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Chapter 465: I Don’t Kill A Nameless Face

 Chapter 465: I Don't Kill A Nameless Face

Andrew's darkened gaze fell on the Beamon Tribe's Patriarch, Clay, and the Violent Horse Tribe's Patriarch, Charles. Repressing the rising killing intent in his heart, Andrew's grim voice rang in the square, "I'm well aware that according to our orthodox beastmen tribes' rule, only the one possessing the Beast God Scepter would be acknowledged as the Beast God, nevertheless, the Beast God Scepter has been missing for thousands of years. Should we continue to decline due to internal discord and conflict as we wait without hope for the Beast God Scepter to appear?!"

Everyone was silent.

Andrew pushed harder, "We're using this way to elect a new Beast God, as it is the fairest method within the limited options we have! Of course, whoever comes forward with the Beast God Scepter in the future, I will yield the Beast God position to him accordingly!"

Beamon Tribe Patriarch couldn't resist issuing a disdainful snort, "Beautiful words, if the Beast God Scepter never appears, does that mean that you, Andrew, will be occupying the Beast God position forever? It must have taken you some time to come up with this wonderful scheme!"

"Correct, the Beast God Scepter has been missing for so long, who knows when and where it will appear!" The Violent Horse Tribe Charles added, "Were you planning to monopolize the Beast God position forever?"

A light flickered in Andrew's eyes, "Then, Patriarch Clay and Patriarch Charles, do you have a better method?"

Neither spoke this time.

Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck looked at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of his eye, Huang Xiaolong shook his head, indicating that there was no hurry.

It was at this time that a series of sharp whistling wind sounds were heard in the sky above. More than a dozen figures arrived, exuding terrifying momentum that spread around the square like great waves.

The beastmen crowd below tensed up in an instant, staring at the group of over sixty intruders that were all Saint realm experts!

Moreover, the majority of them were high-level Saint realm experts!

"Deities Templar!"

"They're people from the Deities Templar!"

Shock swept through the beastmen crowd.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered, he didn't expect that Deities Templar would send over sixty Saint realm experts here, moreover, most of them were high-level Saint realm experts!

It was clear from this alone the importance that Deities Templar had placed upon this new Beast God selection!

And the one leading at the front was Li Molin!

It had been three years since the battle on the Asura Square, and appearance wise, Li Molin didn't seem to have changed at all compared to three years ago. Yet Huang Xiaolong keenly felt that Li Molin's breath seemed more solid.

Beside Li Molin was Liu Yang.

Seeing Li Molin and the Deities Templar's group of experts arrive, the Lion Tribe Patriarch Andrew and the Lion Tribe experts stepped forward in greeting, hands cupped accompanied by bright smiles, "Elder Li!"

The Snake Tribe Patriarch Danny and the others in the agreed alliance swiftly followed behind in a complaisant manner.

Li Molin nodded slightly. The large group followed Li Molin to the square center and sat down in an obvious assuming manner.

"Initially, our Deities Templar did not plan to interfere in the beastmen tribes' matter, but we don't have the heart to see you lot continue to crumble from the inside, fighting amongst each other." Li Molin drawled, "Our Deities Templar believes that Patriarch Andrew, after being elected as the new Beast God, is capable of leading the beastmen tribes' to the peak of your most glorious historical day, conquering the Ten Directions Continent once more!"

Li Molin's words were plain and direct in support of Andrew as the new Beast God!

Of course, her words were also laced with threats; whoever dared to object, indirectly meant going against the Deities Templar, they would become Deities Templar's enemies!

A heavy silence filled the square, no one dared to utter a sound.

The Beamon Tribe and Violent Horse Tribe Patriarchs that were protesting strongly earlier turned mute. After all, not everyone was willing to offend a behemoth force such as the Deities Templar.

Andrew smiled at Li Molin, "Many thanks to Deities Templar, and many thanks to Elder Li. Please rest assured Elder Li, once I'm elected as the beastmen tribes' Beast God, I shan't disappoint the Deities Templar!"

