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Chapter 433: Godly Xumi Art!

 Chapter 433: Godly Xumi Art!

Unencumbered by his worries about Shi Xiaofei's safety, Huang Xiaolong wanted to battle this Cosmos God Cult Young Lord. He currently didn't want to use the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Under the many watchful eyes below, one blue and one black dragon flew out of his body, issuing roars that distorted space.

Looking at the black and blue dragon martial spirits high above, everybody almost shivered simultaneously.

"Twin dragon martial spirits! Huang Xiaolong!"

"Asura's Gate Sovereign!"

Everyone exclaimed with eyes on the verge of falling out of their sockets, especially the group of Patriarchs and Sovereigns that came out together with Gu Lingbo in order to apprehend the trespasser. Their faces became ashen and cold sweat soaked through the back of their robes.

That trespasser was actually the Asura's Gate Sovereign!

Remembering the rumors about those legendary Poison Corpse Scarabs, these Patriarchs and Sovereigns turned a few shades whiter. There people's thoughts couldn't escape the group of Cosmos God Cult experts around, but even so, there wasn't much difference in their reactions.

Despite people like Chen Xiaofeng reproaching Huang Xiaolong with audacity time and again, yelling to annihilate the Asura's Gate, when the time came to really face Huang Xiaolong, none was able to disguise the trepidations squeezing their hearts.

Only Cosmos God Cult's Enforcement Elder Hu Chen was staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong's silhouette with a vicious glint in his one eye.

Up in the high sky, Xie Hui, who was in the midst of building his momentum, was also shocked watching the young man summon his twin dragon martial spirits. 'Huang Xiaolong, the opponent is actually Huang Xiaolong!'

"I wondered who could it be that dared to act with such unbridled arrogance in my Cosmos God City, killing my sect disciple in my territory, so it was you, Huang Xiaolong!" Xie Hui's gaze became sharper and colder, "But, Huang Xiaolong, did you convince yourself that you're capable of resisting the Cosmos God Cult just by manipulating a few Poison Corpse Scarabs?!"

In that short span of time, Huang Xiaolong had soul transformed, fusing with both black and blue twin dragon martial spirits. Iridescent dragon scales glimmered in the sunlight covered Huang Xiaolong entirely. On his back were life-like tattoos of a black and a blue dragon heads, exuding an indomitable dragon might.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the other side with impassive eyes, devoid of any emotions, "You talk too much nonsense." As the last syllable fell, Huang Xiaolong had swung his fist, imbued with killing intent.

Fist imprints seemed to overcast the sky, ethereal one moment, yet tangible the next.

The Great Void Divine Fist!

Huang Xiaolong half expected Xie Hui to counter with a fist attack, but Xie Hui actually retreated. Both of his hands signaled, commanding: "Prepare the Corpseless Poison Powder!"

Instantly, Chen Xiaofeng and the rest of Cosmos God Cult experts moved, appearing high in the air, encircling Huang Xiaolong in the middle. At the same time, they released a greenish gold powder from their hands that flew through the air in Huang Xiaolong's direction.

On the ground below, experts from the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and others were agape in horror staring at the floating greenish gold powder; Corpseless Poison Powder?!

The world's most savage poison!

A Saint realm expert's physique was extremely tough, able to ignore most poisons, but there were some exceptions. A Saint realm expert's body wasn't immune to every kind of poison in the world, such as this Corpseless Poison Powder!

The Corpseless Poison Powder's infamous reputation went back all the way to the ancient times. Once an expert was stained with the poison, without an antidote, all of his flesh would turn into pus water within ten breaths of time, leaving only the bones.

It did not end there, the Corpseless Poison Powder would continue to erode the bones, causing agonizing pain to the victim, making them feel like they would be better off dead.

Even a Saint realm expert, if they did not immediately distribute Saint force to expel the poison from their bodies, they would not fare any better than others.

The experts below immediately retreated a safe distance away, a very big safe distance away, afraid that even one speck of Corpseless Poison Powder would touch them.

This Corpseless Poison Powder was one of Xie Hui's harvests from the Ghost City. Not only that, Xie Hui also obtained its refinement method.

"Huang Xiaolong, you have the Poison Corpse Scarabs, and I have Corpseless Poison Powder, let's see if your insects are better or if my Corpseless Poison Powder is!" Xie Hui let out a lofty laughter.

