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Chapter 457: Rebellion & Usurpation

 Chapter 457: Rebellion & Usurpation


This word caused Goodman to jump up in anger, a crisp sound rang as Goodman's heavy palm connected to the Tiger Tribe guard's face, sending his body flying out in an arch. When the guard landed on the ground, the right side of his face was swollen like an extra large pig head.

"Scram for me!" Goodman snapped sharply, exuding a whelming murderous aura.

The several Tiger Tribe guards were frightened, their faces became white with horror and they scurried off as fast as their legs could carry them.

The Tiger Tribe guard that was slapped by Goodman climbed to his feet from the ground. Toward Goodman he could only fume with anger inside, but when his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, the viciousness in his eyes was ill-disguised.

If it wasn't because of this lowly human, his face wouldn't be swollen like a pig head as it was now.

But Goodman turned to face Huang Xiaolong at this point with fear and reverence, "They have disrespected Liege Lord, I hope Liege Lord would be lenient and spare them!"

Liege Lord?!

The surrounding guards were wide-eyed with shock, staring at Huang Xiaolong with astonishment.

Just now, their Tiger Tribe expert Goodman referred to a human as... Liege Lord?!

"Let's go." Huang Xiaolong said to Goodman.

"Yes, Liege Lord, please!" Goodman respectfully shifted his body a little to the side, following after Huang Xiaolong as both entered the Sacred Tiger Manor.

Another great wave of shock crashed in those Tiger Tribe guards' hearts watching Goodman's brown-nosing attitude towards the human.

The half swollen pig-faced guard who was glowering at Huang Xiaolong venomously, instantly became ashen watching this scene.

Unqualified? If someone who had a person with Goodman's status refer him as Liege Lord wasn't qualified to enter the Sacred Tiger Manor, didn't that mean that Goodman himself wasn't even qualified to stand in front of the Sacred Tiger Manor?

No wonder Goodman was angered.

Walking into the Sacred Tiger Manor, Huang Xiaolong and Goodman headed straight to the front hall.

Passing through the corridors, the maids and guards would salute respectfully seeing Goodman. Inevitably, Huang Xiaolong's presence raised confusion and doubt in them. However, none of them dared to come up and hinder their way.

A short while later, both of them arrived at the front hall.

Arriving at the front hall, Goodman ushered Huang Xiaolong to the main seat. One must know, the front hall's main seat was the Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck's throne. As the Liege Lord Beast God of the beastmen tribe, Goodman didn't think there was anything wrong with Huang Xiaolong occupying the Tiger Tribe's throne.

"Liege Lord Beast God, I shall go inform the Patriarch, and bring the him over." Goodman said.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Goodman saluted before he turned around and left. But, just as he was about to step out from the front hall, an old fellow dressed in a fine brocade robe entered the front hall from outside, coincidentally running into Goodman.

This old fellow was the Sacred Tiger Manor's chief steward, Ellington. Not only was Ellington the Sacred Tiger Manor's chief steward, he was also one of Tiger Tribe's top ten experts, with strength parallel to Goodman.

However, saying that the two people's relationship wasn't harmonious was putting it mildly.

Ellington was slightly surprised running into Goodman in the Sacred Tiger Manor's front hall. He was about to speak when he caught sight of a black-haired young man sitting on the Patriarch's throne seat. This instantly enraged Ellington.

"This damn thing! Get off from there this instant!" Ellington already attacked Huang Xiaolong as he shouted.

Almost at the same time that Ellington attacked, a figure flickered, appearing between Ellington and Huang Xiaolong, dispersing Ellington's attack with a wave of his hand.

Their bodies trembled from the impact, separating from each other simultaneously.

"Goodman!" Ellington glowered at him, "What is the meaning of this? How dare you hinder me? What is this damn human doing here?! Sitting on our Tiger Tribe Patriarch's throne!"

Goodman's expression was aloof, "I will explain this matter to the Patriarch, there's no need for you to trouble yourself."

