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Chapter 435: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarters

 Chapter 435: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarters

"Yes, Young Lord, give the order, exterminate the Asura's Gate!" Chen Xiaofeng took a step forward, "The hatred in our hearts cannot be quelled unless Huang Xiaolong dies!"

Among the tens of thousands of Cosmos God Cult disciples that Huang Xiaolong massacred, his personal disciples were there too. Those qualified to be received as Chen Xiaofeng's personal disciples undeniably possessed remarkable talent.

But all those people were now dead!

All the upper ranks of Cosmos God Cult Elders felt their hearts bleeding.

He Zhi and the Elders also stepped forward, imploring Xie Hui to give the order-annihilate the Asura's Gate!

A light flickered in Xie Hui's eyes, seemingly tempted, but he took a deep breath instead, and spoke solemnly, "I will have someone get in touch with Lord Father!" Although he'd like nothing more than to disassemble Huang Xiaolong with his bare hands and gnaw on his bones, attacking the Asura's Gate headquarters was no simple matter.

The Asura's Gate's strength and forces might have dwindled significantly over the years, but there was Huang Xiaolong at its helm now. Huang Xiaolong was an existence that no one dared to underestimate.

If the Cosmos God Cult really waged war with the Asura's Gate, even if the Cosmos God Cult could finally annihilate the Asura's Gate, they would have to pay a heavy price and suffer a huge drop in strength. At that time, other super forces like Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House would swoop in and reap a fisherman's benefits with no effort at all.

Therefore, the order must come from his father.

Slightly over an hour later, Xie Hui received a reply from his father. Xie Chao's message was: Everyone was to wait until he returns.

Chen Xiaofeng, He Zhi, Hu Chen, and everyone else couldn't wait to tear Huang Xiaolong from limb to limb, but they could only suppress the hatred and anger in their hearts after receiving the Leader's instructions.

"Enforcer Chen, Enforcer Hu." Xie Hui spoke coldly, "Relay the order, Asura's Gate disciples and those families that submitted under the Asura's Gate, as long as they dare to appear in my Cosmos God Cult's territories, slaughter them all without mercy!"

Although his father had ordered not to attack the Asura's Gate, this order of his did not contradict with his father's order.

"Yes, Young Lord!" Chen Xiaofeng and the Enforcement Elders acknowledged with enthusiasm and respect.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong and the three women appeared on a stark hill at the northern border of the Lingwu Oblast. Only some small aboriginal tribes resided in the area. After making sure that the Cosmos God Cult did not send any pursuers, Huang Xiaolong's group stopped to rest in this hilly region.

"You've suffered in recent days." Stepping on the ground, Huang Xiaolong said, looking at Shi Xiaofei.

Shi Xiaofei's eyes became red-rimmed all of a sudden, sobbing as she dove into Huang Xiaolong's arms.

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied on the spot.

Xiaorou and Xiaoyue stood blankly watching the scene playing in front of them.

Both girls were aware if their Princess's aloof attitude towards men. Despite knowing full well that the Princess's main purpose in coming all the way to Starcloud Continent this time was because of Huang Xiaolong, after watching the scene in front of them, their brains were a tad slow in trying to process the meaning of it.

The Princess took the initiative to embrace a man!

Right in front of them!

Huang Xiaolong grew increasingly awkward under the stares coming from Xiaorou and Xiaoyue, he lightly patted Shi Xiaofei's shoulder saying, "Alright now, there are people watching."

Shi Xiaofei immediately realized her gaffe, remembering that Xiaorou and Xiaoyue were standing at the side. She quickly released Huang Xiaolong and retreated in a flustered manner as a bright red blush crept up her face.

The atmosphere inevitably turned strange and awkward.

"Young Noble Huang, Xie Hui forced Princess and us to swallow a kind of grayish medicinal pellet after capturing us, and after that, we were unable to gather any battle qi at all. That Xie Hui said that if we are not given the antidote within one month's time, we'd never recover for the rest of our lives!" At one point, the maid Xiaorou spoke, breaking the awkward silence.

"That's true, Young Noble Huang, if there's no antidote, then Princess...!" Xiaoyue said with a worried expression that shadowed her small face.

Gray-colored pellets? Huang Xiaolong's brows creased hearing this, then he took out three Jasper Lotus from the Asura Ring. The air was immediately infused with a refreshing herbal fragrance similar to a pellet.

