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Chapter 446: My Big Uncle Is Young Noble Divine Dragon!

 Chapter 446: My Big Uncle Is Young Noble Divine Dragon!

"Snow Dragon City!" Everyone paled hearing that name.

One of the Bedlam Lands' top ten forces, Snow Dragon City!

While everyone had yet to recover from their shock, an arrogant voice drummed into their ears, "I never imagined that a wonderful secret space like this would be hidden under the Broken Tiger Rift!"

In the next second, a middle-aged man clad in luxurious silver brocade robes appeared in front of them with four old men following closely behind him. Judging from their demeanor, the four old men were probably his personal guards.

This middle-aged man was none other than Silver Dragon Ao Gu's eldest disciple, Han Qing. The four old men behind Han Qing were Snow Dragon City's four enforcers.

Strolling into the Eminent Holiness secret space, Han Qing's eyes scanned around, nodding in appreciation as he praised, "Really a good piece of paradise. Looks like this secret space is a remnant from the ancient times, excellent, excellent."

"Since it's a space that dates back to the ancient times, then the good things inside here should be aplenty."

Han Qing was filled with excitement inside after confirming the space's value. Only then did he look over at Huang Peng's group of people.

"Looks like it has been quite a while since you lot have discovered this ancient secret space, take out all the treasures you've found." Han Qing drawled, an obvious threat in his tone. He wasn't worried at all that the bunch of people would escape.

With his keen eyes, he easily determined that the strongest one in this bunch was the four-meter giant concealed under that big black cloak, the second strongest would be the man he had wounded just now.

The rest were early and mid Xiantian realm that weren't worth mentioning. He could exterminate them with a simple wave of his hand.

Huang Peng took a step forward, saying, "This Brother, this one is Huang Peng."

But, Huang Peng's sentence's barely ended when Han Qing suddenly struck Huang Peng with a palm, sending Huang Peng flying to the back. Huang Peng crashed into one of the straw huts, blood spurting out from his mouth.



Frightened exclamations sounded as faces paled.

Han Qing issued a cold snort, "What do I care if you're Huang Peng or not, I asked you about treasures, and I'm asking for the last time. Take out all the treasures you found here, if not, I won't be polite! At that time, with every countdown I make, I will kill one person!"

Huang Peng was helped to a stand, feeling as if every organ in his body was shattered.

"En, not dead?" Han Qing was slightly surprised seeing that Huang Peng was still alive after taking a hit from his palm. A Xiantian warrior that was struck with the aftershock of his palm strike couldn't keep his life, yet this guy who wasn't even a Saint realm was still breathing after taking a direct palm strike from him!

Despite the minuscule amount of strength he used in that palm strike, the fact that the man didn't die was enough to surprise Han Qing.

"Good, good!" Han Qing looked at Huang Peng with brilliant light shining in his eyes, "Still alive! It seems you must have eaten a lot of good treasures, or perhaps some divine grade spirit pellets which toughened your physique to this extent!"


Divine grade spirit pellet!

Han Qing's gaze was fixed on Huang Peng at this moment, "Speak, and take out all the treasures you've got from here!" He ordered as he walked toward Huang Peng.

From these people's earlier reactions, it seemed like this Huang Peng was this group's pillar.

"Feng Yang! Attack!" Suddenly, Huang Peng shouted a command!

In the next moment, Han Qing saw the four-meter tall giant hidden underneath a big black cloak moving to attack him. Unknowingly, the giant was gripping a three-pronged spear.

Han Qing was stunned for a split second, but his reaction was quick. A long sword appeared in his hand, slashing out and colliding with the big three-pronged spear. His hand numbed from the impact and was forced staggering back.

"Saint realm ghost creature!"

The five in Han Qing's group blurted out in shock, feeling the vibrant ghost aura bursting from the giant.

A resounding roar came from Feng Yang as he dashed at Han Qing with a second attack.

