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Chapter 492: He’s Lord Beast God?!!

 Chapter 492: He's Lord Beast God?!!

Li Lu!

Hearing that name made Huang Xiaolong tremble slightly. Putting down the wine cup in his hand, his mood mellowed down, "I don't know." He answered in a restrained voice.

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey noticed Huang Xiaolong's low mood and quickly consoled him, "Big brother, Sister Li Lu must have some difficulties."

Huang Xiaolong sighed heavily looking up at the ceiling, "Let's not talk about this. Come, cheers!"

Two wine cups clinked.

It was three hours later when the two of them emerged from the second-floor private room to leave the restaurant. At that point, the Thunder Human King's and the Elf Queen's groups had already left, something for which Huang Xiaolong was a little thankful, especially for the Elf Queen's departure. How could he not see that the Elf Queen harbored feelings for him, it was just that Huang Xiaolong did not wish to have any emotional attachments at this point in time.

Inexplicably, he thought of the two girls: Li Lu and Shi Xiaofei.

Leaving the restaurant, the two brothers did not immediately head back to the Nine Dragons Temple but strolled around the Nine Dragons City until daylight was replaced by the night sky before returning.

Separating at one of the corridors, Huang Xiaolong went back to his courtyard.

Moonlight spilled over the yard like drifting snow.

Huang Xiaolong stood alone in the yard, hands at his back. Many thoughts visited his mind, such as the Deities Templar, its Temple Preceptor, Li Lu, the Cosmos God Cult, Shi Xiaofei, his parents and siblings, the Asura's Gate amongst many other things.

It was extremely quiet deep in the night, but Huang Xiaolong sensed the surging undercurrent of unease and hidden murderous intent.

The night passed in peace, giving way to the rising sun at the break of dawn.

The Nine Dragons City began to rustle in the dull morning sky before the sun broke through the horizon.

Countless experts from Ten Directions Continent flocked to the Nine Dragons Square right in front of the Nine Dragons Temple. The merging ceremony of the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans was being held at the new Nine Dragons Square.

Compared to the previous month, the Nine Dragons Square had expanded five to six times its original size, able to accommodate more than a hundred thousand people. All the buildings that previously lined the square's perimeter were demolished.

"The Green Devil Tribe has arrived!"

"The Sea Clan has arrived!"

"The Elf Race has arrived!"

"Thunder Human King has arrived!"

Each respected patriarch arrived at the square leading a group of experts from their families. A Nine Dragons Temple Elder in charge of welcoming the guests announced the arrival of the guests with his sonorous voice, reverberating throughout the Nine Dragons Square.

The square's perimeter was lined with experts from the Nine Dragons Temple, Violent Lion Temple, Ape Deity Temple, the beastmen's Tiger Tribe, Lion Tribe, Snake Tribe, Fox Tribe, Wolf Tribe, and other tribes' experts as well. Merely the number of Saint realm expert exceeded a thousand, not to mention the combination of both sides' half-Saint and peak half-Saint experts.

The momentum was heaven shaking.

All the invited guests that arrived felt trepidation at the number of beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans Sain realm experts. Fear rose in their hearts and the pressure multiplied.

Those experts dared not move or wander around after being led to their respective places on the square.

Lei Hua stood beside his father, he Thunder Human King, taking in the surrounding scenery. His throat became dry just by looking at the number of experts from other races. Only at this moment did he realize how weak and insignificant their human race was.

Before the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans, the gap of existence was akin to ants at the feet of an elephant.

Lei Hua felt as such, and the Thunder Human King and other human race experts felt it even more.

Furthermore, Thunder Human King noticed these gathered beastmen and demonic experts were those below Ninth Order Saint realm. Their experts of Ninth Order Saint realm and above had yet to appear.

His breath seemed stuck in his chest.

The elves were arranged at a spot not far from the humans. The Grand Elder stood behind Elf Queen Kelly, whispering, "Your Majesty, the beastmen, and demonic beast clans' experts have actually reached such a terrifying number!" She did her best to reduce the volume of her voice to the tiniest and there was even a slight quiver.