Ellington's anger soared, fire burning in his eyes, "What you're saying is, you are the one who brought this human into the Sacred Tiger Manor? Moreover, it was also you who allowed him to sit on the Patriarch's throne! Goodman, you're getting more audacious! How dare you rebel, planning an usurpation!"

Ellington instantly capped Goodman with the crime of usurpation. In any tribe, this warranted a death penalty!

"People, come!" Ellington's angry roar echoed in the front hall.

In the blink of an eye, all the nearby guards rushed into the front hall.

"Goodman is planning to usurp the Patriarch! Capture him! As for that human, kill him on the spot!" Ellington pointed at Goodman and Huang Xiaolong.

The guards exchanged glances amongst themselves, but no one dared to step up to apprehend Goodman.

Disregarding two of Goodman's identities as a Tiger Tribe's ranked expert and Hundred Tiger City's Castellan, Goodman was also an Elder of the Tiger Tribe. Even given a hundred guts, they still wouldn't dare to offend Goodman unless it was the Patriarch who gave the command.

Furthermore, Goodman and Ellington's discord was no big secret. As small-time guards, none of them wanted to be pulled into the rivalry between them.

Although the Tiger Tribe guards dared not act against Goodman, they were still angered seeing Huang Xiaolong sitting on the Patriarch's throne. The throne seat was their Tiger Tribe's sacred position, only their Tiger Tribe's Patriarch was qualified to sit on the throne. Now, there was actually a human sitting on it, this was blasphemy! A stain!

All the guards focused their attacks on Huang Xiaolong instead.

Seeing this, Goodman wanted to stop them, but was entangled by Ellington.

In that split second, Ellington saw the young human sitting on the throne lift his palm, and with turn of his wrist, glowing aureate rings flashed through the air. All the guards' actions were halted.

Ellington was astounded. He could tell that this move wasn't a Saint realm expert's space manipulation, but a kind of battle skill.

Huang Xiaolong used the God Binding Palm to keep the Tiger Tribe's guards in place, then he clenched his fist and sent a Great Void Divine Fist at Ellington. Alarmed, Ellington raised his arm in panic to defend against Huang Xiaolong's sudden attack.

A booming collision shook the front hall, fierce energy shockwaves forced Ellington to stagger to the edge of the front hall.

Falling at such a disadvantage against a human was great humiliation in Ellington's eyes.

"Who dares to cause trouble in my Sacred Tiger Manor!" An angry, majestic voice suddenly rang out in the front hall. From a distance away, a figure with overwhelming power was seen whistling through the air at rapid speed.

A second later, that figure landed in the front hall, tremors rippled across the ground as if a heavy mountain had dropped on it.

This person was none other than the Tiger Tribe's Patriarch, Chuck, a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert!

As soon as Chuck arrived, a suffocating pressure washed over Huang Xiaolong.

"Patriarch!" Both Goodman and Ellington hurried forward to greet Chuck's arrival.

Chuck nodded, "What is happening here?" His gazed were directed at the many guards that were frozen in place.

"Patriarch, this human was brought inside the Sacred Tiger Manor by Goodman. When I just arrived in the front hall, I saw this human sitting on the throne." Before Goodman could speak, Ellington seized the chance to speak first: "I was about to behead this human as punishment, but Goodman tried to stop me instead!"

"Is that right?" Chuck looked at Goodman, a sharp glint in his eyes.

If Goodman failed to give him a satisfactory explanation for this. Even taking into consideration all of Goodman's merits to the tribe these years, he would not hesitate to take it to himself to kill these two on the spot!

Goodman did not say anything by way of explanation, he merely turned toward Huang Xiaolong.

This small action doubled, tripled the killing intent in Chuck's heart.

At this point in time, Chuck saw the young human take out a cane-like scepter. From the scepter, he could feel an immense coercive pressure that struck at the core of his soul, originating from days of old.

Ellington too felt the same immense pressure.

Taking out the Beast God Scepter, Huang Xiaolong stabbed it into the floor.

The whole Sacred Tiger Manor trembled. With the Beast God Scepter as the epicenter, deep fissures lined the ground surface in all directions and continued to extend further out. One after another, images of mythical beasts flew out from the Beast God Scepter.