"So, it's a Saint realm ghost." Han Qing snorted. In his eyes, the giant was powerful, but it wasn't that strong, merely a First Order Saint realm.

"Go, exterminate this ghost thing!" Han Qing said to one of the old man behind him.

"Yes, Eldest Young Master!" The old man acknowledged. The old man lightly extended a palm out, dispersing Feng Yang's attack without much effort, then he punched out across space, accurately hitting Feng Yang and sending him somersaulting back in the air.

This old man was a Third Order Saint realm expert.

The giant ghost Feng Yang evolved to a sturdy physique from an intangible ghost creature when it broke through to Saint realm, rivaling a Second Order Saint realm warrior, but it was still weak against a Third Order Sain realm expert.

Feng Yang crashed, but climbed back up. His eyes turned a glowing scarlet red, breathing out visible puffs of black air as he lunged toward the old man, but within seconds, he was once again overpowered by the old man. Its body was sent flying further away than before.

This time, the old man used his full force. His palm strike crushed Feng Yang's ribs, causing him to fall down and be unable to stand back up again for a long time.

Han Qing chuckled sinisterly, striding toward Huang Peng and the others.

"Spit it out, where are the treasures? Take everything out! I'm a person with limited patience, if you lot still do not give me what I want, I will start slaughtering!" Han Qing sneered.

"Stop there!" Guo Xiaofan suddenly jumped out, a finger pointed at Han Qing, "My Big Uncle is Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong, all you bag eggs, if you dare to harm a hair on us, my Big Uncle will not spare any of you!"

"Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong!" Han Qing and the four old men were astounded.

But recovering from his shock, Han Qing exploded in laughter as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world, "Little guy, you've got guts, you even dare to lie to my face!" He pointed at Huang Peng, "Why don't you say he's Huang Xiaolong's old man?!" His voice was filled with obvious disdain and contempt.

It was clear that he didn't believe a single word of Guo Xiaofan's.

"You've said it right, he is our Sovereign's father!" Yu Ming's cold voice sounded, "I am the Asura's Gate's Elder, Yu Ming. Our Sovereign is in closed-door practice now, once he comes out, you're all dead!"

"Closed-door practice?" Han Qing continued to laugh in an unbridled manner, "Why don't you say that Young Noble Divine Dragon is taking a nap!"

The five people cracked-up nastily.

Han Qing made another sudden attack, striking one of the Huang Family guards. When the guard fell to the ground, only a lifeless body remained.

"Huang Hua!" Huang Peng cried out in dismal.

Although Huang Hua was a guard, he was also Huang Peng's childhood companion. After several decades passed, they became close like real brothers.

"Speak, where are the treasures? Still so stubborn, the next one I will kill is him!" Han Qing pointed a finger at Guo Tai.

Everyone was ashen.

"You're not allowed to hurt my father!" Guo Xiaofan little body blocked in front of Guo Tai.

Guo Tai was so terrified of his son's actions that he carried the little guy behind him into Huang Min's arms as he moved himself to the front, protecting both mother and son.

"What a wonderful display of father and son affection!" Han Qing sneered. He glanced over at Huang Peng, "Still not talking? Since it is so, then I shall...!" He lifted a palm up.

"Wait!" Huang Peng shouted.

Han Qing's action stopped.

"I really am, Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong's father!" Huang Peng emphasized.

Han Qing's face became ashen with anger hearing Huang Peng's words. Without another word, his palm struck out at Guo Tai: "DIE!" He was truly angered, he wanted to slaughter every one of these fools.

He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to find the treasures once he killed off everyone here.

Right as Han Qing's palm energy was about to hit Guo Tai's torso, a sudden light flashed in the air. A figure appeared in out of nowhere, and with a casual wave of his hand, Han Qing's attack dispersed without any trace or sound.


"Sovereign!" Huang Peng, Yu Ming, and the other cried out in joy seeing that familiar silhouette.