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Chapter 473: Elf Grand Elder’s Welcome

 Chapter 473: Elf Grand Elder's Welcome

"This Brother, what's your name?" Just as the two female elves left, a voice sounded behind Huang Xiaolong.

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong was surprised, for the person greeting him was a young man. He didn't expect to meet another human here.

"My surname is Huang." Huang Xiaolong casually replied, then walked into his little bamboo hut.

That young man followed Huang Xiaolong into his bamboo hut, a grin on his face, "This one is Zhu Yu, from the Vermillion City, a disciple of the Zhu family."

On Ten Directions Continent, there were about a dozen human governed cities. And this Vermillion City was one of them, under the Zhu Family's control. A human force that was capable of governing a city, it was proof of their strength.

"Oh, do you have matters with me?" Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent after Zhu Yu's introduction.

Instead, it was Zhu Yu who was taken aback, not expecting the other side to show indifference upon hearing of his background.

"Hehe, nothing special, I merely wanted to befriend this brother. If you are free this evening, we could go take a look around outside together." Zhu Yu added with a smile, "Apart from me, there's the Sun Family's Sun Hong and the Qiu Family's Qiu Xinshi."

The Sun and Qiu Families were considered forces of equivalent status as Zhu Family.

"Not interested," came Huang Xiaolong's blunt reply. He understood the underlying meaning of the other side's 'look around.'

His place was the Elf Forest, taking a look around was proof of hidden intentions. Not to mention, they were strangers, an 'open invitation' on a first meeting to join them should be treated warily. In such situations, these people most likely were just looking for a scapegoat, to carry the blackpot for them if anything happened.

Zhu Yu's face didn't look that good at Huang Xiaolong's blunt refusal, "Since it's like that, I shall not bother this brother. If brother visits Vermillion City in the future I definitely will show brother a host's hospitality." Throwing an ill-disguised threat, Zhu Yu flicked his sleeves and stormed out of the bamboo hut.

"Wait!" Huang Xiaolong suddenly said.

Zhu Yu made an agile turn, a bright smile on his face, "Did brother have a change of mind? This is the right attitude, the wise know how the current flows."

Huang Xiaolong ignored Zhu Yu, lifting his arm with a finger pointed at Zhu Yu's shoulder, piercing a hole right through it. Zhu Yu screamed as his body made a beautiful arch in the air.

"I won't kill you this time, now scram!" Huang Xiaolong warned coldly. Though he would rather not get entangled with these small characters, he wasn't someone any small characters could threaten as they wished.

Zhu Yu scrambled to his feet from the ground, eyes filled with fear. He didn't expect this person who just arrived today to be so strong, he himself was a Xiantian Second Order expert.

Up on his feet, Zhu Yu didn't utter a word, hurrying back to his own hut. When Huang Xiaolong couldn't see him anymore, viciousness flashed in his eyes, vowing inwardly, "Punk, pray you don't ever show up in my Vermillion City!"

Huang Xiaolong threw the incident out of his mind, sitting cross-legged in the hut and entering meditation.

Night gradually descended.

The Elf Forest under the blanket of darkness exuded a mysterious aura of natural beauty. The mottled silvery moonlight reflected by the night canopy resembled the rippling water on a calm lake, blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

Gazing at the soft moon hanging high in the night sky, Huang Xiaolong thought of his family. It had been several years since he arrived on the Ten Directions Continent, the long absence made him long for them. When the things here were done, he planned to first make a trip back to the Asura's Gate headquarters to reunite with his family.

The Life Crystals from the fountain of life were, in fact, useless to Huang Xiaolong. But that was not the case for his parents and siblings, it would bring abundant benefits to them. They were the main reason why he made this detour to the Elf Forest this time.

If he could heal the Tree of Life, the ten pieces of Life Crystal would help extend his parents' lifespans since they had yet to breakthrough to Xiantian realm. His main concern was to find ways that would extend his parent's lives until he broke through to peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, forming the Godhead. Hopefully, at that time, he would have a way to help his parents breakthrough to Xiantian realm.

