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Chapter 471: Entering the Dwarven City Again

 Chapter 471: Entering the Dwarven City Again

"Rumors say that it is related to the elf race's sacred tree. A problem occurred with the Tree of Life, that it started to wither, and whoever can heal the Tree of Life, the Elf Queen has promised ten Life Crystals as reward." Chuck elaborated respectfully.

"Ten Life Crystals!" Huang Xiaolong was astounded. He knew very well how valuable Life Crystals were.

On some occasions, something called life dew would form on the surface of the Tree of Life's vibrant leaves, and as time passed, life dew drops pooled together, forming a fountain of life. Every thousand years, the fountain of life would produce one Life Crystals

This Life Crystal contained nature's purest water element life energy. Any average mortal that was fortunate enough to take a Life Crystal could drastically improve their body's vitality, even if the person was a hundred years old and only had one breath remain. Swallowing one Life Crystal could extend his life for a few more years.

Whereas for cultivators, other than improving the vitality in their bodies, it could also enhance one's cultivation. Even in the eyes of a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm experts, it was a rare treasure.

"I'll make a trip to the Elf Forest later." Huang Xiaolong said after contemplating the matter.

"Liege Lord wants to go?" Chuck was surprised with Huang Xiaolong's unexpected decision, saying, "From the message I received, many experts already tried, yet no one has been able to cure the Tree of Life."

"I'm just going to take a look, curing or not is irrelevant."

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong asked about the Cosmos God Cult and the Asura's Gate situation. By the time Chuck was excused, several hours had passed.

After Chuck left, Huang Xiaolong's figure blurred, leaving the Sacred Tiger City like a whistling wind, heading towards the Elf Forest's direction.

Heading to the Elf Forest, Huang Xiaolong did not plan to take any beastmen experts with him, journeying alone.

One day later, Huang Xiaolong reached the Hundred Tiger City. However, he did not stop, speeding past the city and arriving at the Roaming Souls Grove several hours later, deep in the night.

Gusts of freezing wind blew out nonstop from the eerie dark grove. The temperature dropped inhumanely cold, with greenish snow drifting to the ground.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong was curious how this cold yin energy inside the Roaming Souls Grove came to be. When night fell, even a high-level Saint realm expert would think twice about making their way through the grove, nonetheless, Huang Xiaolong's courage was bigger than most. He flew straight into the curtain of falling green snow, entering the Roaming Souls Grove in the deep of the night.

He flew on without reducing his speed.

He quickly noticed that the green snowflakes formed from cold yin energy actually stuck to his skin! Moreover, once stuck, it was quite the trouble to shake them off, and as those green snowflakes gathered more and more, the cold yin energy seeped into his body, accumulating faster as time wore on to corrode even a Saint realm expert's vitality!

Then again, although the green snow may threaten other Saint realm experts, it wasn't an issue for Huang Xiaolong at all. Gathering the true essence energy in his dantian, true essence fire appeared above his skin and the green snowflakes were immediately turned into mist.

On the way, all he wandering malevolent souls he came across were dealt with in one stroke. Three hours later, Huang Xiaolong exited the Roaming Souls Grove.

Passing through the Roaming Souls Grove, Huang Xiaolong reached the Stellar Thunder Canyon.

Unfortunately, history had a habit of repeating itself. The clear night sky turned turbulent a short while after he entered the canyon. Fierce wind started howling and ribbons of lightning illuminated the dark sky as they struck down.

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded staring at the sky.

Was the lightning in this Stellar Thunder Canyon specifically against him?! Last time, the sky was clear for a thousand li, and this time it was the same, yet the weather acted up almost immediately after he entered the canyon.

Out of nowhere, a streak of lightning bolted down directly at him, as if he was targeted. Huang Xiaolong did not dodge, neither did he counter or defend. Instead, he allowed the lightning to fall on him.

"Nice!" Huang Xiaolong exclaimed as a numbing sensation spread over his body.

