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Chapter 479: Don’t Accidentally Kill Him

 Chapter 479: Don't Accidentally Kill Him

Just moments ago on the way here, Zhu Yu was thinking of how to show a good performance in front of the Patriarch and Young Noble Lei when he caught the offender.

But the moment he spotted Huang Xiaolong's figure standing in the middle of the street, he felt that the area was a super minefield, his feet heavy as if they've turned to lead. No matter how he tried, they refused to move an inch forward.

"Zhu Yu, are you alright?" His cousin brother beside him, Zhu Guangliang, asked with concern noticing Zhu Yu's strange demeanor.

"I, I, am fine." Zhu Yu tried his best to maintain a calm facade, but a tsunami was crashing in his heart. Despite having no idea what that black-haired young man's identity was up until this very moment, in the trip he made to the Elf Forest some time ago, the scene where the elves' Grand Elder Celine personally came out to greet this young man replayed in Zhu Yu's mind.

On that day, after this young man was escorted into the elves' holy land, Zhu Yu saw the Nine Dragons Temple's Sixth Hall Master Ao Shen leaving in a disheveled state, the reason unknown.

Despite the reason being unknown for the Nine Dragons Temple's Sixth Hall Master's sudden departure, Zhu Yu had a feeling that it was related to that black-haired young man.

Zhu Guangliang observed his cousin a little. Although he felt that something was strange with Zhu Yu, he didn't dwell on it.

By this time, Lei Hua managed to rescue Zhou Yuchu out from the pile of rubble. Feeling that there was still a breath left in Zhou Yuchu, Lei Hua felt like a great burden was lifted off his chest. 'Thank goodness, he's still alive!' If Zhou Yuchu died, even if he had one hundred heads, he would not be able to pacify the Ape Deity Temple Master's anger.

Under Lei Hua and Zhu Mingcan's frantic rescue efforts, Zhou Yuchu finally regained consciousness. Opening his eyes, he looked around him and tried to stand up. At last, Zhou Yuchu's cutting gaze fell on Lei Hua.

No words were spoken, Zhou Yuchu lifted his leg and sent a merciless kick at Lei Hua. Unprepared, Lei Hua tumbled and rolled a dozen meters, screaming all the way.

The Zhu Family experts watched with dazed eyes, flabbergasted. Who was Lei Hua? Their Thunder Human King's son!

Zhou Yuchu crossed the dozen meters between them, standing in front of Lei Hua with scarlet eyes. His legs struck out at Lei Hua in a flurry of frenzy kicking, stomping, and bashing, while Lei Hua's screams echoed in the street. None of the surrounding Zhu Family experts dared to persuade Young Noble Zhou Yuchu otherwise.

"Your mother, do you know this daddy's arms are crippled, beast core shattered! It's you, it's all your fault, you son of a b*tch!" Zhou Yuchu's angry bellow thundered in the air, venting all the frustration and anger he had toward Huang Xiaolong on Lei Hua's body.

If it wasn't for Lei Hua inviting him to sightsee in the human territory, his arms and beast core would not be in this situation now⸺crippled!

Lei Hua endured the torrent of attacks, trying his best to protect his head and his face, but never once did he try to counter or dodge.

Huang Xiaolong watched everything with a stoic expression.

A while later, Zhou Yuchu was tired from all the kicking and finally stopped. "Get the f*ck up!" As the last spurt, Zhou Yuchu sent a kick right at Lei Hua's crotch.

The last kick was unexpected, Lei Hua's hands clutched his crotch in pain, mouth agape soundlessly. One could see his face turning a slight purple due to the pain, however, he gritted his teeth and slowly climbed to his feet.

"It's that punk!" Zhou Yuchu 'pointed' at Huang Xiaolong, barking at Lei Hua: "You know what to do, remember, I want him alive."

Forcing an ugly smile on his face, Lei Hua acknowledged respectfully, "Rest assured, Young Noble Zhou, I've already ordered people to investigate this punk's background, as long as he's one of Vermillion City's family disciple, I will make sure that tonight all the women in his family are sent to Young Noble!"

Only then did Zhou Yuchu look slightly better.

Seeing this, Lei Hua turned around. Deep viciousness glinted in Lei Hua's eyes, staring at Huang Xiaolong. If it weren't because of this damn punk, today he wouldn't be kicked by Zhou Yuchu in public. That last kick from Zhou Yuchu contained great anger, one could imagine how heavy that kick was.

Even now, the sides of his upper thighs were twitching with pain.

Lei Hua slowly walked over to Huang Xiaolong, strong killing intent stirred fierce winds, sand and dust flying in the air.

