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Chapter 530: Test Resul

 Chapter 530: Test Result

All eyes focused intently on the talent and strength figures on the test altar. Before their eyes, the thousand year Tortoise Boundary had barely begun to spin, but the numbers for talent and strength test shot up like a rocket.

The green and red lights representing talent and strength surpassed 1000 points in the blink of an eye.

Eyes protruded witnessing this.

"1000, it actually exceeded 1000 points in less than a breath's time!"

"1100, 1200, 1300!"

Sounds of exclamation rose and fell from different corners of the square.

When the red and green lights surpassed the 1000 mark, it continued to climb rapidly all the way to 1300!!!

"1300, now it's already 1400!"

"1500, it's already 1500!"

The crowd's breathing quickened as if their hearts about to jump out from their chests. Both talent and strength exceeded the 1500 mark!

In general, strength over 1200 held a seven-tenths passing chance in the Black Warrior Institute's assessment, and at 1300 it would increase to eight-tenths. Then, what did 1500 represent?!

It meant that if there were no mishaps during the assessment, that person was bound breeze through the assessment. In short, that person would be one of the Black Warrior Institute's disciples!

The pairs of eyes fixed on Huang Xiaolong from all corners of the square changed. Becoming a disciple of the Black Warrior Institute was the dream pursued by numerous aspiring family geniuses and disciples from the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

"1700, 1800!"

"I, are my eyes deceiving me, it actually reached 1800!" After a brief silence, someone suddenly shouted.


Both talent and strength passed the 1800 mark!

Even the most steady person could no longer conceal the astonishment in their eyes.

1800! Their minds failed to wrap around the enormity that those numbers represent. To their knowledge, among the numerous family disciples that came to register for the institute's assessment until now, there hadn't been any one genius that produced a result as high as 1800. Forget 1800, not a single person received even 1500 points.

Yet the green and red lights on the test altar were still climbing, and they didn't seem like they were about to stop!

The crowd grew nervous as they watched the lights continue moving up, hands subconsciously clenched into fists. Their hearts stuck in their throats.

"It's already 1900, oh God, it broke past 1900!"

"It won't breach the 2000 mark... right? In the last Black Warrior Institute's assessment, the disciple who got the first place only tested slightly above 2300."

As the numbers in the green and red lights rose above 1900, everyone's hearts tightened, watching both numbers climb closer and closer to 2000.

The previous old man in light blue brocade robe with a black tortoise diagram on his chest had been watching for some time in the airspace above. He too was staring at the numbers indicated by the green light and red lights.

"Can it pass 2000?" He muttered to himself. If the black-haired young man below could pass the 2000 mark, then in this time's assessment, he was guaranteed a spot within the top ten.




Everyone at the square could hear their own heartbeats drumming in their ears. All of a sudden, the green and red lights suddenly released an even more dazzling light as both numbers broke past the 2000 mark.

The crowd stared dumbly at the lights. In an instant, the silent square broke out in an unprecedented uproarious shock, mixed with excitement, jealousy, and awe.

Even so, the green and red lights continued to rise, but at a slower speed. A while later, both lights had reached 2100. At this point, Huang Xiaolong began to suppress his battle qi, prompting the red colored light indicating strength to halt at 2132. However, the green light representing talent kept rising, finally stopping at 2256.

Huang Xiaolong did not expect his talent result to still reach such a high number even after hiding his True Dragon Physique.

"This is the talent level represented by the twin dragon martial spirits and Asura bloodline in your body." Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's voice sounded.

This explanation made things clear for Huang Xiaolong, but he did not expect the twin dragon martial spirits and Asura bloodline's talent to be so high.

"Your talent is indeed shocking, if you did not hide your True Dragon Physique, I believe your talent could definitely rise to 4000." Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi added, "4000, what a monster ah! Furthermore, you suppressed a third of your strength, otherwise, it could absolutely go higher than 3000 points!"

During his time, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi too had tested his aptitude and strength on the altar, and his result was similar to Huang Xiaolong's. The person who took the first place in the same batch as Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's assessment, his talent merely broke 2500. As for strength, it was around 3000.

Huang Xiaolong stepped out of the test altar before a myriad of astonished, reverential, and even some flattering gazes. The crowd subconsciously opened a path for Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong left the square area calmly, walking into the Hall of Heroes to the registration point.

Everyone in the crowd had their gazes fixed on the black-haired young man's back as if rooted to the spot.

In a certain far corner of the square, the Jiang Family disciple, Jiang Shaoze, and the five old men behind him also witnessed the entirety of Huang Xiaolong's test.

"Young Lord, I didn't expect this black-haired young man's talent and strength to be so strong. With his strength, he has a high chance gaining a top ten spot in this time's assessment." One of the old men commented.

Jiang Shaoze nodded in agreement, "Both his talent and strength are good, but even so, he's not my opponent." He did not pay too much attention to Huang Xiaolong's existence, and the expression on his face made an abrupt change, slightly twisted with hate, "Abominable, that precious treasure was taken by someone else. If I ever find out who it was, I'll make sure he dies horribly."

He had searched through countless old records, using several decades' time before finally deducing the innate treasure's location. But he arrived only to discover that someone else was a step ahead of him, robbing him of his treasure!

"Even without that treasure, before the day of the assessment arrives, I'm still able to break through to God Realm!" Jiang Shaoze gnashed his teeth, "Gudu Leng, I will definitely defeat you! The first place belongs to me!"

"Young Lord, say, do you want to go and test as well?" Another old man inquired.

Jiang Shaoze nodded, "Might as well, I'm curious as well where my talent and strength stands."

By this time, Huang Xiaolong had arrived at the registration area inside the Hall of Heroes. The person in charge of the registration counter was a Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple, also a First Order God Realm. He had seen Huang Xiaolong's aptitude test earlier, so when Huang Xiaolong approached to register his name, the inner disciple's manners exuded goodwill, and he was extremely courteous. A world apart from his cold face toward the other participants that came to register.

This was because a monstrous talent like Huang Xiaolong had a high chance of becoming part of the institute's elite disciples. Still, that didn't lower the steep registration fees of ten thousand Xuanwu coins. After paying the required ten thousand Xuanwu coins, he received a palm-sized badge and a small booklet.

With pairs of eyes on him, Huang Xiaolong left the Hall of Heroes.

After leaving, Huang Xiaolong came to a secluded corner, making changes to his facial features and physical stature before walking toward the Black Warrior City's auction house. Next, he planned on auctioning a piece of divine grade spirit stone to buy enough peak half-step God Realm beast cores.