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Chapter 434: Death God's Sword

 Chapter 434: Death God's Sword

Hearing Xie Hui's sudden exclamation, Huang Xiaolong chose to ignore the confoundment around him. The several hundred arms moved, launching the second wave of attack right into the midst of the gathered Cosmos God Cult disciples.

Once again the sky was filled with fist imprints and dazzling lights in all four directions, drowning out the Castellan Manor below.

The Cosmos God Cult disciples watched wide-eyed with shock, panic and despair, as these fist imprints were falling towards them, wanting to flee.

However, not even the Cosmos God Cult Saint realm experts were able to escape the first wave of Huang Xiaolong's attack, what could these disciples do?

"Huang Xiaolong, you dare!" From high up came Xie Hui's raging roar.

But it was too late. Before his sentence ended, the countless fist imprints landed, blasting those disciples into the air without exception.

A shower of blood rain splattered on the earth.

"Huang Xiaolong, I'm going to kill you!" Xie Hui roared, Chen Xiaofeng and the remaining Cosmos God Cult experts' eyes turned scarlet.

Those Cosmos God Cult disciples were all core disciples, each possessed a talent higher than the others, and in fact, many of them could be considered rare geniuses that appeared once in a thousand years. They were seedlings that the Cosmos God Cult spent abundant resources and effort to cultivate through the years, the majority of them were Ninth and Tenth Order Xiantian, some half-Saint, even a few peak half-Saints.

But now, all of them... all their efforts!

Several thousands of Cosmos God Cult's most brilliant, most talented core disciples were actually killed by Huang Xiaolong!

Xie Hui took out a gray longsword. On the blade of the longsword were inscribed rows of black runes, while on the sword hilt was a black skull.

The moment this gray longsword emerged, death aura churned and spread out, covering the entire manor's airspace. Under the dense veil of death aura, everyone felt as if they fell into a stark world of Death.

"It's, the Death God's Sword!"

"Death God's Sword!" Another commotion swept over the spectating experts.

The Death God's Sword was the weapon belonging to Ghost King's subordinate, Death God's weapon. According to legend, this Death God's longsword was made using numerous Saint realm experts' bones and materials from the Divine World, and submerged in hell's yellow springs for a thousand years before it was fully completed.

On the day of completion, the sky darkened over a hundred thousand miles radius, covered by the gray death aura, and sounds of weeping ghosts could be heard.

The bones of God Realm masters and Saint realm experts that died under this longsword were tantamount to a high mountain.

Gripping the Death God's Sword in his hand, Xie Hui was shaking with anger. He let out a bellow and swung the sword, countless sword lights shot straight at the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs that were about to attack him. Colliding with the torrent of sword lights, dead Poison Corpse Scarabs plummeted to the ground.

One strike, more than a dozen Poison Corpse Scarabs were dead!

After repelling a wave of Poison Corpse Scarabs, Xie Hui turned around, facing Huang Xiaolong and made a slash with the longsword.

"Die-!" At this point, Xie Hui's eyes had completely turned a muddy gray, the same gray of the death aura surging out from his body like tidal waves.

Xie Hui's condition slightly astonished Huang Xiaolong, and he did not counter Xie Hui's attack head on like he usually did. He grabbed Shi Xiaofei beside him, dodging the longsword attack in a flicker. The sword cut into the ground, opening a deep fissure that spewed a large amount of death aura.

The experts from other sects retreated further back still. What they had seen so far today had repeatedly shattered their perception.

First, it was the ancient Death God Sinister Cultivation, followed by the legendary Godly Xumi Art that was lost for tens of thousands of years, the fabled most powerful battle skill in the world. Now, the longsword that weaved death, once belonging to the Death God had appeared.

Whether it was Xie Hui or Huang Xiaolong, both had given unprecedented shock to these experts. Still, the biggest shock came from Huang Xiaolong.

The Godly Xumi Art had resurfaced in the world once more, very soon this news would spread to every corner of Martial Spirit World faster than wildfire.

"Xiaolong, please save Xiaorou and Xiaoyue!" After Huang Xiaolong dodged the Death God's Sword attack from Xie Hui, Shi Xiaofei suddenly pleaded anxiously.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in silence, he knew the Xiaorou and Xiaoyue Shi Xiaofei mentioned were her two maids. That time when he was passing by the Blessed Buddha Empire and stayed there for a few days, he has seen the few close maids of Shi Xiaofei.