Elf Queen Kelly scanned the experts belonging to the merging ceremony and nodded with minuscule movement in agreement to what Celine had said. She too wore a dignified expression on her face. Before today, it was already common knowledge on Ten Directions Continent that the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans were the most powerful hegemonies, but exactly how powerful, no one was able to say for sure.

Moreover, in the past, these two hegemonies were separate entities. Now that they were merging into one power, the horrifying extent of their forces could be seen from today's gathering!

These two parties merging was definitely a power that could flatten the entire Ten Directions Continent!

She always assumed that the elves were weak, but now...! Kelly's gaze fell on the several Elders behind her, secretly shaking her head.

A short while later, more and more invited guests arrived into the square, around fifty to sixty tribes were present. The crowd grew larger, but the square was still oddly quiet despite the sheer number of people in the square, not the least bit rowdy.

All conversations and discussions were done in low whispers, not one party dared to put on an act.

A little more than an hour later, all parties that received an invitation had arrived.


At this time, inside the Nine Dragons Temple's great hall sat Ao Kun, Ao Shen, Lei Ge, Chuck, Danny, and other hall masters and tribe patriarchs.

A moment later, the Nine Dragons Elder responsible for greeting the guests walked in, stopping at a respectful distance from Ao Kun as he reported, "Temple Master, all the guests have arrived and are waiting outside."

"I know." Ao Kun waved his hand, unhurried to say the least, "Liege Lord Beast God is resting in the inner hall, let them wait."

The Nine Dragons Elder acknowledged and retreated from the great hall.

Half an hour later.

The heat from the sun was beginning to prickle their skin, the many races, tribes, and clans waiting in the square began to lose patience. Still, no one dared to voice their dissatisfaction out in the open, or clamor.

Another half an hour passed in the same manner, getting closer to midday.

Just as annoyance started to leak out from the guests, suddenly, one of the Nine Dragons Temple's Elder shouted at the top of his lungs: "The Liege Lord Beast God has arrived!"

The buzzing annoyance was nipped in the bud, the entire square fell into an abrupt silence as everyone looked over to the Nine Dragons Temple main entrance.

Before many watchful eyes, a black-haired young man walked out from the Nine Dragons Temple main entrance. Following behind the black-haired young man were the Nine Dragons Temple's Hall Master Ao Kun, Ao Shen, Tiger Tribe's Patriarch Chuck, and the other patriarchs.

The sight was a shock to everyone on the square, all their full attention fell onto the black-haired young man.

This black-haired young man's identity was evident!

Elf Queen Kelly, Grand Elder Celine, and the few Elf Elders that once fought Huang Xiaolong in the past felt as if the ground were pulled under their feet the moment they saw the black-haired young man's face. Each of them was looking at Huang Xiaolong with shock and disbelief written all over their faces.

"It's, it's, it-it's him!"

"He's the new Beast God! He's actually the Lord Beast God!" Elf Queen Kelly muttered incoherently to herself, not knowing where to put her hands.

Whereas the Thunder Human King father and son duo and their subordinates that surrounded Huang Xiaolong in the restaurant felt their faces freeze. After getting over the initial shock, the gravity of thing dawned on them, filling their hearts with extreme fear.

"He, he, is the Lord Beast God?!" Lei Hua's eyes were a twin abyss of terror, and his face was deathly pale.

In Thunder Human King's mind reverberated the single sentence he said to Huang Xiaolong yesterday in the restaurant, 'I'll let you live a few more days!'

Let him be damned, he actually told the Lord Beast God that he'll allow him to live a few more days!

Five more people in the crowd recognized Huang Xiaolong. That time, the five experts together with the Nine Dragons Temple's Sixth Hall Master Ao Shen felt that Huang Xiaolong was not qualified to sit with them. Their minds were also blank.

When Huang Xiaolong, Ao Kun, and the others walked out from the main entrance, an imposing aura gushed out like waves on an open sea, spreading to all four directions, making the experts on the square feel as if their breaths stagnated.

Coming to a stop in front of the square, Ao Kun and the rest spread out in a line behind Huang Xiaolong.