"Do you know who I am?" Lei Hua coldly glowered at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong's calm voice sounded: "I know."

Lei Hua was stunned but quickly recovered. He was the Thunder Human King's son. As a member of the human race, it was granted that the other side knew who his identity.

"You're a dog." Huang Xiaolong added.


Monstrous killing intent exploded in Lei Hua's heart, his palm struck at Huang Xiaolong's chest: "Die, die, die!" Countless streaks of lightning accompanied his palm strike, transforming into lightning snakes.

"Rapid Lightning Hand!"

Rapid Lightning Hand was his father's ultimate skill. Amongst so many sons, the Thunder Human King only taught this battle skill to Lei Hua.

The lightning snakes' movements locked all escape routes, bringing with them the lightning's power of destruction.

The momentum terrified the surrounding Zhu Family experts, every one of them retreated in a hurry. They never imagined that Lei Hua would take care of the black-haired young man himself, it was obvious that he was beyond enraged.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong's figure was drowned in numerous lightning snakes, drilling into his body.

"Don't accidentally kill him!" Zhou Yuchu cautioned, anxious that Lei Hua would go overboard, killing that punk in anger.

A thunderous blast sounded when Lei Hua's palm struck Huang Xiaolong's chest. The lightning snakes drilled even more frantically into Huang Xiaolong's body.

"Great, Young Noble Lei is mighty!" Zhou Mingcan was the first to cry out.

On cue, the Zhu Family experts began to offer their praises, as if trying to outdo one another.

"Half-Saint? Rapid Lightning Hand? The Thunder Human King's son is this kind of wastrel." Huang Xiaolong stood there, immovable like Mt. Tai, smirking at the other side with contempt.

Lei Hua was wide-eyed with shock staring at Huang Xiaolong.

Before Lei Hua could react, overwhelming power fluctuations flooded out from Huang Xiaolong like angry tidal waves. Lei Hua felt as if a great ancient mountain slammed into him, his body flew out like a withered leaf, landing hard like a dead dog on the street.

A deathly silence descended over the street.

All the Zhu Family experts that were cheering and praising Lei Hua shut up abruptly, their words stuck in their throats, rooted where they stood. Everyone was staring dumbly at Lei Hua's body, not knowing if he was alive or dead.

Huang Xiaolong walked over to Zhou Yuchu.

The Ape Deity Temple Master's son lost all the color on his face. Finally, there was a thread of fear in his eyes facing Huang Xiaolong.

"You, you dare!" Zhou Yuchu staggered.

Huang Xiaolong lifted a finger up and pointed lightly, the Absolute Soul Finger pierced through Zhou Yuchu's forehead with no suspense.

The disbelieving look on Zhou Yuchu was his dying expression; a lowly human race dared to kill him?! His throat moved, but before any sound came, his body tumbled down.

A thunderclap rumbled in Zhu Mingcan and the Zhu Family Elders' minds watching Zhou Yuchu's body fall, like an apocalypse. Zhou Yuchu was dead!

The Ape Deity Temple Master's son-was dead!

On the other end of the street, Lei Hua struggled to his feet, just in time to catch a glimpse of Zhou Yuchu's corpse tumbling down. Lei Hua directly fainted.

Huang Xiaolong took the time to scan the people around and spotted Zhu Yu hiding at the back of the Zhu Family's disciples, "Zhu Yu, right? We meet again."

All the focused suddenly turned to Zhu Yu.

The intense stares made Zhu Yu unable to catch his breath.

"You're the Zhu Family's Patriarch?" Huang Xiaolong looked away from Zhu Yu to Zhu Mingcan.

Zhou Mingcan stiffened, nodding woodenly.

"When the Ape Deity Temple's people come, tell them that I will pay a visit to their temple in ten days' time. If Zhou Yunpeng wants to avenge his son, wait for me at the Ape Deity Temple." Huang Xiaolong had disappeared in a flash before his last word fell.

Zhou Yunpeng, Ape Deity Temple's Master.

After he took over the Nine Dragons Temple, naturally, he would need to make a trip to the Ape Deity Temple, and Violent Lion Temple. These two were forces that he needed to take in as well.

Leaving Vermillion City, Huang Xiaolong flew, speeding toward the Nine Dragons Temple.

It didn't take long for the news of Ape Deity Temple Master's son, Zhou Yuchu, being killed to spread everywhere, shocking all forces of the Ten Directions Continent.

"The Ape Deity Temple Master's son was killed. In order to appease the Temple Master's fury, the Thunder Human King ordered the Zhu Family's annihilation! The Zhu Family's heads, from top to bottom, were sent to the Ape Deity Temple!"

Five days later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the edge of the Nine Dragons Temple territory.