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Chapter 484: Just Huang Xiaolong Alone?

 Chapter 484: Just Huang Xiaolong Alone?

But Jesse's proclamation had just left his mouth when the Great Thousand Hall's Deputy ran inside in panic, barely able to string a full sentence as he heaved more air out than breathing in, "Hall, Hall, Leader, I, I, just received news, say-saying that Huang, Xiaolong, he came to our Nine Dragons City!"

"Huang Xiaolong went to the Nine Dragons City?!" Jesse was stunned for a second, then he pursued, "How many people did the beastmen tribe send?"

"Only Huang Xiaolong alone." The Deputy replied.

Jesse burst out laughing hearing that answer: "Only him alone? I didn't expect, ah, that Huang Xiaolong is so mad, showing up like a lone soldier in the Nine Dragons City! This time, he's absolutely dead!"

"Right, even if he has those Poison Corpse Scarabs, he's dead! Our nine hall masters have the ancient sea dragon bloodline, Poison Corpse Scarabs can't harm them!" A demonic beast expert standing behind Jesse mocked, obvious disdain in his voice.

"Go, we're rushing back to the Nine Dragons Temple right now, let's watch how that Huang Xiaolong's going to die!" Jesse laughed out loud as he sped out from the hall.

The Great Thousand Hall's experts trailed behind Jesse, heading to the Nine Dragons City.

Although that Deputy knew that Huang Xiaolong was in the Nine Dragons City at the moment, he did not know that Huang Xiaolong was fighting one against the nine Ao brothers.

Jesse's large group flew at rapid speed, getting closer to the Nine Dragons City as time passed.

"Imagining Huang Xiaolong kneeling on the ground, screaming tragically, really makes me look forward to seeing the real scene!" On the way over to Nine Dragons City, Jesse laughed as he said.

A short while later, Jesse and the Great Thousand Hall's group reached the city. However, the instant Jesse entered the city, he picked up on the strange atmosphere within the Nine Dragons City but didn't pay too much attention to it. The group flew in a conspicuous manner all the way to the Nine Dragons Temple.

Not long after Jesse flew in the Nine Dragons Temple's direction, he saw the destroyed buildings spanning into a large area of ruins. The experts behind him were stunned.

"These buildings all were destroyed by Huang Xiaolong?" One of them blurted the question everyone was thinking in their minds.

"There are no energy fluctuations anymore, looks like the fight has ended. That Huang Xiaolong was probably beheaded by our Temple Master!" Another expert spoke.

Jesse nodded in agreement, "What a pity, I wasn't able to watch the Temple Master kill Huang Xiaolong. Let's go, if we hurry we might be able to see Huang Xiaolong's corpse."

"The Beast God Scepter must be on his body, once he's dead, the Beast God Scepter would definitely fall in our Temple Master's hands. With the Beast God Scepter in our Temple Master's possession, he'll become the new Beast God, conquering the entire beastmen race!"

"Correct, once we conquer the beastmen tribes, conquering the Ten Directions Continent will only be a matter of time!"

Enthusiastic words flew back and forth within Jesse's group as they flew, and the Nine Dragons Temple came into sight moments later.

The first thing they saw was the mass of experts surrounding the Nine Dragons Temple's perimeter. Because there were so many demonic beast experts crowding the area, Jesse and his group were unable to get a clear view of what was happening inside.

Jesse snickered at the situation, "Even in death, that Huang Xiaolong is still able to attract so many experts' attention, it can be considered his blessing!"

Jesse did not bother to lower his voice at all, thus many experts close by heard his words clearly. All of them turned to look at Jesse with a weird expression on their faces.

Despite detecting the oddness in the people's gaze, Jesse was too big-hearted to mind these miscellaneous things. Working with his subordinates to separate the crowd, they moved further in, all the way to the front, their eyes actively searching for Huang Xiaolong's corpse.

In the next second, Jesse stiffened on the spot. His eyes were fixed on the figure standing at the center of the Nine Dragons Temple square. That figure stood tall like an everlasting divine mountain, regardless of the fierce howling winds or the grinding of blasting sand.

That figure was so familiar!

Moreover, littered around that standing figure were nine other sorry figures-the Nine Dragons Temple's Nine Hall Masters!

Their Nine Dragons Temple's Nine Hall Masters actually laid undone! Furthermore, their Ten Directions Continent's number one expert, the strongest person, the Temple Master of the Nine Dragons Temple lay crumpled at Huang Xiaolong's feet.

