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Chapter 538: Third Day of Assessmen

 Chapter 538: Third Day of Assessment

The third day of assessment.

On the Hall of Heroes square, the crowd seemed to be staring at the scoreboard even more intensely, extremely unwilling to accept what was before them.

Not only had that Huang Xiaolong kid entered the top ten ranks, he was securely sitting in the ninth place!

The original ninth place holder, Su Meiyi, was relegated to the tenth place. Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had pulled his score by 20 million points away from Su Meiyi. By noon on the third day, Huang Xiaolong drew closer to the eighth place Yang Shiqi with a mere few million points difference between them. Judging from the look of things, surpassing Yang Shiqi was only a matter of time.

On the square, the unbridled mocking disdain toward Huang Xiaolong from yesterday had completely vanished.

"Which small world surface's family did this Huang Xiaolong popped out from? Aren't his strength and talent a little too frightening!?"

"Say, which rank do you think Huang Xiaolong can climb to by the last day?!"

As the mocking jeers died down, a feeling of amazement lingered.

Due to Huang Xiaolong suddenly bursting into the top ten scene, then climbing up to the ninth place, he became the most focused person on the scoreboard after Gudu Leng. Everyone was trying to guess the same thing, what ranking could Huang Xiaolong get at the end of the assessment?

By now, all of them were sure that Huang Xiaolong must have held back during the aptitude test, but by how much, that was the question.

"I'd say Huang Xiaolong can most probably reach the fifth place!"

"Fifth? Not possible, my guess is the seventh place."

Everyone was busy making their own guesses.

In the void above, as both Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun watched Huang Xiaolong's points eating away the gap between him and the eighth place Yang Shiqi, both of them were reluctant to accept this fact.

Li Zhiqun shook his head with a bitter smile on his face, "This Huang Xiaolong really surprises me, I did not expect him to be capable of rising to the eighth spot."

Su Haodong sounded solemn, "This Huang Xiaolong has a high chance of taking the fourth place by the last day."

First place, Gudu Leng. Second, Jiang Shaoze. Third, Wang Biaoyuan. As strong as Huang Xiaolong's talent and strength might be, the top three places would remain unchanged; Gudu Leng, Jiang Shaoze, and Wang Biaoyuan.

Li Zhiqun nodded, he was of the same opinion. It was very unlikely, even impossible, for Huang Xiaolong to breach into the top three, "What a pity, if this was a different time, this Huang Xiaolong might have been able to enter the top three, but there is Gudu Leng this time."

On the Deepwood Star, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Blades of Asura as he watched the pack of demonic wolves in the distance. His hands formed into claws, striking out.

"Fifteenth Move of the Dragon God!"

Vigorous dragon qi turned into fifteen different natured dragons; water, fire, wood, metal, wind, Buddha, black, white, hump, bone, nether, devil, true, sky, and ice.

Dragon roars reverberated in the sky, clouds rolled and the wind howled.

The wolf pack exploded as fifteen dragons weaved in their midst, leaving beast cores floating in midair one after another. Then, the Dragon Pearl shone in a brilliant light as Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi opened his mouth and inhaled all the beast cores into his body. Strands of pure demonic essence energy seeped out from his body and transferred into Huang Xiaolong's to be absorbed and refined by him.

Now, Huang Xiaolong's True Dragon Physique had grown powerful enough to absorb the energy inside several hundred Tenth Order Saint realm, half-step God Realm, and peak half-step God Realm beast cores in a few breath's time. Hence, he no longer needed to go into closed-door cultivation to do so. All the beast cores would be refined by the Dragon Pearl immediately after the kill. In the two days he was hunting on the Deepwood Star, his strength was growing at a slow but steady pace.

When Huang Xiaolong was still a peak mid-Tenth Order Saint realm, he was able to stand against Deities Templar's Temple Preceptor Ying Tian. With his current strength now, he only needed one move to deal with any early First Order God Realm demonic beasts.

It was a bit more troublesome to deal with mid-First Order God Realm demonic beasts, but still, it would only take three moves at most.

After a little more than two days, the number of First Order God Realm demonic beasts that died under Huang Xiaolong's hand came up to one hundred and sixty-three. Among them, eight were mid-First Order God Realm. Until now, he had yet to come across a late-First Order God Realm demonic beast.

Just as Huang Xiaolong landed the final strike on a mid-First Order God Realm demonic beast, changes took place on the scoreboard once more.

