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Chapter 488: Chapter 488: Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture

 Chapter 488: Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture

Zhou Yunpeng stared at Huang Xiaolong's back in disbelief; this young man didn't budge an inch!

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey was dumbfounded as he stood there.

Huang Xiaolong slowly turned around, facing Zhou Yunpeng with cold eyes. In a split second, he threw a punch at Zhou Yunpeng.

Taken by surprise, Zhou Yunpeng barely managed to counter with his hand.

Kacha-the sound of breaking bones was heard.

Zhou Yunpeng screamed as his body heavily slammed into the tunnel wall, creating a human-shaped imprint. Dust and gravel fell due to the huge impact.

Another great wave of shock crashed the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey's heart. He remembered that back when he got separated from Huang Xiaolong, their strengths were at similar levels. But now, Huang Xiaolong's strength had grown to such a monstrous degree!

He had a grasp of Zhou Yunpeng's strength from their earlier exchange and also knew that Zhou Yunpeng was the Ape Deity Temple's Master, a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert. Amongst the many notable demonic beast clan experts, Zhou Yunpeng had always ranked within the top five.

Yet, before Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Yunpeng was so vulnerable, barely able to take a hit!

"You, who are you?!" Zhou Yunpeng had just vomited a big mouthful of blood before struggling to his feet. Every pore on his body screamed wariness and danger. Watching Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Yunpeng felt unprecedented fear like he had never felt before.

Even against demonic beast clans' number one expert, Ao Kun, Zhou Yunpeng still had the confidence to battle, yet in front of this young human, a feeling of powerlessness actually surfaced in his heart.

"In the recent days, haven't you been clamoring to avenge your son?" Huang Xiaolong sneered.

"You're the one who killed Chu'er?" Zhou Yunpeng's eyes widened in shock. His son, Zhou Yuchu, was killed in the human territory Vermillion City. When he received the news of his son's death, he was furious, immediately giving out a top to bottom order to all the members of the Ape Deity Temple that they must find the human who killed his son even if they had to search the entire Martial Spirit World! He wanted to tear that human into a million pieces with his own hands!

Initially, he wanted to make a trip to Vermillion City, to slaughter every human in Vermillion City, making them die with his son. But the sudden appearance of a Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey around the Mystic Elephant Peak made him change his plans and come here.

Huang Xiaolong strode over to Zhou Yunpeng, "Any last words? Speak."

According to Huang Xiaolong's original plan, if Zhou Yunpeng was willing to submit, he would spare his life, but now, Zhou Yunpeng had to die! If it weren't because he rushed over, the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey would have died under Zhou Yunpeng's palm.

Watching Huang Xiaolong coming closer, Zhou Yunpeng's face turned a few shades paler.

Instead of answering Huang Xiaolong, a powerful demonic qi exploded from Zhou Yunpeng's body as he transformed into a giant ape with scarlet red eyes and massive arms. The giant ape crazily swung its arms at Huang Xiaolong in attack.

"Ape Deity Heart Blasting Punch!"

"Great Ape Shattering Mountain!"

Zhou Yunpeng roared. Demonic qi shrouded both arms, piercing space. Even before the force of his fists arrived, the entire mountain tunnel started shaking vigorously as if it was about to collapse anytime.

Huang Xiaolong sneered watching Zhou Yunpeng's action and showed no intention to dodge. The true essence in his dantian roared, Huang Xiaolong struck a Great Void Ape Deity Fist, smashing the enemy.

With a blast akin to rumbling thunder, Zhou Yunpeng's body quivered. Just like the previous exchange, Zhou Yunpeng was sent flying back, slamming into the tunnel wall, embedded several feet in. The giant ape was bleeding from its seven orifices, its powerful arms flopped limply as its bones were already shattered.

Huang Xiaolong stepped closer, not waiting for Zhou Yunpeng to get up a second time. He aimed another punch at Zhou Yunpeng's chest, burying him deeper into the wall. Zhou Yunpeng's chest had collapsed from Huang Xiaolong's tyrannical force, blasting his heart was into unrecognizable meat pieces.

Zhou Yunpeng's vitality was seeping away.

"You, who are you exactly?" The question came out in intermittent breaths, but he insisted to know. He could not figure out which young human possessed such terrifying strength!

