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Chapter 459: I Support Leibert!

 Chapter 459: I Support Leibert!

Huang Xiaolong walked to the Tiger Tribe throne and sat down.

At that moment, the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts realized that today, their Patriarch's throne seat was reserved for this human.

After he sat down, Huang Xiaolong scanned the Tiger Tribe experts.

Without Huang Xiaolong's expressed permission, Chuck dared not sit, and seeing their Patriarch standing, the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts dared not sit either.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong' gaze fell on the Tiger Tribe High Priest, Leibert, saying, "I'm the one who killed your disciple."

The sudden admittance was a shock to everyone.

Leibert looked at Chuck and then at Goodman. Then he sneered facing Chuck, "So, it's like this; Goodman aided a human outsider to kill my disciple, but not only you did not punish him, you even tried to imprison me instead! So you and Goodman have surrendered to a human!"

Leibert turned towards the assembled Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts, "Everyone, you all have seen it with your own eyes, Chuck betrayed our Tiger Tribe, surrendering under a human, he is no longer qualified to be our Tiger Tribe's Patriarch! I suggest the removal of Chuck from his Patriarch position, and the imprisonment of Chuck, Goodman, and Ellington on the crime of treason!"

According to the Tiger Tribe's law, if more than sixty percent of tribe experts agreed, they could remove the Patriarch from his position.

As the Tiger Tribe's High Priest, Leibert had a significant amount of influence within the tribe, only second to Chuck. He had many supporters amongst the tribe's experts which were also the main reason why he dared to as such at this moment.

As expected, barely a moment after Leibert spoke, a Tiger Tribe Saint realm expert, Parson, stepped forward, "That's right! Chuck, as our Tiger Tribe Patriarch, actually humbled himself to a human, this is a sin of betrayal to our Tiger Tribe, deserving death! He's not qualified to be our Tiger Tribe's Patriarch, I suggest that Chuck be removed and have Leibert lead our tribe as the Patriarch from now on!"

"I second that, strength wise Leibert is as strong as Chuck. In recent years, Leibert has annihilated the Devil Scorpion Tribe and had the Sky Ant Tribe surrender under our Tiger Tribe, all these are meritorious deeds for our Tiger Tribe. In my opinion, only Leibert is qualified to be our Patriarch!" Another Saint realm expert Dunham stated.

All in all, there were twelve people agreeing.

A feeling of proud complacency swirled in Leibert's heart, throwing a provocative look toward Chuck.

He had twelve people's votes, thirteen including himself. If he had sixteen people on his side, that would surpass the required sixty percent, he merely needed three more votes.

The remaining Saint realm experts exchanged looks amongst themselves.

In fact, those Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts had been Chuck's avid supporters, however, now that Chuck allied himself under a human, it greatly disappointed them. Not to mention the uncomfortable feeling in their hearts.

For in their eyes, a human's status was at the lowest rung, yet their Patriarch actually served under a human now!

"Patriarch, you, really surrendered to this human?" A Saint realm expert named Bass that has always stood by Chuck questioned.

"Correct." Chuck calmly answered.

Bass was extremely disappointed hearing the answer.

"Chuck, then I am sorry. I support Leibert as our Tiger Tribe's Patriarch!" Bass stated, his reference to Chuck has already changed.

Inward;y, Leibert was somersaulting with joy as he glanced at Chuck, now, he only needed two more people to support him, then he would the Tiger Tribe's new Patriarch.

"I also support Leibert!" Another Saint realm expert declared.

Only one more!

The smile on Leibert's face has begun to bloom yet Chuck remained unperturbed by the situation and the smile on Leibert's face.

"I'll also support Leibert!" Another Tiger Tribe Saint realm expert declared.

The smile on Leibert bloomed, turning into a hearty laugh, "I thank everyone! Please rest assured, after taking the Patriarch position, I will strive to make our Tiger Tribe the beastmen's first tribe!" He proclaimed with beaming confidence.

He then turned to Chuck with a cold snicker, "I have sixteen people supporting me, meaning that I am the new Patriarch! Chuck, you actually submitted to a human that colluded with Goodman to kill my disciple, your punishment shall be imprisonment in the Poison Dungeon for one hundred years!"

One hundred years!

Everyone had an unnatural expression on their faces.

One year inside the Poison Dungeon was already a living nightmare, compared to the excruciating torture of being imprisoned there for a hundred years, death was a better option by far. Leibert was retaliating against Chuck for wanting to imprison him in the Poison Dungeon for a year.

Huang Xiaolong watched the whole farce calmly without interjecting a word the entire time.

After stating Chuck, Goodman, and Ellington's punishment, Leibert's sharp gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong. "Punk, how dare you kill my disciple! On top of that, a lowly human is so brazen as to sit on our Tiger Tribe's throne! But, don't worry, I won't let you die so easily, I will throw you into the Poison Dungeon, for all eternity till the day you wish for death!"

"Guards, capture this lowly human for me!"

"Yes, Patriarch!" Immediately, Parson and Dunham who were standing beside Leibert acknowledged loudly and leaped forward, wanting to capture Huang Xiaolong. However, just as the two of them acted, three silhouettes moved to block in front of them.

This stunned everyone.

"Chuck, what are you three trying to do?!" Leibert glared angrily, "At this stage, you still refuse to yield?!"

The three who blocked Parson and Dunham were none other than Chuck, Goodman, and Ellington.

Chuck looked coldly at Leibert, "Leibert, you will regret this in a little while!"

Leibert laughed in anger, "Regret? You say I will regret? Chuck, if the three of you insist to go against me, then don't blame me if I order for your immediate execution as traitors!"

A murderous aura flowed from Leibert's body.

Everyone could clearly tell that if Chuck, Goodman, and Ellington continued to hinder him, Leibert would not hesitate to give out the 'execution on the spot' order.

"The three of you retreat." Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong who has been keeping silence the entire time spoke.

The three complied and retreated to the side.

This drew everyone's attention on Huang Xiaolong.

Leibert sneered watching this, he really wanted to see what this lowly human would do next; kneel down in front of him and beg for mercy? Or try to escape?

But in the next moment, a light flashed in the human's hand and a cane-like scepter appeared in his palm. This scepter actually made him feel a sliver of fear deep in his soul.

This is...?!

Huang Xiaolong took out the Beast God Scepter and imbued it with battle qi. Just like three days ago, he stabbed the scepter into the floor, releasing a powerful energy shockwave in all directions. Countless images of ancient mythical beasts flew out, the whole Beast God Scepter was glimmering in a red glow.

Fear filled Leibert, Parson, Dunham, and the rest of the Saint realm experts.

"Beast, Beast God Scepter!"

A voice exclaimed, and in a split second, those Saint realm experts were on their knees.

The Beast God Scepter!

Liebert felt something exploded in his mind, barely able to think straight.

This human actually possessed their beastmen's holy sacrament, then, that means-Beast God! Their beastmen tribes' Beast God!

Leibert's face was drained of all color, trembling.

By this point, all the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts finally understood why Chuck, Ellington, and Goodman submitted to this human. Why Goodman would kill Leibert's disciple, why Chuck punished Leibert instead!

It wasn't because those three were out of their minds.