Jesse's mind blanked from the shock. The wide smiles on the experts behind him froze on their faces, changing to disbelief in the next second, then despair gradually set in.

Only now did they realized why the city's atmosphere felt strange when they entered earlier. Why wasn't there any laughter, or any other noises?

While Jesse and the newly arrived group were still in a daze, Huang Xiaolong suddenly looked over in their direction. Jesse shook, feeling as if he was pinned in place. His face became deathly pale.

Huang Xiaolong raised a hand, fingers slightly bend and a terrifying suction force emerged from his palm. Caught unprepared, Jesse stumbled forward, rolling all the way to Huang Xiaolong's feet.

"Beast, Liege Lord Beast God!" Jessi lifted his head, looking at Huang Xiaolong with eyes brimming with fear.

"You think that by hiding in the Nine Dragons Temple and having their protection, I won't be able to kill you?" The look in Huang Xiaolong's eyes was chilling.

"Liege Lord Beast God, please have mercy, ah!" Jesse repeatedly knocked his forehead against the ground, causing a dent on the square floor.

Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger at Jesse's head, the force of it pierced a hole through his skull. Jesse slanted to the side stiffly, crumpling to the floor without another word.

"The ones that I, Huang Xiaolong, want to kill, even the Nine Dragons Temple won't be able to protect you." He snorted, throwing a last glance at Jesse's lifeless corpse.

If Huang Xiaolong said this before his battle with the Nine Dragons Temple masters, the surrounding demonic beast experts would have laughed as if they heard the biggest joke, but now, no one dared to laugh.

With a wave, Huang Xiaolong collected Jesse's corpse into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda as nourishment for the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

A long time later, Ao Shen and the others struggled to their feet, led by Ao Kun. The nine brothers respectfully knelt before Huang Xiaolong, greeting him as Liege Lord Beast God.

The nine Ao brothers showed with their action their submission to Huang Xiaolong!

The Nine Dragons Temple guards and Elders followed suit, kneeling to Huang Xiaolong.

"Greetings, Liege Lord Beast God!" Voices resounded in the sky.

But, watching this magnificent scene, the expressions of those of the sea tribe, Violent Lion Tribe, and Ape Deity Tribe members that stayed in the Nine Dragons City didn't look so good.

The Nine Dragons Temple submitting to Huang Xiaolong meant that more than half of the Ten Directions Continent forces submitted under Huang Xiaolong; then Huang Xiaolong's next move would be...! Thinking of what Huang Xiaolong's next move would probably be, unease gnawed at their hearts.

"Pass down my order! Lock down the Nine Dragons City, within one month, only entry is allowed, leaving is forbidden!" Huang Xiaolong scanned the crowd and issued an order.

At the moment, he preferred to keep the matter about the Nine Dragons Temple submitting to him hidden, otherwise it would be troublesome if the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple cooperated.

One month later, after he took over both the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple, the result would already be set. Even if news leaked after that, it was of no significant by that point of time.

"As per Liege Lord Beast God's order!" The nine Ao brothers led by Ao Kun answered respectfully. Orders were quickly relayed down to all city gates.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the ruined buildings and unrecognizable streets around him. Earth element essence energy rumbled beneath his feet like racing waves, spreading out in all four directions. The places where the earth element essence energy passed by were restored to their previous appearance.

The nine Ao brothers and the spectating experts watched the inexplicable scene before their eyes with agape expressions. Huang Xiaolong was once again shattering their knowledge.

In a few breaths' time, the buildings and streets destroyed by Huang Xiaolong and the nine Ao brothers stood tall, just like before.

"This is a Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng older than thousand years, swallow it." Then, Huang Xiaolong took out the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng from the Asura Ring, giving it to the nine Ao brothers.

Staring dumbly at the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng that was close to forty thousand years in Huang Xiaolong's hand, Ao Kun and his brothers felt shivers down their bodies.

With the aid of the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng, Ao Kun's injuries were fully healed within three days' time.

On the fourth day...

"Go, to the Violent Lion Temple!" Huang Xiaolong gathered Ao Kun, Ao Sen, and others as well as the Nine Dragons Temple's Saint realm experts in one place, and instructed.

This time, on his journey to the Violent Lion Temple, he decided to bring along the Nine Dragons Temple's experts.