchuan glared coldly at the Wang Family group, emphasizing each word: " This is Cloudsea Mainland, this is Black Warrior City! This time, take severing your five fingers as punishment, but next time, it will be your life!"

Huang Xiaolong had proven his strength.

Thus, he was the Black Warrior Institute's first place holder for this assessment. If Huang Xiaolong was killed in the Black Warrior City, wouldn't that turn the entire Black Warrior Institute into the century's biggest joke?

A genius like Huang Xiaolong was a rare sight in a hundred thousand years that would surely rise to become the Black Warrior Institute's precious treasure in the future, of course the Black Warrior Institute needed to safeguard him. In fact, crucial measures should be taken to safeguard him!

Clutching his wounded hand, that Wang Family master had no choice but to swallow his anger, similarly of the other Wang Family masters.

In this matter, they were at fault.

Both Huang Xiaolong and Wang Biaoyuan had determined that no one was allowed to interfere, but the Wang Family made a sneak attack after Wang Biaoyuan lost.

Zhang Tianchuan's frosty gaze scanned the crowd before turning toward Huang Xiaolong with a bedazzling smile, "Junior brother Huang, are you alright?" That tone, that manner, they completely floored the crowd.

Zhang Tianchuan was an Elder of Black Warrior Institute ah, a person of high status in the whole Black Tortoise Galaxy, did he need to show a new disciple so much courtesy? Then again, recalling Huang Xiaolong's terrifying talent and strength, they could only accept it.

Relying on the talent and strength that Huang Xiaolong had 'showed', Elder Zhang Tianchuan's courtesy and smile became a natural matter of course.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhang Tianchuan's dazzling smile with a slight flattered feeling, politely answering, "Elder Zhang, I'm unharmed."

Zhang Tianchuan nodded with a big smile, but his sharp eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong. That gaze sent goosebumps down Huang Xiaolong's neck.

Subsequently, Zhang Tianchuan officially announced the top ten name list. As for the eleventh to the one hundredth place, Zhang Tianchuan merely ordered someone else to announce the rest of the list to the public.

After the top ten places were announced, it was the prize giving ceremony.

Only the top ten places had any rewards. The prizes for the second to the tenth place were given out by Elder Zhan Tianchuan, but when it came to Huang Xiaolong's turn, his prize was given out by Grand Elder Bao Xinrui.

From this, the difference in treatment between the first, second, third place and the rest was obvious.

On the stage, Huang Xiaolong received a spatial ring from Grand Elder Bao Xinrui which contained ten million Xuanwu coins, one thousand Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellet, one thousand saint grade spirit stones, and one divine rank battle skill.

When Huang Xiaolong received his reward from Grand Elder Bao Xinrui, the Grand Elder observed the young man in front of him, his old wrinkly face was full of smiles, nodding with appreciation, "You, are very good."

Very good!

This short statement drew envious and jealous glares from the surrounding geniuses.

Bao Xinrui was recognized as the strongest person under the Highgod Realm in the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy, never had anyone heard him praising any juniors.

Then, before the envious and jealous gazes subside, Bao Xinrui spoke again, "The Institute Principal wants to see you, do you have time?"

Everyone was dazed, dumbfounded; the Institute Principal wanted to see Huang Xiaolong?!

Even Huang Xiaolong did not expect the Black Warrior Institute Principal would want to meet him. Still, it was good news to him if the Black Warrior Institute Principal wanted to see him, therefore he had no reason to refuse. Moreover, he wasn't so dumb as to refuse.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong agree, Bao Xinrui started the square's transmission array, disappearing before everyone's sight together with Huang Xiaolong.

After the two silhouettes disappeared vanishing from their vision, a great commotion swept through the crowd.

"The Black Warrior Institute's Principal wants to see Huang Xiaolong, what do you think this is about?"

"Huang Xiaolong's talent is astonishing, maybe the Institute Principal wants to give him more rewards, or, who knows, maybe he even wants to take Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple!"

"What? Take Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple? Cannot be, right? Doesn't that mean that Huang Xiaolong reached the sky in a single bound?"

The discussions in the square grew lively.

Some guessed that the Institute Principal was of a mind to receive Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple due to his talent that was higher than Gudu Leng's, but there were those who disagreed with this view, for it had been more than twenty thousand years since the Institute Principal last took in a personal disciple.

Rumors circulated.

On the other side, following behind Bao Xinrui, Huang Xiaolong saw a colorful blur enter his vision and he had arrived in another enormous square.

Lining the perimeter of the square were building structures that seemed to have no end, exuding an ancient aura of the vicissitudes of time, aged by the passing of years.

"This is our Black Tortoise World surface's North Star Square." Bao Xinrui explained. "If you want to go to the Cloudsea Mainland in the future, you can be transported directly into the Black Warrior City with the transmission array on this North Star Square."

This was the Black Tortoise World!

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply, taking in the rich spiritual energy into his body. The spiritual energy here was very pure, twice as pure as the spiritual energy in the Martial Spirit World. Its purity level actually surprised Huang Xiaolong! The purer the spiritual energy, the more importance it had to a cultivator's practice.

Bao Xinrui led Huang Xiaolong out from North Star Square, flying toward the center region of the Black Tortoise World.

Following behind Bao Xinrui, Huang Xiaolong watched as they flew over one city after another, palaces after palaces, each one more prosperous than the one before. In some places, Black Warrior Institute disciples could be seen laying out array formations. In some mountainous areas, the earth was excavated to build new cities.

While Bao Xinrui and Huang Xiaolong were on their way to the center region of the Black Tortoise World, inside a large city within the center region, Grand Elder Chan Yu was reporting to Institute Principal Feng Yang, "Principal, we've investigated Huang Xiaolong's background, he's a disciple of our Black Tortoise Galaxy's Martial Spirit World."

The day before, when Huang Xiaolong's points surpassed Gudu Leng's points, the Black Warrior Institute Principal ordered people to investigate Huang Xiaolong's background. Based on the institute's forces, investigating a person's background was no difficult matter.

When the Institute Principal heard that Huang Xiaolong was indeed a native of the Black Tortoise Galaxy, he breathed out in relief. He had been worried that Huang Xiaolong might be a disciple cultivated by other galaxies' super forces, but now these worries were vanquished.

"Martial Spirit World?" Black Warrior Institute Principal mused over the said world surface, saying, "Since that Great Fiendgod War, the Martial Spirit World's overall strength dropped rock bottom, falling out from the galaxy's top ten thousand world ranking. It's unexpected that such a talented young man would come out from there now."

There were more than one hundred and twenty thousand world surfaces in the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy, he couldn't possibly remember all of them. However, he did have some impression on the Martial Spirit World.

Grand Elder Chan Yu's mouth moved as if he wanted to speak but hesitated.

"What is it?" Institute Principal Feng Yang noticed his strange manner and asked, "Is there a problem with Huang Xiaolong?"

Grand Elder Chan Yu's did not carry the usual confidence as he spoke, "That Huang Xiaolong was born in the Martial Spirit World a little over thirty years ago."

A little over thirty years? For a brief moment, Institute Principal Feng Yang's brain failed to make the connection, but when he finally realized what Grand Elder Chan Yu was trying to say, Feng Yang sucked in a sharp cold breath, "Yo-you're saying, that Huang Xiaolong, cultivating until up now only took about thirty years?!"