"This is a Jasper Lotus, it can solve ten thousand kinds of poison. First take this and see if it can expel the poison in your body." Huang Xiaolong explained.

"Jasper Lotus!" Shi Xiaofei's eyes were round with amazement and delight. Xiaorou and Xiaoyue might not know the value of the Jasper Lotus, but Shi Xiaofei did.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a slight encouraging smile, "Swallow this first, then meditate. I will be on the lookout." With that, he passed three stalks of Jasper Lotus to the three women.

Taking the Jasper Lotus in her hand, Shi Xiaofei gazed intently at Huang Xiaolong, the adoration swimming on her eyes made Huang Xiaolong want to flee for safety. He avoided Shi Xiaofei's eyes and went to stand guard at the side, acting as a lookout for the three women.

Huang Xiaolong's reaction made Shi Xiaofei chuckle softly, like a thousand petals blooming gloriously. Only then did she sat down in a meditative posture with her two maids, took the Jasper Lotus and began running their cultivation techniques to eliminate the poison.

A heavy sigh escaped Huang Xiaolong's heart hearing Shi Xiaofei's tiny chuckle.

At first, when Huang Xiaolong heard Cosmos God Cult Young Lord Xie Hui say that Shi Xiaofei had someone she liked, and that person was himself, he still carried some doubt. However, just now, from the way Shi Xiaofei was gazing at him, the enamoured feelings she held for him were obvious to him.

At a time like this, Huang Xiaolong couldn't help but think of Li Lu. There was a distinct feeling that he and Li Lu would come face to face soon, however, there was a foreboding anxiety attached to this feeling.

Could it be due to Li Lu's current identity? Huang Xiaolong contemplated. By now, Huang Xiaolong no longer had any doubts that Li Lu was the elected Deities Templar Holy Maiden.

"Deities Templar's Holy Maiden..." Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

Two hours passed quietly.

After taking the Jasper Lotus, faint gray mists floated out from Shi Xiaofei, Xiaorou, and Xiaoyue's bodies. Huang Xiaolong, who had been keeping an eye on the three people's conditions, finally relaxed when he saw this scene. He knew that the gray mist was the poison being expelled from their bodies.

Admittedly, he was a little worried in the beginning that the Jasper Lotus wouldn't work. If it came to that, Huang Xiaolong would have to make another trip back to Cosmos God City...

A short while later, there was no more grayish mist coming out from the three women's bodies. When the three stood up, ruddiness returned to their faces, not only had all the poison been expelled, but even their cultivation rose slightly.

"How is it?" Huang Xiaolong walked over, asking Shi Xiaofei.

Shi Xiaofei smiled happily, nodding her head, "All the poison has been expelled."

Huang Xiaolong nodded: "Let's leave this place first."

Huang Xiaolong believed that very soon all two hundred oblasts under Cosmos God Cult's governance would impose martial law, which was why he had to bring all three women out of Cosmos God Cult's sphere of influence as soon as possible.

The three women nodded at Huang Xiaolong's words.

In a rapid flicker, all four people disappeared from the hilly site.

In less than a day, news of the Cosmos God City battle spread throughout the Starcloud Continent, like an extra large bomb that shook the entire continent.

"On the Cosmos God Cult Young Lord's big wedding day, Huang Xiaolong single-handedly broke into the Cosmos God City and massacred over ten thousand of Cosmos God Cult's disciples!"

"Huang Xiaolong actually cultivates the Godly Xumi Art! The number one battle skill has once again resurfaced in the world!"

"Several Cosmos God Cult Elders were struck flying by Huang Xiaolong's Godly Xumi Art!"

Each and every detail was spread by word of mouth at amazing speed!

Shock, amazement, idolization to the point of fanaticism, and fear. The entire Starcloud Continent, or more accurately, the entire Martial Spirit World was in an uproar!

In comparison to Huang Xiaolong's Godly Xumi Art, rarely anyone bothered to speak of Xie Hui's Death God Sinister Technique or his Death God's Sword.

Half a month later, several hundred kilometers outside of Cosmos God City, Huang Xiaolong's group of four appeared.

"Birchleaf City." Huang Xiaolong examined the large city outside the city gates.

Birchleaf City was the place where the headquarters of one of the four Starcloud Continent's biggest firms was located, the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce's headquarters.

Coming all this way, Huang Xiaolong's only purpose was the four stalks of Dragon God Grass.