Once Huang Xiaolong was poisoned by the Corpseless Poison Powder, no matter how strong or powerful he was rumored to be, he was bound to die!

'So what if he has Poison Corpse Scarabs?!'

The greenish-gold substance filled the air, blocking off all of Huang Xiaolong's escape routes as it floated closer and closer to at rapid speed Huang Xiaolong, as if it was alive. In the blink of an eye, that greenish gold powder arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Looking at the sea of poison powder, Huang Xiaolong didn't show any signs of panic. With a flick of his wrist, a stalk of jasper-colored lotus appeared in his hand. A ten thousand years old Jasper Lotus.

Huang Xiaolong swallowed it without delay. The Jasper Lotus was a panacea for ten thousand kinds of poison, as terrorizing as that Corpseless Poison Powder was, it could only be suppressed by the Jasper Lotus like an obedient child.

Just as Huang Xiaolong swallowed the Jasper Lotus, countless specks of powder landed on his body.

Seeing this, Xie Hui and the Cosmos God Cult experts secretly breathed out in relief.

Although they had no idea what Huang Xiaolong had just swallowed, the Corpseless Poison Powder's toxicity was not so easily solved, otherwise people in the ancient times wouldn't have been frightened by the mere mention of its name.

Yet, before their breath of relief were fully exhaled, Huang Xiaolong acted. With a wave of his hand, countless Poison Corpse Scarabs flew out, forming into groups of black clouds, separating and attacking in multiple directions.

"Poison Corpse Scarabs!" Chen Xiaofeng's face was ashen, waving his flustered hands, trying to fend off the cloud of Poison Corpse Scarabs coming at him.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong reached Shi Xiaofei's side.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei felt like she endured a tremendous amount of grief, and tears rolled down her cheeks as she ran toward Huang Xiaolong, hugging him tightly. Very tightly.

Huang Xiaolong felt Shi Xiaofei's two soft spots ram against his chest, causing him to freeze on the spot in an awkward manner. He didn't expect Shi Xiaofei to embrace him before a crowd like this.

"It's alright now." Huang Xiaolong comforted.

"En." Shi Xiaofei softly hummed a reply, her breath caressed like a flower petal. Her face was slightly red as she released Huang Xiaolong.

"Kill this pair of shameless paramours!" High in the air, Xie Hui was furious watching Shi Xiaofei run into Huang Xiaolong's arms and hugging him in front of a crowd! There were experts from Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House amongst others.

Although his and Shi Xiaofei's wedding ceremony was temporarily delayed by Huang Xiaolong, in his heart, Shi Xiaofei was already his woman. His woman dared to embrace another man in front of so many people!

Both of them be damned!

All in all, the Cosmos God Cult had slightly over a hundred Saint realm experts present, those being hindered by the Poison Corpse Scarabs were only a small twenty people, including Xie Hui and Chen Xiaofeng. Hearing Xie Hui's order, the remaining Saint realm experts acted swiftly, furiously launching attacks toward Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes grew cold watching the ranks of Cosmos God Cult experts aiming at them both. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of arms erupted from Huang Xiaolong's back, slamming down on the attackers.

Fireworks of golden showers, Buddha statues, fist, and finger imprints filled the sky.

The Great Void Divine Fist, Earthen Buddha Palm, Absolute Soul Finger, God Binding Palm, and Asura Demon Claw rendered the space.

A chain of booming sounds of explosions echoed in the air.

The Distinct Void Door, White House Phoenix, and the other experts drew in sharp cold breaths witnessing this result, their gaze then shifted onto Huang Xiaolong, disbelief written all over their faces.

Close to a hundred Cosmos God Cult Saint realms were all sent flying by Huang Xiaolong!

What kind of concept was this?!

Regardless of the fact that those Cosmos God Cult Saint realm experts were only early and mid-level, still, this was too scary!

They stared dumbstruck at the several hundred arms fanned out behind Huang Xiaolong.

What battle skill was this?

"Godly Xumi Art!" While everyone present was still immersed in shock, Xie Hui's sharp voice resounded. Xie Hui gawked at the hundreds of arms behind Huang Xiaolong's back, flabbergasted.

Godly Xumi Art!

The most powerful battle skill in the world!

Everyone forgot to breathe as their attention once again fell on Huang Xiaolong.