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Chapter 449: Dwarf Race

 Chapter 449: Dwarf Race

"Audacious!" A short thin Elf Elder shouted and was the first to attack.

He dashed forward in a flicker. With a twist of his wrist numerous large icicles appeared, locking the space around Huang Xiaolong and all of his escape routes. There was no place to run and no place to dodge.

What the elf race hated the most was being looked down upon!

But before the Elf Elder could make another move, Huang Xiaolong's palms slammed forwards. Multiple golden spheres enlarged outward. Wherever those golden spheres passed, all the large icicles froze in mid air.

The many elves' eyes nearly fell out of their sockets watching this.

"This, what is this? Is this space magic?" Lina muttered dumbly to herself.

Huang Xiaolong flicked his wrists and the large icicles pinned in midair spun around, aiming towards the short thin elf Elder. This sudden reversal caused the Elf Elder to panic.

A chain of loud blasts rang out in the air.

Under the rain of icicles that were sharp as swords, the short thin Elf Elder was forced back in a sorry state, falling through the layers of thick canopy as he plummeted to the ground.

In an instant, a deadly silence enveloped the surrounding forest.

The other two Elf Elders reacted a beat later, both shocked and furious at the same time, however, when they were about to attack, a silhouette appeared on the horizon.

"Stop!" A gentle voice floated over but it doesn't reduce the deterrence it contained in the least.

That person reached the place where Huang Xiaolong was very quickly-it was a female elf. Another alluring creature that exuded an aloof elegance.

"Grand Elder!" The two Elf Elders were surprised seeing the person who arrived and hastily saluted.

The female elf was the elf race's Grand Elder, Celine.

Seeing this person, Lina too hastened to salute.

Celine excused the rest of the elves and turned over to Huang Xiaolong, "Young Noble, our Queen would like to see you, this way please."

These words were like a thunderclap in the elves' ears. Their noble Queen wanted to see this human?!

Huang Xiaolong declined the invitation, shaking his head as he replied, "No need."

Eyeballs fell carpeting the forest ground.

This human actually declined their Queen's invitation, was there something wrong with their hearing?!

Even Celine was unable to conceal her surprise looking at Huang Xiaolong. One must know, even the two most powerful human race kings on the Ten Directions Continent would be honored by their Queen's invitation.

This human in front of her was really 'unique' to actually decline their Queen's invitation.

"I shall take my leave." Huang Xiaolong said and turned around to leave without so much as a look.

"Insolent!" Huang Xiaolong's attitude once again angered the two Elf Elders. In anger, both moved to block right in front of Huang Xiaolong's path. A mere human actually refused their Queen's invitation, this was beyond insolence!

"Enough!" When the two Elders were about to persuade using force, the Elf Grand Elder Celine spoke, "Let him leave!"

Both Elf Elders froze; let him leave?!

In the end, both of them had no choice but to move away from the human's path.

Huang Xiaolong shot a cold glance at the two elders before flying away.

A light flashed in Celine's eyes watching Huang Xiaolong's disappearing figure. A moment later, she ordered Lina to take care of the injured elves and returned to report to the Queen.

It didn't take Celine long to reach the Land of Life, reporting the matter to the Queen in precise detail.

The Elf Queen, who was standing beside the Sacred Spring, also showed surprise when she heard that Huang Xiaolong declined her invitation.

"Celine, what is your opinion on this young human?" The Elf Queen Kelly asked.

Celine was stumped. She thought for a moment before choosing the words carefully, "This young human is quite strong and has a good foundation in water element magic comprehension, but if he were to battle one on one against the Thunder Human King, he would not be his opponent. Even if there are two of him, it still wouldn't be enough to contend with the Thunder Human King!" Celine emphasized again at the end.

Elf Queen Kelly looked at the Tree of Life that was as tall as the sky not far in front of her, sighing heavily, "Seeing his water element magic was not bad, I wanted him to take a look and see if he has a way to cure the Tree of Life."

The Tree of Life was the elf race's sacred tree, and also the source of existence that the elf race relied on. In the recent couple of years, the Elf Queen Kelly faintly felt that the Tree of Life's vitality had been seeping away, weakening. She had tried many methods but still failed to rejuvenate the Tree of Life.

If this condition persisted, in no more than half a year's time, the Tree of Life would wither. If the Tree of Life withered, then they, the entire elf race that relied on the Tree of Life, as well as all the flora, would wither as well. When it came to that, the Elf Forest would be no more.

The elf race that had lived on this land for countless generations, where should they go, where could they go?!

Celine looked at the Tree of Life, her eyes held the same worry in them, but she shook her head, "That young human, although he has quite a good grasp of water element magic, it is not enough to save the Tree of Life. Unless he knows the long-lost magic spell of Life Restoration, only then would he have a slim chance. It's impossible that young man has the capability to perform such a magic spell."

This was also the main reason why she allowed the young human to leave after meeting him.

Both elves fell into a heavy silence.

"Your Majesty, why don't we reveal the matter and request aid from other experts..." Celine suggested.

The Elf Queen Kelly shook her head, "We'll discuss again later."

Too many things would be affected by this matter. Unless she really had no other way, she didn't want to expose this matter. At the moment, only the two of them were aware of the Tree of Life's condition.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong traveled northwards, coming out of the Elf Forest half a day later. Perhaps it was the Elf Queen's command, but Huang Xiaolong didn't meet with further disturbances or attacks from the elves anymore.

"Up ahead is the Dwarven City." Huang Xiaolong stood on a hill peak, looking down at a stoned-colored city in the short distance. Without further dallying, Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Dwarven City.

A short while later, he arrived at the city gates. Above the city gates, Dwarven City's name was carved on stone, exuding a faint vicissitudes atmosphere. It seems like this Dwarven City had been here for a long time.

Although the dwarf and elf races could be said to be adjacent neighbors, there was a distinct difference between them-the dwarf race was very friendly towards the human race. This was also the main reason why Huang Xiaolong dared to swagger into the city openly.

Inside the city, Huang Xiaolong noted that the streets were quite busy. Dwarves slightly over a meter tall were hurrying to their destinations. Other than dwarves, Huang Xiaolong saw a lot of humans, beastmen, even elves and demonic beast races.

The entire Dwarven City was built from earthstone, including the shops on the streets. Compared to Snow Wind and Starcloud Continents, this Dwarven City was basically a rural market.

Huang Xiaolong also noted that nearly every shop here sold and produced weapons, or would be related to weapons. It was said that, from their ancestor's time, dwarves made their living by forging weapons, it looks like it was true.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong saw the people on the streets all heading in a similar direction. Feeling curious, he stopped a passing dwarf and inquired.

The young male dwarf replied, "This brother must have just arrived in our city right? Our dwarf race holds a weapon forging competition every ten years, and today is the semi-final of the competition."

Weapon forging competition? Huang Xiaolong had never heard of this.