Huang Xiaolong spread out his spiritual sense, everything within ten thousand li radius was reflected clearly in his mind.

After refining eight primordial divine dragons, his spiritual sense was enhanced by leaps and bounds as he broke through Ninth Order Saint realm. Now, his Soul Mandate and Ancient Puppetry Art had reached the eighth level.

The night passed in peace; moonlight slowly faded with the rising sun.

Brilliant morning sunlight shone down on the Elf Forest, exuding a vivid aura of vitality. The refreshing fresh air made one feel alive.

Shortly after the sun rose, a group of elves arrived at the cluster of bamboo huts to lead Huang Xiaolong and the others to the holy Land of Life.

"It's you!" An astonished voice exclaimed just as Huang Xiaolong walked out from his bamboo hut.

Looking over at the source, the leader of the group was none other than the female elf he met three years ago, named Lina. Although Huang Xiaolong didn't know what status this Lina had within the ranks of the elves, he guessed that it wasn't low, at least high enough for her to lead a thousand elves to encircle him last time.

"Miss Lina, what's the problem?" A male elf approached Lina's side inquiring while shooting Huang Xiaolong a suspicious glance with traces of hostility in his eyes.

"It's nothing." Female elf Lina recovered from her shock, quickly covering her gaffe: "Let's go."

Three years ago, even their Elder Julio wasn't this young man's opponent, forget the elves behind her right now.

And the male elf beside her was one of Elder Julio's disciples.

Led by Lina, the twenty over people in the bamboo huts were escorted into the elf race's holy land, waiting at the periphery area.

"Everyone, kindly wait here while I inform our Elders," Lina spoke politely while looking at Huang Xiaolong before she turned and left.

A trace of doubt flickered in that Elder Julio's disciple's eyes noticing Lina's strange action. He shot a sideways glance at Huang Xiaolong, wondering why their captain was so polite to this group of people. Was the reason related to this young human?

Zhu Yu hung at the back of the group, staring at Huang Xiaolong like a venomous snake locked on a prey. Beside Zhu Yu were two young men, probably Sun Hong and Qiu Xinshi that he spoke of yesterday. Both were also staring at Huang Xiaolong's back with similar hostility.

On the other side, Lina entered a tall tree tower inside the holy land, informing Elder Julio that she had brought the group of people over. After a slight hesitation, she added, "Elder, that young human from three years ago is also here."

"Young human from three years ago?" For a moment, Elder Julio was confused, wondering who Lina was referring to.

Then, all of a sudden his face tensed, "You, you're talking about that black-haired young man?!"

Huang Xiaolong naturally left a deep impression on Elder Julio. Three years ago, he was repelled by Huang Xiaolong. 'Sent flying' would be more accurate.

"Yes," Lina confirmed.

Something flickered in Elder Julio's eyes before he calmed down, "I'm going to notify the Grand Elder." He left the room in swift steps.

When Elder Julio went to report the matter to Grand Elder Celine, the Elf Queen Kelly was present as well. Both of them were surprised, for Huang Xiaolong also left a deep impression on them.

"Celine, you go greet him." Elf Queen Kelly said in a serious tone.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Grand Elder Celine complied, leaving with Elder Julio to receive Huang Xiaolong together with Lina.

Coming out with another group of elves in tow, the Grand Elder spotted Huang Xiaolong amongst the waiting group and walked straight toward him.

The surrounding elves were stunned seeing their Grand Elder present, each quickly kneeling down in salute.

Zhu Yu and the others waiting were also shocked. Even if their families' Patriarchs were here in person, the elves' Grand Elder Celine wouldn't come to welcome them unless it was the human kings, Thunder Human King and Ice Human King.

Before everyone's eyes, Grand Elder Celine stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong, smiling as she said, "I didn't imagine that Young Noble would visit the Elf Forest again, we were lacking in our hospitality, we hope that Young Noble won't put it to heart."

The two female elves that led Huang Xiaolong to the bamboo huts watched with mouths agape.

Zhu Yu and the rest bore similar expressions.