Thus, in a matter of seconds, Huang Xiaolong's spiritual sense found the place where the two maids were being held inside the Castellan Manor.

Both maids were imprisoned in one of the halls.

"Death God's Hell!" A sharp cold voice pierced their eardrums, Huang Xiaolong raised his head and saw Xie Hui swinging the Death God's longsword once more. This time, the gray death energy formed countless shadows of death god dominating everything, enacting the name of Death God's Hell, and doubled the power of the previous sword strike.

Hugging Shi Xiaofei close to him, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei both disappeared into the void using Space Concealment, avoiding Xie Hui's attack. When they emerged from the void, it was where the two maids were being held captive.

Huang Xiaolong flicked his finger, easily snapping off the chains winding around the two maids, yet Xie Hui's attacks pursued relentlessly from behind.

Bringing three women with him, Huang Xiaolong's silhouette flickered into the void, barely avoiding Xie Hui's sword.

It was obvious to Huang Xiaolong that the death aura released by the Death God's Sword was too overbearing. At Xie Hui's current strength, he wasn't fully capable of controlling and use it well, or else he'd have a harder time dodging those lethal strikes.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hands, retrieving all the Poison Corpse Scarabs, and vanished from the spot along with the three women.

"Xie Hui, we'll meet again. At that time, I'll take your dog life!" Huang Xiaolong's frigid voice floated from the void as he disappeared.

Gray death mist was flowing out of Xie Hui's eyes. Watching Huang Xiaolong disappear, he let out an ear-splitting furious roar. The Death God's Sword swung madly without aim, venting his fury. Multiple sword lights laden with heavy death aura shot out in a frenzied manner, and some Cosmos God Cult disciples on the ground who were too slow to dodge died as these sword lights pierced through their bodies.

Disciples that died under the Death God's Sword lights instantly turned into dried corpses that emitted death aura from head to toe.

"Young Lord!" Chen Xiaofeng, He Zhi, and some of the Elders hurried toward Xie Hui, trying to restrain him from inflicting more damage.

"Young Lord, how's your condition?" Chen Xiaofeng asked with concern when Xie Hui seemed calmer.

Xie Hui looked at Chen Xiaofeng and the group of Elders, the death aura in his eyes gradually subsided. The death aura within the Death God's Sword was too heavy, too overbearing, he still couldn't fully control it at his current strength level, if he wasn't forced by Huang Xiaolong, he wouldn't have taken the longsword out. Just now, due to the rebound from the death aura causing internal qi deviation, he nearly fell into a state of complete amok.

"I am fine." Xie Hui inhaled deeply, putting away the Death God's Sword. In a rapid flicker, he appeared on the ground below. Seeing the thousands of Cosmos God Cult core disciples' bodies littered all around him, Xie Hui's fists clenched tightly. The crisp sounds of gnashing teeth could be heard.

"Huang Xiaolong, I'll kill you, rue the days that I don't!" Cosmos God Cult Enforcement Elder Hu Chen cried out in anguish and ire, thick murderous aura burst out from his one eye. Amongst the many Cosmos God Cult core disciples that Huang Xiaolong killed were more than a dozen of his personal disciples.

Before, his only son died a tragic death in Enigma City, and now, his dozens of personal disciples also died under Huang Xiaolong's hand.

The experts from other forces, the Distinct Void Door, and White Phoenix House exchanged glances in silence.

No one imagined Cosmos God Cult Young Lord's big wedding day to end this way, but things had already happened, the guests were disinclined to stay any longer and it wasn't necessary to do so.

Experts gradually approached Xie Hui and Chen Xiaofeng to bid farewell.

Watching those experts leave without a second thought, Xie Hui and experts of the Cosmos God Cult didn't look too good. Although the experts from the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and the top forces didn't show it on the surface, the gloating in their eyes was obvious to Xie Hui and the Cosmos God Cult Elders.

"Young Lord, give the order, attack the Asura's Gate headquarters! Exterminate Huang Xiaolong and wipe out all Asura's Gate disciples!" Hu Chen's voice was filled with deep hatred: "If we do not exterminate Asura's Gate, we'll turn into the world's laughing stock!"

Huang Xiaolong had gone to the point of massacring more than ten thousand Cosmos God Cult core disciples in their headquarters' Cosmos God City, if the Cosmos God Cult did not retaliate, they would indeed be treated as laughing stock!

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