Eighth place, Huang Xiaolong, 687.039 million.

The initial eighth place holder was relegated to the ninth place.

"Already number eight." Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

At the moment, the seventh place He Xiu had just passed 700 million points, just slightly over a million points higher than Huang Xiaolong. To him, catching up on a million points gap was very easy.

After thinking for a while, Huang Xiaolong took out over one hundred and sixty beast cores from the Asura Ring. These beast cores were of various colors, floating around Huang Xiaolong in the air, emitting a soft glow. He tried controlling these beast cores with his consciousness, making them rotate at high speed, raising a frightening wind cyclone.

The wind cyclone continued to expand, growing bigger. All the demonic beasts in the proximity were pulled into the wind cyclone. Inside the wind cyclone, these demonic beasts' bodies were pierced through by the spinning beast cores, killing several at one go.

In this way, Huang Xiaolong flew forward.

Beast cores continued to rotate around Huang Xiaolong at high speed, expanding even bigger in size. All the demonic beasts in his path were swallowed into the wind cyclone.

"What is that?!" In the air above a mountain range, several disciples belonging to the same family watched dumbstruck at the giant wind cyclone moving in their direction. Seeing the wind cyclone swallowing demonic beasts into it one after another, with even peak half-step God Realms being killed, these disciples' faces became ashen.

Recovering from their shock, these family disciples quickly descended to the ground surface, hiding inside a cave.

The last disciple barely made it into the cave when they saw the scary wind cyclone blow straight at the mountain over them. The entire cave trembled violently as if the world was collapsing. It wasn't until the cyclone was long gone before they dared to exit the safety of the cave, but that did not make it any better discovering that all the demonic beasts in the area had disappeared.

"So scary, how is there such a character in this time's assessment?!" Recalling the scene earlier, the disciple's heart palpitated.

They could vaguely make out the shadow of a person inside the wind cyclone.

"Who was it really? Gudu Leng? Jiang Shaoze or Wang Biaoyuan?!" Each disciple was still bewildered by what they had just witnessed.

"Jiang Shaoze and Wang Biaoyuan probably don't have this level of strength, that person is likely to be Gudu Leng!" One of the disciples stated after a while.

As everyone continued to pay close attention to the scoreboard, the sky gradually darkened. By the evening sunset at dusk, Huang Xiaolong had inched up to the seventh place, and He Xiu dropped to the eighth place.

Yang Shiqi and Su Meiyi remained at ninth and tenth places consecutively, whereas Zhu Haixiang who was kicked off the top ten ranks by Huang Xiaolong remained on the eleventh place.

Looking at the night sky, Huang Xiaolong descended on one of the mountain peaks, breathing out a mouthful of turbid qi and shaking his limbs to loosen his muscles. In the last three days, if not killing demonic beast he would refine beast cores. Feeling dull from the tedious repetitions, he decided to relax a little.

His current score had surpassed He Xiu's by more than twenty million, it wasn't a gap that He Xiu could narrow in a short period.

On the peak, Huang Xiaolong built a bonfire and placed the meat of a tiger-like demonic beast over it. Then, he took a gulp of Duanren Empire's Sapidity Wine. 'Ah, excellent wine.'

In the blink of an eye, it had been over two years since he left the Martial Spirit World. To be honest, he indeed missed the days spent there.

A short while later, the aromatic fragrance of meat permeated the air. The tiger-shaped demonic beast meat that Huang Xiaolong was roasting belonged to a mid-First Order God Realm demonic beast, its meat was a hundred times more fragrant than the Tyrant Boar meat.

Reaching out to tear off a piece of meat and biting into it, his mouth was filled with a fragrant, tender, and juicy meat with excellent texture.

If, by chance, the experts on the Hall of Heroes square knew that Huang Xiaolong was enjoying himself with roast meat and good wine during the assessment, it was a wonder what kind of expressions would they make.

"So fragrant, what is it? Roast meat? Wine?" A bemused tone of voice rang in the dark. Next, a large group of family disciples rushed in Huang Xiaolong's direction, two hundred people more or less.

"Haha, are my eyes seeing right? Someone is actually roasting meat and drinking wine here?" When the group of people saw Huang Xiaolong, they couldn't resist laughing. "Which family's disciple does this kid belongs to, if his elders knew what this kid is doing right now, they'd be angered to their deaths!"