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Chapter 478: I Will Make You Regret This!

 Chapter 478: I Will Make You Regret This

Vermillion City's Castellan Manor.

The main hall inside the Castellan Manor was filled with festive cheers. On the main host's seat sat a suave looking young man, and this young man's every action spoke of the upper-class nobility.

One could detect lightning fluctuations around this young man, thin threads of lightning flashed at random. He was the Thunder Human King's son, Lei Hua.

In the seat a little further down from Lei Hua was the Vermillion City's Castellan, Zhu Family's Patriarch, Zhu Mingcan. Other than Zhu Mingcan, the Zhu Family's Elders were all present without exception.

Raising the cup of tea in front of him, Lei Hua slowly took a sip before speaking, "Young Noble Zhou doesn't have many hobbies, but he likes women a lot... especially human race women. How's the preparation for the one hundred beautiful women that I requested?"

The 'Young Noble Zhou' that Lei Hua spoke of was the Ape Deity Temple Master's son, also a descendant of the Sacred Ape Clan, Zhou Yuchu.

A few days earlier, he finally got the chance to make a connection with this Young Noble Zhou, accompanying him or sightseeing in the human territories. They were passing by Vermillion City yesterday.

Zhu Mingcan showed a respectful demeanor, smiling as he said, "Rest assured, Young Noble Lei, I have already picked out those one hundred beauties and arranged for people to send them to the place where Young Noble Zhou is staying. Each of them was strictly reminded to serve Young Noble Zhou well at night."

Lei Hua was pleased with Zhu Mingcan's performance, nodding his head. At this time, a Zhu Family female disciple clad in billowy purple dress came over to change the tea. Her features weren't bad, so Lei Hua pointed at her, saying, "Later, send her over too."

The female disciple became ashen hearing that, immediately falling to her knees begging: "Young Noble Lei, please don't ah!"

One of the Zhu Family Elders present also pulled his face, for that female disciple was his youngest daughter.

"Insolent! Young Noble Lei selected you to serve Young Noble Zhou, what happens tonight is your honor and blessing!" Watching her actions, Zhu Mingcan jumped to his feet and scolded. He then ordered, "Come, drag her out and arrange for her to be sent to Young Noble Zhou's manor later!"

"Yes, Patriarch!"

Immediately two Zhu Family guards marched forward, dragging the female disciple out. Her father, that Zhu Family Elder remained in his seat, too afraid to speak up.

Lei Hua was very pleased with the Zhu Family's Patriarch sensible action, nodding slightly.

Flustered footsteps running into the hall broke the atmosphere as one of Zhu Family's Elders, Zhu Ping, appeared in panic.

"Zhu Ping, what is it? All disheveled and flustered!" Zhu Mingcan snapped.

Elder Zhu Ping knelt on his knees, blurting out in a hurry, "Young Noble Lei, Patriarch, it's bad! Young Noble Zhou's both arms were twisted broken by someone in the street!"

"What?!" Everyone in the hall looked ashen.

Lei Hua was already on his feet, hollering at the top of his lungs: "What happened?!"

After much effort, he finally found a chance hard to come by to build a connection with the Ape Deity Temple Master's son, Zhou Yuchu, but now Zhou Yuchu was actually wounded in the human territories, both of his arms twisted broken!

The Ape Deity Temple's Master, Zhu A, was an existence that even his father, the Thunder Human King needed to relent to! If the Ape Deity Temple Master rained his wrath on them, not even his father could protect him at that time! More likely than not, the whole human race on the Ten Directions Continent would pay a heavy price due to this!

The Zhu Family Elder, Zhu Ping, quickly recounted what happened frightfully.

Hearing that a young human blocked Zhou Yuchu's path in the street, moreover killing Zhou Yuchu's Flaming Beast mount and subsequently breaking Zhou Yuchu's arms, Lei Hua's heart plummeted to the bottomless abyss.

At first, he had fervently hoped that the person who injured Zhou Yuchu was not of the human race. In that was a slim chance that his father could cover for him a little.