The last time he passed through Stellar Thunder Canyon, this lightning was capable of injuring him, but this time, being zapped felt more like a comfortable massage.

Since there was a free nature massage, Huang Xiaolong wouldn't decline it. He chose to fly straight up into the dark clouds filled with brewing lightning, shuttling through them, letting the snakes of lightning hit his body, faster, fiercer, and more brutal.

The numbing sensation grew more intense, and he actually felt like laughing out loud while being bombarded by the lightning.

Because sometimes the lightning would hit more sensitive areas, such as his nipples, or his lower part. When the lightning 'brushed' his lower part, the ticklish feeling made him want to laugh.

Of course, if others found out that it merely gave Huang Xiaolong a tickle when such lightning struck his lower part, it would probably frighten them to their deaths. No high-level Saint realm experts dared to expose themselves to the terrifying lightning in Stellar Thunder Canyon. The stalwart prowess of his lower part was beyond imagination.

Huang Xiaolong stayed about an hour in the Stellar Thunder Canyon. Seeing that the clouds and lightning showed no signs of dissipating, having enjoyed enough of nature's massage, he flew out from the canyon.

A short while later, he reached the dwarves' Dwarven City. The hustle and bustle scenes of the city were similar to the last time he was here.

"Brother Huang!" Not long after entering Dwarven City, as he was strolling in the streets, a voice sounded behind him.

Turning around to look, it was the young dwarf he met the last he here, Eric.

Although three years had passed, Eric recognized Huang Xiaolong in a single glance.

"Brother Huang, it's really you!" Eric was delighted seeing Huang Xiaolong, and it showed on his face akin to a reunion of old friends. He reached Huang Xiaolong's side in a few quick steps, patting Huang Xiaolong on the shoulder.

But, with Eric's stature of little more than a meter, even extending his arm, he merely reached Huang Xiaolong's upper arm.

Seeing who it was, Huang Xiaolong flashed a wide smile, "I'm just passing through the Dwarven City, I didn't expect to run into you, Eric." Eric and he were on the same wavelength.

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong still remembered his name, Eric was very happy, "Come, Brother Huang, let me treat you our dwarf race's specialty wine!" As Eric said so, he pulled Huang Xiaolong by the hand without waiting for an answer, to a restaurant located in the city center.

Though Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly, he did not refuse Eric's invitation.

After all, so many experts had tried but couldn't cure the elves' Tree of Life, he was in no hurry to rush over.

Eric led Huang Xiaolong to a big building structure while introducing, "This is the biggest restaurant in our Dwarven City, called Hero Restaurant."

Huang Xiaolong listened with a smile. The biggest restaurant in the Dwarven City, in his eyes, resembled a slightly larger earthen house. Inside the restaurant, the tables and chairs were made out of stone.

They picked a corner table and sat down. Eric took it upon himself and ordered a table full of dishes and two jugs of their best wine.

"Brother Huang, where are you planning to go passing through our Dwarven City this time?" Eric asked as he opened a jug of wine, releasing a fragrant scent in the air while pouring Huang Xiaolong and himself a full bowl.

"To the Elf Forest." Huang Xiaolong answered frankly.

Eric was stunned for a moment before laughing, "I heard there's a problem with the elves' Tree of Life. Is bro planning to cure the Tree of Life? Our Patriarch also went and tried half a month ago, but unfortunately he returned without success."

Huang Xiaolong merely laughed, not answering Eric's inquiry. Lifting up the wine bowl, the two of them clinked and down everything in one gulp.

The dwarf race's wine invoked a peculiar taste; pure like nature, fleeting but at the same time leaving a fragrant spicy trail.

"Eric, so you're here!" All of a sudden, a dozen dwarves rushed into the restaurant, exuding a fiercely hostile air as they stomped toward Eric and Huang Xiaolong's table.

Eric frowned slightly seeing the person.