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Chapter 444: Poison Dragon Valley

 Chapter 444: Poison Dragon Valley

Hearing that his Senior Brother Shi Fantian wanted some Divine Dragon Pills, Huang Xiaolong took out the remaining twenty Divine Dragon Pill, Water Fire Pill, Reverse Dragon Pill and others from the Asura Ring without a word and gave them to his Senior Brother despite knowing that he was just joking.

If his Senior Brother could take out all the Dragon God Grass from the treasure chamber because of him, he couldn't be stingy in reciprocating, isn't that so?

Shi Fantian and the Blessed Buddha Empire experts stared stupidly at the twenty over pieces of divine grade spirit pellets, mouths agape.

"Junior Brother, this...!" Shi Fantian felt embarrassed.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, smiling as he said, "Didn't Senior Brother just say that between us there's no need for so much courtesy?"

Shi Fantian relaxed, "Fine then, Senior Brother will accept them." Shi Fantian said. No longer refusing, he put away the twenty pieces of pellets.

A short while later, the person that Shi Fantian instructed to bring the seventeen stalks of Dragon God Grass from the treasure chamber returned, lining them up before Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong was almost beside himself staring at the seventeen stalks of Dragon God Grass. Moments later, he put all of them away in the Asura Ring.

Seventeen stalks Dragon God Grass! It was enough for him to refine two primordial divine dragons! Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply to calm himself.

The banquet lasted until wee hours of the night before everyone dispersed.

Standing at the center of the palace residence courtyard Shi Fantian arranged for him, a sudden mood hit Huang Xiaolong and he began to practice the martial arts he learned in his previous life in the yard, from Ethereal Palm to Vanquishing Devil Fist.

This was the imperial palace after all, as a newly arrived guest, Huang Xiaolong wasn't thick enough to enter a long period of closed-door practice to refine the primordial divine dragons. With the seventeen stalks Dragon God Grass in hand, Huang Xiaolong didn't feel so anxious that he couldn't wait a day or two.

After he had completed one round all the martial arts he learned in his past life, Huang Xiaolong took out a piece of Hell Royal Blood Stone and ran the Asura Tactics to absorb the bountiful high quality energy inside.

These days, Huang Xiaolong's Asura Tactics improved at amazing speed, he had entered the sixth stage and began comprehending the edges of mid-sixth stage.

Once Huang Xiaolong's Asura Tactics advanced to the seventh stage, changes would happen to the Asura battle qi in his body. This transformation included his Asura Physique and Wings of Demon.

The night passed in quiet solitude.

The next morning, the sun was shining bright and brilliant as Huang Xiaolong come out from his room.

Just as Huang Xiaolong stepped out, Shi Xiaofei was already walking into his yard, inquiring if Huang Xiaolong had time to take a stroll in the streets.

"Stroll the streets?" Huang Xiaolong looked at Shi Xiaofei with a blank expression.

Shi Xiaofei's head lowered to hide her face, "I have taken a stroll around the city for more than ten years."

"More than ten years?" Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless. Wasn't his Senior Brother too strict with his daughter?! No wonder when he was traveling to Starcloud Continent Shi Xiaofei wanted to follow and have a look.

"En." In the end, he nodded. He was planning to go out.

Initially, Shi Xiaofei was afraid that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't agree, but seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually agreed, her face bloomed into a radiant smile, even tiptoeing forward to plant a kiss on his cheek.

Before Huang Xiaolong could react, a blushing Shi Xiaofei ran far away, her voice floating to his ears, "Big brother Huang, thank you! I'm going to get ready!"

Watching a flustered Shi Xiaofei running away, Huang Xiaolong came to his senses. Shaking his head, his fingers traced the spot Shi Xiaofei kissed, a lingering scent that belonged to her remained.

This made Huang Xiaolong think of Li Lu.

A while later, a ready Shi Xiaofei returned with Xiaorou and Xiaoyue, standing in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Shi Xiaofei changed into a pastel green long dress, and although she didn't apply much rouge, her natural beauty was mesmerizing enough that one would be unwilling to move their gaze away.

"Big brother Huang, let's go." Seeing Huang Xiaolong was looking at her a little dazedly, Shi Xiaofei urged.

