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Chapter 455: Liege Lord Beast God

 Chapter 455: Liege Lord Beast God

Moments ago, there was a fierce hurricane, yet in the blink of an eye, everything turned calm and peaceful.

Bobby stared dumbly at his fist that was pinned by Huang Xiaolong's two fingers; was this really his fist that could kill a thousand strong cattle in one punch?!

"Tiger Fist? Sky Soaring Tiger Glory?" Huang Xiaolong's snicker carried obvious contempt, "I say, this looks more like Cat Fist, Sky Soaring Cat Glory is more apt." Huang Xiaolong added pressure in his two fingers.

Ka ka! Sounds of breaking bones resounded in the yard.

As his bones shattered, acute pain spread. Even with Bobby's strong will, a scream escaped his throat.

Huang Xiaolong's wrist then turned, wringing Bobby's arm like a rag cloth, crushing the bones in his arm. Bobby screamed louder, even louder than his son Julio's screams.

Julio stared dumbstruck at this scene. Amier was in a daze, all the Tiger Tribe's city guards in the compound were all in a daze.

Bobby's reaction was the same as his son Julio. Driven by intolerable pain, Bobby launched an attack at Huang Xiaolong with his left fist. However, his left fist was also stopped in midair by Huang Xiaolong just like his right fist. Inch by inch, Bobby's left arm bones were broken by Huang Xiaolong.

Bobby's reaction due to the pain was excessively dramatic. His mouth opened in a long oval-shaped, eyes half protruded out from their sockets, and his nose crooked to the side. This face was too ridiculous and funny.

Unfortunately, neither Julio nor the city guards were in the mood to laugh.

"You, you lot, take this scum dog's life, quickly kill this damn dog!" Julio yelled at the surrounding city guards a moment later.

Julio's yell prompted the dazed city guards into action, but before they could attack, Huang Xiaolong waved a palm and the air froze. The city guards noticed to their astonishment that they couldn't move.

Space manipulation?!

With another flick of Huang Xiaolong's finger, Bobby flew away like a piece of withered leaf. A suction force then came from Huang Xiaolong's palm, dragging Julio in front of him.

"Scum dog?" Huang Xiaolong sneered was frigid, his fingers shaped into claws that pierced into Julio's chest, crushing a rib bone inside his body.

Julio's blood-curdling wails sounded like a pig being slaughtered. This pain was beyond what he felt when his arm bones were crushed.

Huang Xiaolong continued; another pinch, another rib bone crushed.

Very soon, all of Julio's rib bones were crushed by Huang Xiaolong one by one, at the end, Julio fainted into oblivion from the torturous pain.

The city guards were paralyzed with fear, rooted to the spot as they stared at Huang Xiaolong with fearful eyes.

Everyone, including Amier, was terrified. Was this really the same polite young man full of smiles sitting beside the bonfire last evening?

Seeing that Julio had fainted, Huang Xiaolong lifted a foot and kicked Julio's limp body. Julio's body made an arch over the air, coincidentally falling beside Bobby's body. With that simple kick, Huang Xiaolong had shattered all Julio's internal organs, Qi Sea, meridians, and his vitality.

Bobby grieved looking at his son's corpse, there was anger, but also fear. When Huang Xiaolong approached, Bobby retreated backward subconsciously.

"You, what do you want?!" The Hundred Tiger City's city guards' chief captain stammered.

"Go tell Goodman to come and see me." Huang Xiaolong's face was grim.

Goodman, Hundred Tiger City's Castellan.

"Go." Finished saying this, Huang Xiaolong turned around and left.

Huang Xiaolong's silhouette nearly disappeared before Amier snapped back to his sense, he grabbed his fiancee Rihanna and hastened after Huang Xiaolong, leaving the place as if their lives depended on it.

One hour later.

Inside the Hundred Tiger City's Castellan Manor, Goodman's face was grim looking at Bobby's crippled arms and Julio's corpse laid on the floor.

A monstrous murderous intent and wrath were brewing in him, increasingly intense, drowning the entire Hundred Tiger City Castellan Manor in a suffocating atmosphere.

A human swaggered in his Hundred Tiger City, injuring his chief guard captain! And on top of that, killed a pure bloodline descendant of his Tiger Tribe!

