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Chapter 463: Scram For Me Now!

 Chapter 463: Scram For Me Now!

Back in the Sacred Tiger City's Castellan Manor, the Tiger Tribe's Patriarch Chuck and the Elders were already waiting for Huang Xiaolong.

"Liege Lord Beast God!" Seeing Huang Xiaolong return, Chuck and the Elders stepped forward and saluted.

"Rise." Huang Xiaolong said, scanning the group of people.

Chuck and the Elders complied respectfully before getting up to their feet.

"Let's go, to the Beast God Shrine!" Huang Xiaolong did not tarry, commanding everyone to depart.

From the Poison Dragon Valley, he collected a total of thirty-six stalks of Dragon God Grass, enough for him to refine four primordial divine dragons. But now wasn't the right moment for him to go into closed-door practice with the beastmen congregation around the corner and that Lion Tribe's Andrew eyeing the Beast God position.

Not wasting a moment, with Chuck leading the group of Elders, Huang Xiaolong's group departed for the Beast God Shrine.

In the past, every year when it was time to head to the Beast God Shrine, other than the Saint realm experts, some disciples would be selected to follow and participate in the anual sparring competition. But this time, Huang Xiaolong had ordered the contrary, thus only the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts and Huang Xiaolong himself were included in this trip.

Nine days passed by quickly.

Darkness covered the sky as the sun was setting in the dusk horizon.

At a large open space in the forest, Huang Xiaolong and the group of Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts sat around the bonfire, aromatic meat roasting over the fire.

In order to prevent Li Molin's Deities Templar group from recognizing him, Huang Xiaolong used the true essence energy to change his facial features. At the moment, his jaw line was sharp, eyebrows thick like swords, looking closer to thirty years old, exuding the mature charm of a slightly older man. His physique was more robust and muscular.

Chuck and the rest of Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts stared in awe and astonishment as Huang Xiaolong's face changed right before their eyes bit by bit.

Gathered around the bonfire, watching the crackling meat roasting over the flames and smelling the aroma permeating the air, those Tiger Tribe experts swallowed their saliva greedily.

However, they could only look, Huang Xiaolong hadn't moved and they dared not move before he did.

By nature, beastmen liked meat. In the few days of travel, after tasting Huang Xiaolong's roast meat, they realized that all the meat they had eaten before was simply dog shit.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong moved; he sliced off a piece of meat and put it into his mouth, chewing leisurely. More than ten pairs of eyes watched him with drooling saliva.

"Dig in." Watching the expressions of the Tiger Tribe experts, a smile appeared on his face.

"Many thanks, Liege Lord!" Chuck and the experts brightened, said their thanks and started fighting among themselves for meat.

Nonetheless, no matter how they fought among themselves for meat, no one dared to touch the piece of Tyrant Boar meat that Huang Xiaolong cut off.

Chuck and the others wolfed down the meat in moments.

"What beast meat is this? So delicious!"

"Smells nice!" Suddenly, from some distance away, a voice exclaimed, followed by rustling wind flying in their direction. From the sound of it, there was quite a number of people.

In the blink of an eye, more than thirty people appeared in front of the Tiger Tribe group. Facing each other, both the new arrivals and the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts were surprised.

"Hehe, it's Patriarch Chuck!" A middle-aged man walked out from the group of new arrivals, smiling at Chuck. It was just that this person's smile gave a sinister feeling. Not to mention the cold eyes tinged with ever-present malice that made other wary.

"So it's Patriarch Danny!" Even though Chuck spoke, he remained seated instead of getting up, and his greeting sounded lukewarm at best.

This middle-aged man, Danny, was the Snake Tribe's Patriarch.

Huang Xiaolong had more or less guessed this group's origin when they arrived. The Snake Tribe emitted a peculiar cloying musky odor that nauseated people. They also had easily identifiable fine stripe marks at the corners of their eyes and forehead that resembled snakeskin.

Despite Chuck's lukewarm greeting, Danny brought his group and approached the bonfire. Only when he was near did he notice that there was a human sitting beside Chuck and was stunned for a second.