"Oh." Huang Xiaolong snapped back to his senses. A helpless feeling rose within, ancient wisdom teaches that beautiful women are the root of troubles. This was indeed true, a woman being too beautiful might not necessarily be a good thing.

Huang Xiaolong could predict the situation on the streets later, there were bound to be basketfuls of miscellaneous problems.

As expected, when the four of them were walking in the streets, some self-assuming big family disciples that had utmost confidence in their outstanding good looks inevitably approached them to build some rapport. Our Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong could only take on the role of a cavalier.

By the end of the day, Huang Xiaolong had lost count of the number of times he 'exposed' strength in order to deter those 'outlandishly handsome' big family disciples.

Of course, it didn't mean that everyone was deterred by Huang Xiaolong's show of force the first time around. For instance, a Wu Family disciple named Wu Zhengyi.

Wu Zhengyi sneered as he looked at Huang Xiaolong with condescending eyes, "Yo brat, a measly slave, your Miss still hasn't said anything, why are you putting on airs in front of me?"

Xiaorou and Xiaoyue were clutching their mouths exaggeratedly watching Wu Zhengyi, their gazes baffled Wu Zhengyi.

Shi Xiaofei frowned, and a trace of anger flickered past her face. Huang Xiaolong had yet to act, but her palm had struck Wu Zhengyi across space, sending him flying into high air with a dozen somersaults before falling to the ground.

"Big brother Huang, I..." Shi Xiaofei faced Huang Xiaolong. It made her heart uncomfortable that Huang Xiaolong was scolded because he was protecting her.

"It's fine." Huang Xiaolong shook his head, a faint smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

In the Blessed Buddha Palace, hearing his subordinate's report, Shi Fantian looked over at Li Mengle, "This is the first time our baby daughter actually hit someone because of a man!"

Li Mengle smiled, "Wasn't I the same in the past?"

Shi Fantian sighed softly.

"But we don't know how Junior Brother Huang feels about our Xiaofei." Li Mengle said.

Shi Fantian wasn't worried about this, "This is a matter between two people, there's nothing much we can do, but I can tell, Junior Brother has a good impression on our baby daughter. Didn't we begin from good impressions as well?"

"That Deities Templar, what are they doing now?" Li Mengle suddenly changed the subject.

"They have been keeping a low profile." Shi Fantian said, but this calm made the unease in Shi Fantian's heart grow stronger, it was akin to the calm before the storm.

He had a feeling, when the shit storm hits, it would come fast and hard, pulling the entire Snow Wind Continent into it, the Blessed Buddha Empire as well.

The day passed fairly quickly.

The sunset at dusk, reflecting the last of the day's rays held an inexplicable beauty.

After a day of cavalier duty, Huang Xiaolong finally returned to his courtyard in the Blessed Buddha Palace. Getting news of his return, Shi Fantian personally came over to invite Huang Xiaolong for dinner.

Seeing Shi Fantian come in person, Huang Xiaolong didn't feel good refusing.

During the banquet, Shi Fantian suddenly said, "That Wu Zhengyi, I've already informed the Wu Family Patriarch to take care of him."

Huang Xiaolong waved his hands, saying it was no big deal.

"Junior Brother, are you still in need of Dragon God Grass?" Shi Fantian suddenly jumped to another topic.

Catching the underlying meaning of Shi Fantian's words, Huang Xiaolong was delighted, "Does Senior Brother know where I can find more Dragon God Grass?"

Shi Fantian chuckled, "That's right. Several hundred years ago, I went to the Ten Directions Continent, the Dragon God Grass in my Blessed Buddha treasure chamber was collected from a place called Poison Dragon Valley when I was on Ten Directions Continent. Though I did not enter the deeper parts of the Poison Dragon Valley, I think there should be some inside."

This was great news for Huang Xiaolong. He didn't expect Shi Fantian's Dragon God Grass to come from the Ten Directions Continent's Poison Dragon Valley.

"But, the air in Poison Dragon Valley is heavy with poison, the more powerful poison can render even a high-level Saint realm expert helpless. Not to mention, the land is fertile, with numerous poisonous insects and beasts, some of them possess great strength." Shi Fantian asked again, "Does Junior Brother really want to go?"'