"Huang Xiaolong." Huang Xiaolong said his name in a cold voice. At that, he raised a finger. The Absolute Soul Finger pierced through Zhou Yunpeng's head through the center of his forehead.

Zhou Yunpeng's eyes protruded from their sockets, fixed on the young man's silhouette in front of him. Huang Xiaolong remained stoic. With a simple wave of his hand, Zhou Yunpeng's corpse was moved into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey was still in shock, rooted in the same spot. The things that happened had yet to register in his mind.

"Little guy, how are your wounds, nothing serious right?" Huang Xiaolong approached him, voice filled with concern.

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey regained his senses. The Ape Deity Temple Master had already been killed by Huang Xiaolong!

"Big brother, I'm alright." He shook his head, a warm feeling spread in his heart. Despite being heavily injured by Zhou Yunpeng, he was confident that his injuries would fully heal in two months' time.

The truth was, he was still in shock, and unable to calm down. He possessed the spirit devouring bloodline, which contributed to his heaven-defying cultivation speed, but even so, he was merely a Fifth Order Saint realm expert. He really couldn't understand how Huang Xiaolong practiced to leave him so far behind.

Huang Xiaolong took out a bloom of Nine-coloured Snow Lotus, saying, "This is a Nine-coloured Snow Lotus, a healing herb. Swallow this down and start healing."

"Nine-coloured Snow Lotus!" The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey was stunned. He was about to decline when Huang Xiaolong waved a hand to stop him, insisting that he should swallow it immediately. Once again, his heart was filled with warmth. In the end, he nodded and swallowed the elixir.

A few hours later, the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey's injuries fully healed.

After the little guy recovered, Huang Xiaolong sat down beside him, asking him about his experiences in the past twenty years.

That year, after being separated from the Huang Family on their way to the Duanren Empire, he headed north, arriving in the Demonic Beasts Forest. He cultivated in the Demonic Beasts Forest until he broke through to Saint realm, and had to leave because he offended a high-level Saint realm demonic beast in the forest. Leaving the Demonic Beasts Forest, the little guy made his way to the Bedlam Lands. When he was there, he once killed a Sin City disciple, and finally he came to the Ten Directions Continent.

A few days ago, he was passing by the Mystic Elephant Peak area when he remembered the treasure map that Huang Xiaolong had gotten a long time ago. Intrigued, he started searching around for the Windless Tunnel to see if he could find the treasure.

When he finally found the Windless Tunnel, he ran into Zhou Yunpeng. If it weren't for Huang Xiaolong arriving at that critical moment, the ending would be different...

Although the little guy recounted his experiences simply, Huang Xiaolong could imagine the rough life he had been living for the past twenty years. If it wasn't because he didn't have any choice, he wouldn't have left the Demonic Beasts Forest. Huang Xiaolong could imagine the scene of the little guy being hunted by that high-level Saint realm demonic beast in the Demonic Beasts Forest.

And in the Bedlam Lands, he was forced to flee for his life after killing a Sin City disciple, running all the way here to Ten Directions Continent.

Feeling as if there was not a place in the world for him, this kind of sourness and aching, Huang Xiaolong had experienced it.

"Why didn't you come look for me?" Huang Xiaolong asked. These years, killing Deities Templar Elders, taking over the Asura's Gate, the little guy surely heard news of him and knew of his whereabouts.

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey scratched his head, feeling awkward and embarrassed, "I provoked big trouble outside, so..."

Huang Xiaolong immediately understood this little guy didn't want to implicate him.

"Sillyhead." Huang Xiaolong added, "From now on, there's Big brother with you, no one can make you hide anymore!" Indeed, with Huang Xiaolong's status and strength, no one could force the little guy to hide for his life anymore.

"Big brother!" The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey looked at Huang Xiaolong, extremely touched.

"Let's go and see what good stuff there is inside the Ape Deity Emperor's cultivation cave." Huang Xiaolong stood up, laughing as he said that.

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey quickly followed.

A short while later, the two of them found a cultivation technique left behind by the Ape Deity Emperor named Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture. Huang Xiaolong already had the Godly Xumi Art and Asura Tactics, thus this Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture was useless to Huang Xiaolong. It went to the little guy.

Other than the Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture, they also found many Ape Deity pellets, cultivation techniques and battle skills, and herbs aged above thousand-year-old. Huang Xiaolong swept everything clean.