This sentence was an outright display of loyalty toward Deities Templar!

The underlying meaning rang loud and clear to everyone present.

Anger burned in the Beamon Tribe Patriarch Clay and Violent Horse Tribe Patriarch Charles' eyes.

Li Molin replied to Andrew with a smile on her face, "Patriarch Andrew can also rest assured, our Temple Preceptor has spoken, our Deities Templar will aid the beastmen tribes in conquering the Ten Directions Continent, bringing back the beastmen tribes' eminence of old days!"

"I hope Elder Li can bring back a word to the Temple Preceptor. I, Andrew, am very much grateful and indebted to the Temple Preceptor's support!"

Li Molin nodded, "Good, then begin the Beast God Sacrificial Rite."

After the Beast God Sacrificial Rite was performed, Andrew would be the uncontended new Beast God!

"Prepare the sacrificial altar!" Andrew waved his arm and commanded.

The beastmen watched as the Lion Tribe disciples prepared the sacrificial altar item by item, but no one said anything.

A short while later, the sacrificial altar was ready.

Just as Andrew prepared to place incense joss stick as worship in the Beast God Shrine, a clear voice rang: "Wait!"

It came too sudden that everyone's action paused abruptly.

Turning towards to source of the voice, they found that 'it' was none other than the human that arrived with the Tiger Tribe.

For a second, everyone was stumped.

What is this human planning to do?

Li Molin looked at Huang Xiaolong, a little surprised. She didn't know why this human gave her a familiar feeling, but searching through her memories, she couldn't recall where she had seen him before.

Caught in the center of attention, Huang Xiaolong stood up and walked toward the square center.

Andrew frowned with displeasure, signaling a Lion Tribe Elder close to him. Receiving Andrew's order, that Elder marched toward Huang Xiaolong with hostility, raising an arm to block Huang Xiaolong's path, "Little brat, don't think that just because Chuck brought you here we won't dare to kill you. No matter who it is, daring to interrupt the Beast God Sacrificial Rite, the punishment is death-!" The Elder's surging battle qi was locked on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong flashed a smile, then his fist already struck the Lion Tribe Elder. Before he could react, Huang Xiaolong's fist blasted a hole in his chest, flesh and blood splattered and pieces of internal organs were littered on the ground.

The Elder's blood-curdling scream shook the air and his body was thrown out of the square area.

Sharp intakes of breath could be heard from all around.

Most people recognized that Lion Tribe Elder, a late Sixth Order Saint realm, but his strength rivaled a Seventh Order Saint realm. Yet, this human blasted a hole in the Elder's chest with just one punch!


Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong with fear in their eyes, that right hand was comparable to a godly weapon!

A human's physique could actually be invulnerable to this extent! This shocked even Chuck and the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts. Including Li Molin and the experts from Deities Templar.

Andrew regained his composure fairly quickly, his eyes narrowed dangerously as he walked over to Huang Xiaolong.

Li Molin remained sitting where she was with no intention to interfere. Despite this human's sturdy physique, she could see that he was merely a Seventh Order Saint realm. A measly Seventh Order Saint realm was incapable of causing any big waves in her eyes.

Stopping in front of Huang Xiaolong, the aura of a lion king flooded out from Andrew's body, forming dark yellow strands of energy visible to the naked eye that soared to the sky. His robe fluttered without wind.

"I don't kill a nameless face." Andrew stated loftily, "Speak your name!"

Huang Xiaolong shook his head at Andrew, "Not necessary. For someone who's going to die, is there a need to know?" What Huang Xiaolong loathed the most was Deities Templar, and this Andrew actually sought to cooperate with them, he was already a dead man in Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

Andrew laughed in spite of his anger. Then, he suddenly attacked, striking a palm at Huang Xiaolong. The energy contained in that palm formed a shadow of a lion head that seemed to leap at Huang Xiaolong.

Before one could blink, the attack landed on Huang Xiaolong's chest.