Since when did the Tiger Tribe start cooperating with humans? Though doubtful, Danny didn't pay it too much attention.

Coming close to the bonfire, he noticed that all the sitting spots were occupied, with no space to squeeze in. With barely any hesitation in his steps, he walked towards Huang Xiaolong, saying, "Kid, scram aside!" His leg extended out to kick Huang Xiaolong.

Before Danny's leg make contact, all the Tiger Tribe's Saint realm experts jumped to their feet in anger, their wide eyes spitting fire at Danny, including Chuck, as if they'd tear Danny apart and swallow him whole.

The dramatic reaction gave Danny a fright.

For a mere human, the Tiger Tribe's reaction was this exaggerated?!

The Tiger Tribe group's reaction also startled the other Snake Tribe members, so much that every one of them, including Danny, looked at Chuck and the Tiger Tribe's experts with shocked eyes.

"Patriarch Chuck, it's only a mere human." Danny chuckled as if making a joke, "There's no need for such a big reaction, right?" Still, he awkwardly lowered his leg that was about to kick Huang Xiaolong.

"Danny, scram off this instant or don't blame me for being rude!" Chuck snapped in a stern cold voice.

Danny's expression turned ugly in an instant, he was the Snake Tribe's Patriarch, one of top ten strongest experts of the beastmen tribes, yet this Chuck snapped at him in front of the two tribes' experts!

Even using the word scram!

"Chuck, do you really think I'm afraid of you?" A cold light glinted in Danny's eyes, "Come, come, come, let us play a little!" he shouted, feeling anger rising in his heart.

Chuck chuckled at Danny's challenge, leaping up with soaring momentum as his fist aimed a punch at Danny.

Danny didn't expect that Chuck, as the Tiger Tribe's Patriarch, would attack without hesitation. Slightly flustered, his hand clawed out in a counter. Strands of dark green light formed into a giant green snake.

A tiger and a snake collided.

Danny wobbled, staggering more than a dozen steps back before steadying himself, while Chuck landed back on the same spot he was in before he attacked.

When Danny regained his balance, he stared gloomily at Chuck. Although he was one of the beastmen's top ten experts, compared to the second ranked Chuck, he was still slightly weaker.

"Good!" Danny sneered, "Chuck, I hope you can still be this arrogant two days later at the tribe congregation! Our grudge today, I've remembered it!"

"Kiddo, I'll play you to death at that time!" Danny made an abrupt turn, his sinister eyes preying on Huang Xiaolong.

"We're leaving!" Danny waved his arm, signaling his group to leave.

Chuck snorted through his nose, but just when he and the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts wanted to stop Danny from leaving, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, "Forget it."

Hearing this, Chuck and the rest stopped.

"Liege Lord Beast God, this...!" Chuck was reluctant.

"There will be many opportunities later. I'm looking forward to the tribe congregation two days later, to see how this Danny will play me to death." Huang Xiaolong said, a sharp gleam shone in his eyes.

Chuck and the Tiger Tribe's Saint realm experts complied.

"We should continue." Huang Xiaolong sat down again, and the little barbeque party continued.

Several hundred li away from where Huang Xiaolong's group was, Danny and the Snake Tribe's people stopped.

Danny suddenly punched out at a hill in front of him, flattening it to nothing to vent his anger.

The others with him watched with apprehension.

"Patriarch, that Tiger Tribe's Patriarch Chuck actually fought with you because of a lowly human." The Snake Tribe's High Priest David spoke with care, "There's something strange about this."

Danny laughed coldly, "So what if it's strange? I don't give a damn who that human is, two days later, after dealing with the Tiger Tribe in the tribe congregation, I'll let that kid taste the pleasure of being devoured by a thousand snakes!" Imagining the scene, Danny let out a long evil cackle.

"Patriarch, Patriarch Andrew has arrived at the Beast God Shrine." One of the Snake Tribe Elder stepped forward to report.

"Good, let us hurry over to meet up with the Lion Tribe, Wolf Tribe, and Fox Tribe!" Danny flew out, disappearing from the spot with the group of Snake Tribe experts.