"Go find out! Investigate which family that young man belongs to! Go find out and annihilate every member of that family, immediately, right now, this instant!!" Blood vessels turned Lei Hua's eyes red. He roared at Zhu Mingcan, "Cut down all their heads, bring them before Zhou Yuchu as an apology!"

"Understood, Young Noble Lei!" Zhu Mingcan's heart flipped over like a bellied-up fish.

"Wait!" Lei Hua fixed a deadly glare at Zhu Mingcan, "This matter, if you fail to complete it well, I will annihilate your Zhu Family, do you understand?!"

Zhu Mingcan and the Zhu Family's Elders felt cold sweat pouring down their backs, complying in panic as the dread of death descended down the entire Castellan Manor.

"Pass the order down, close down all the city exits. Go gather all the Xiantian realm family disciples and follow me over there, capture that young man!" Lei Hua barked out orders in frigid voice, a sky-piercing killing intent exploded in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, Lei Hua, Zhu Mingcan, and a mass of Zhu Family's experts rushed out from the manor, stomping toward the street pointed out by Elder Zhu Ping.

Zhu Yu was part of the Zhu Family's main branch descendants. He was a Second Order Xiantian realm, and thus he was part of the group of experts following behind Lei Hua and Zhu Mingcan.

"When we capture that young man, do not kill him, leave his dog life for Young Noble Zhou and the Ape Deity Temple to handle the matter themselves!" On the way, Lei Hua reminded Zhu Mingcan and the rest. Hopefully with this, he could appease Young Noble Zhou and the Ape Deity Temple's anger.

"Rest assured, Young Noble Lei." Zhu Mingcan continued, "At that time, I will surely make that kid understand the meaning of hell!"


At the same time, in another part of the city, Huang Xiaolong twisted both Zhou Yuchu's arms past the breaking point and then sent him flying up into the air with a kick. That kick accurately shattered his beast core.

A miserable scream escaped Zhou Yuchu's mouth, lying on the street and spurting mouthfuls of blood. As he tried to get up, the look in his eyes was vicious and resentful, locked on Huang Xiaolong, "You will regret this! In a while, I will make you regret this, regret that you came into this world!"

"Is that so?" There were no changes to Huang Xiaolong's expression except for that tiny smirk tilting the corners of his mouth as he moved closer to Zhou Yuchu.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong approaching, all the false bravado left Zhou Yuchu, his legs sliding backward in retreat.

"Kill him, I want you all to kill him-!" He bellowed.

Zhou Yuchu's personal bodyguards once again pounced on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong casually waved his hand and the several demonic beast bodyguards exploded, blood and flesh splattered all over the street.

"You, do you know who I am? I am the demonic beast clan's Ape Deity Temple Master's son, you lowly human scum actually dared to cripple my arms and shatter my beast core!" Zhou Yuchu roared at Huang Xiaolong, "Let me tell you, not even your human race's Thunder Human King dares to fart in front of me! You're dead, you're absolutely dead! I'll annihilate your entire family, I will rape all the women in your family!"

Zhou Yuchu snarled in madness.

He was the Ape Deity Temple Master's most doted son, of noble status. Everywhere he went he was layered with flattery and praise, but today, a lowly human had the guts to break his arms and shatter his Qi Sea!

"Is that so?" Huang Xiaolong's expression turned cold, sending Zhou Yuchu to the air with another kick, and another kick knocked him into a series of walls, destroying several buildings.

With a deadpan face, Huang Xiaolong walked toward Zhou Yuchu. It was at this time that numerous noises of whistling wind rang in the sky. Huang Xiaolong stopped and looked over.

The arrivals were none other than Lei Hua, Zhu Mingcan, and the Zhu Family experts.

"Young Noble Zhou!" When Lei Hua arrived, he immediately found Zhou Yuchu buried underneath a pile of rubble. Turning deadly pale, the first thing Lei Hua did was to fly to Zhou Yuchu's side, trying to dig him out from the pile of rubble in a clumsy manner.

Zhu Mincan and the Zhu Family experts were also ashen at Zhou Yuchu's sorry state.

However, amongst the group of Zhu Family disciples, one of them, Zhu Yu, felt his knees buckle when he caught sight of that figure standing tall at the center of the street, nearly fainting into oblivion.