"He said that I should go see him?" Goodman's voice soft question was steep with danger.

"That is so, Lord Goodman," Bobby answered respectfully.

"What do you think?" Goodman asked.

Bobby answered, "Without a doubt, that human is a Saint realm expert. However, I recognize all the Saint realm experts on our Ten Directions Continent, so he must be someone from the Snow Wind Continent or the Starcloud Continent, perhaps even the Bedlam Lands!"

A cold snort came from Goodman, "It seems like our Tiger Tribe has been quiet for too long, any stray dog or wild cat coming over from the Snow Wind or Starcloud Continents dares to be so presumptuous in front of us Tiger Tribe! Fine, my days have been idle as of late, I'll use this human's blood as an offering to my knife!" Goodman had already disappeared from the hall in a flicker when his last word sounded.

A moment later, Goodman was out of Hundred Tiger City, flying straight toward a hill one hundred li from the city.

At this time, on the hilltop one hundred li outside of Hundred Tiger City, Huang Xiaolong stood straight-backed. He had released his aura, trusting that Castellan Goodman was capable of finding him.

As expected, it didn't take long for sounds of wind rushing at rapid speed to enter his ears.

The person continued in Huang Xiaolong's direction, a powerful hostile energy aimed at his back.

"Tiger God Fist!"

An enormous shadow of a tiger head came roaring, a sharp energy that tore through space aimed at him.

Huang Xiaolong didn't even bother to look, he whirled around and his fist countered the attacker head on.

A resounding boom rendered the air.

The shockwaves spread out like a tornado, the trees and soil were blasted up in the air, shaking the entire small hill.

Huang Xiaolong staggered a few steps back, quickly steadying himself, whereas the attacker was repelled, landing more than a dozen meters away.

Shock was written all over Goodman's face looking at Huang Xiaolong. Just now, this young human actually took his full power punch and they resulted in a tie!

He was an early Eighth Order Saint realm expert!

Goodman became solemn after getting over his shock.

"This warrior's strength is not bad, no wonder you dare to run rampant in my Tiger Tribe's territory, killing my Tiger Tribe descendants!" Goodman stared down at Huang Xiaolong coldly, "But, no matter who you are, daring to kill my Tiger Tribe descendants has only one result, death!" Goodman raised his head, letting out a thunderous roar. A circle of golden red flames cloaked around his body.

At the same time, Goodman's body began to transform, his flesh rippled and muscles grew. One by one, tiger stripes emerged on on his skin, including his face, and tiger spikes grew out on his arms and legs. A long tiger tail grew from his tailbone.

Although beastmen couldn't summon martial spirit and soul transform like the cultivators from Snow Wind and Starcloud Continents, those with a strong, pure bloodline, could revert to their beast forms.

After reverting to beast form, their power and strength multiplied, rivaling the human experts' soul transformation.

After the beast transformation, Goodman's tiger aura became more prominent and domineering as he narrowed the distance to Huang Xiaolong.

In the last moment, before he was about to pounce on the young human, a scepter appeared in Huang Xiaolong's hand. The top of the scepter had a carving of a mythical beast's head, its eyes redder than blood, exuding an old indisputable presence. In front of this ancient mythical beast's might, Goodman felt a terrifying oppression that came from the deepest part of his soul.

Goodman's face contorted with fear and disbelief, his eyes were fixed on the scepter in Huang Xiaolong's hand, shaking from head to toes, "This, this is the Beast God Scepter!"

"That's right, this is Beast God Scepter!" Huang Xiaolong admitted.

Beast God Scepter!

The true Beast God Scepter!

Goodman flushed with excitement as he prostrated, more precisely, he was hugging the great earth: "Tiger Tribe's Goodman greets Liege Lord Beast God!"

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered hearing Goodman refer to him as 'Liege Lord Beast God', but a moment later he remembered the legend saying that whoever had the Beast God Scepter was the chosen successor, the next Beast God.

It seemed to Huang Xiaolong that he had underestimated the venerable status that the Beast God held in beastmen's minds. Just now, Goodman, who was going all out wanting to kill him, prostrated before him in the blink of an eye after seeing the Beast God Scepter, instant deification.