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Chapter 448: Magus

 Chapter 448: Magus

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong entered the boundary of the Elf Forest. He shuttled through the forest cautiously despite having confidence in his strength, for the elf race was extremely hostile toward humans, beastmen, and even the demonic beasts. There were rumors that said that any human race that stepped into the Elf Forest would be besieged by the elves.

Dense canopies covered the Elf Forest, roots as thick as a human thigh coiled and weaved, linking to even thicker tree trunks. However, the trees here weren't tall, averaging ten meters in height.

Sparse sunlight sneaked in through the gaps between the dense canopy, leaving mottled light patterns on the forest floor.

Moving through the forest, Huang Xiaolong had his spiritual sense spread out at all times, vigilant toward any movements in close proximity.

Two hours later, it was getting close to noon. The harsh sun was high up in the sky, but the temperature remained cool within the forest.

Huang Xiaolong picked a random tree, landing on one of the top branches with a frown on his face. Ever since he entered the Elf Forest until now, the forest surrounding had been too quiet, abnormally quiet actually.

Furthermore, the entire way, Huang Xiaolong didn't even come across a single elf.

Was he discovered? Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

All of a sudden, sounds of howling wind came from all directions. Huang Xiaolong's eyes looked around and detected human-shaped shadows flickering in and out, forming a tight encirclement around the big tree he was standing on.

These 'people' bore a resemblance to humans, yet there were obvious dissimilarities; long pointed ears, irises the color of sapphire or emerald, and a tail at their back that was neither long nor short.

'These people are probably the elf race that lives inside this Elf Forest.' Huang Xiaolong thought.

As expected, the elf race was born with beautiful features. The men were good-looking, while the women bewitching, exuding a natural allure that was pure and clean.

What made Huang Xiaolong nearly have a nosebleed was the fact that those female elves' attires were a little too open-minded. Each of those female elves wore a layer of thin material akin to wings, only covering the important parts and leaving the long legs and luscious hips exposed. Even the concealed parts were vaguely discernible through the thin wing-like material.

Faced with this situation, any man's imagination would inevitably run wild.

"That Thunder Human King is really relentless, look, he sent more people here!" One of the beautiful female elves stood out from the encirclement, glaring coldly at Huang Xiaolong.

'Thunder Human King? What thing is that?'

A small furrow creased Huang Xiaolong's forehead, it seems like the other side somehow mistook him for this so-called Thunder Human King's lackey.

"Go, capture this kid and bring him to the Land of Life first. Let the Elders decide his fate!" The gorgeous female elf ordered.

"Yes, Miss Lina!" Two male elves acknowledged in a respectful manner and flew toward Huang Xiaolong. The weapons in their hands posed to attack.

Neither one of those male elves was weak at all, comparable to Seventh Order Xiantian realm human warriors. But, this level of strength was far from sufficient to capture Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didn't need to move, a blue light sparkled in his eyes. The space in front of him were filled with numerous blue water droplets, turning into two water dragons. In a split second, the two water dragons slammed both male elves, sending them staggering back.

The two water dragons did not disperse after attacking the male elves, they returned to Huang Xiaolong's side, hovering behind him as they viewed the elves.

After he entered peak late-Sixth Order Saint realm, Huang Xiaolong could manipulate the water element in the space around him like it was part of his body. With a simple thought, he would be able to gather the water element into any shape he desired to attack the enemy.

Nevertheless, a strong spiritual force was required for this. Without a strong spiritual force, those two water dragons would disintegrate in a matter of seconds.

One move from Huang Xiaolong had deterred this group of elves.

The elves were stunned looking at the two water dragons at Huang Xiaolong's back, including the female elf that spoke in the beginning.

"You, you're a magus?" The female elf Lina asked after overcoming her shock.

"Magus?" The term slightly baffled Huang Xiaolong. He had heard Zhao Shu mention in the past that the humans on Ten Directions Continent practiced magic, thus were referred to as magus.

"I didn't expect Thunder Human King to send a high level expert water element magus." The female elf Lina sneered, "I have over a thousand people here, let's see how many times you can cast your magic."

"Everyone, attack together!"

At the sound of Lina's command, the surrounding elves moved swiftly, throwing their attacks at Huang Xiaolong. Bows and arrows appeared in their hands, raining down sharp arrows on him.

Watching the wave of arrows, Huang Xiaolong's expression remained taciturn. The two water dragons behind him grew several times bigger, each reaching a hundred zhang in length.

Then, both water dragons simultaneously swung their giant tails, sweeping off the torrent of arrows and countless elves, bouncing off like raindrops.

A dozen breaths later, the thousand over elves were either hung upside down on tree branches, lying on the mud, or stuck to a tree trunk, leaving only Lina standing alone.

Lina stared flabbergasted at the thousand over elves around her in various pitiful poses, 'They, they actually... just like that!'

What kind of magic was this?! She stared at the two water dragons behind Huang Xiaolong. She had never heard of anyone possessing this level of magic.

"You, you're a Saint Magus!" Lina's voice trembled slightly.

A Saint Magus! This represented the handful of the most powerful human race experts on the Ten Directions Continent.

With a gentle flick of his fingers, the two water dragons dispersed into nothing, Huang Xiaolong shook his head saying, "I am not a Saint Magus."

The Saint Magi on the Ten Directions Continent comprehended the law of space, their magic powers were comparable to the Saint realm battle qi cultivated on the Snow Wind and Starcloud Continents.

This was an information that Huang Xiaolong had read before. However, Lina sighed in great relief hearing Huang Xiaolong refute that he was a Saint Magus.

"Also, I'm not sent by what's-his-name Thunder Human King, I'm only passing by the Elf Forest." Huang Xiaolong clarified.

The elf race lived inside the Elf Forest, staying away from worldly affairs, and because of this, Huang Xiaolong had a somewhat good impression of the elf races. Therefore, his attacks so far merely incapacitated those elves instead of taking their lives.l

"Passing by the Elf Forest?" It was clear that Lina didn't believe Huang Xiaolong's words, strong disdain colored her sapphire blue eyes, "Who would believe this kind of lies, it's not like we've not experienced the human race's cunningness."

Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders in reply, "It doesn't matter whether you believe or not, pass the message to your Elders or Queen, don't come bother me, otherwise I won't be polite like I was just now!"

"Hmph! What a big tone you have!" Just as Huang Xiaolong's voice fell, a harrumphed sounded in the far distant. Three figures flew in their direction at rapid speed, reaching Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

When the female elf Lina saw the three people, joy bloomed on her face as she hurried to greet them, "Lina greets the three Elders."

All three Elder elves nodded their heads at Lina.

"Young man, don't assume that knowing a little water magic makes you invincible in the world." Amongst the three elves, the tallest elf snapped, "If you can defeat him, I'll allow you to leave this place!"

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, "No need, all three of you can come together."

Huang Xiaolong could tell with a glance that although those three elves weren't weak, the strongest was tantamount to a human Seventh Order Saint realm, and the weakest was only a Fourth Order Saint realm.

Even with the three of them attacking together, Huang Xiaolong was confident he could easily defeat them.

Huang Xiaolong's words had truly angered the three Elf Elders.