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Chapter 432: Death God's Sinister Technique

 Chapter 432: Death God's Sinister Technique

Even experts from the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and other eight super forces were astonished, the Cosmos God Cult Young Lord, Xie Hui, was actually dealing with this trespasser himself!

Xie Hui, someone who was hailed as the Undefeated War God, the number one person amongst the younger generation on Starcloud Continent, hadn't been involved in a battle for many years.

No one imagined that he would be battling on this day!

High up in the sky, Huang Xiaolong's tensed slightly watching the sudden torrent of fists imprints coming at him. As if by reflex, his fists swung out, countering with the Great Void Divine Fist. However, at this precise moment, the attacker's figure already appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong.

'So fast!'

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed in a dignified manner, and the Great Dragon Saber in his hands made a swift horizontal cut in both attack and defense.


The attacker's fist collided with the Great Dragon Saber, and a tyrannical force traveled up the saber to Huang Xiaolong's body, making him stagger back more than one step. High in the air, Huang Xiaolong skidded several hundred meters back before he managed to disperse the opposing force.

Even so, his hands still felt numb from the earlier collision, in fact, he nearly lost his grip on the Great Dragon Saber in that collision!

The exclamations below entered Huang Xiaolong's ears. His eyes narrowed to slits observing the young man on the other side, clad in a red brocade groom robe; the Cosmos God Cult's Young Lord!

Below, witnessing Xie Hui repelling the enemy in a single strike, everyone's subconsciously tensed bodies loosened with relief.

"A measly Fourth Order Saint realm dares to run rampant in the Cosmos God City!" Chen Xiaofeng glowered at Huang Xiaolong's silhouette from the ground, issuing a disdainful snicker, "I thought it would be at least a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm."

He Zhi added, "It has been a while since the Young Lord last showed his strength. Now that the Young Lord is taking matters into his own hands, it is that little punk's luck to be able to die under Young Lord's hand."

"Young Lord's prowess is unrivaled, dealing with a mere Fourth Order Saint realm, that's just like squashing an ant." Hu Chen added a complaisant line in a hearty laughter.

Because none of these experts that attended today's wedding banquet had ever seen Huang Xiaolong before, none of them were able to identify the trespasser as the Huang Xiaolong.

Xie Hui stood high in the sky with his hands behind his back, listening to the loud murmurs below. He spared an indifferent glance in Huang Xiaolong's direction saying, "Last night, Shi Xiaofei mentioned that she has someone she likes. She said that I don't even qualify to carry that other person's shoes, but from what I can see, this 'person' is only so-so." The was obvious contempt and ridicule in his voice.

Huang Xiaolong's brows scrunched together...

'Someone she likes...? Me?!'

However, this was not the right time to ponder this matter. Huang Xiaolong spread his spiritual sense, instantly finding Shi Xiaofei in the manor below, dressed in a bright red wedding gown. Shi Xiaofei had been staring unblinkingly in Huang Xiaolong's direction from the moment he collided with Xie Hui. Their eyes met across the distance.

"In a little while, I will dig out your heart, and feed it to the dogs!" Xie Hui's angry voice sounded. At first, he had assumed the person Shi Xiaofei mentioned would at least be a Seventh Order Saint realm, but seeing Huang Xiaolong's strength, he totally relaxed.

"Is that so?" Huang Xiaolong's expression remained icy even though he was immensely relieved after confirming that Shi Xiaofei was safe. He could tell that Shi Xiaofei had yet to lose her chastity, otherwise he really wouldn't be able to face his Senior Brother Shi Fantian.

In that split second, Xie Hui's right hand shaped into claws and swiped at Huang Xiaolong's chest dangerously fast, precisely aiming at his heart.

A grayish claw imprint shred through space, fast and sharp.

Xie Hui's speed was extremely fast, close to the point that Huang Xiaolong was barely able to capture his movements. Just when Xue Hui's claw-hand was inches away from his heart, Huang Xiaolong executed a tumultuous dodge, narrowly escaping Xie Hui's claw imprint.

Despite that, the chest area of Huang Xiaolong's robe was torn to pieces, and five inch-long claw marks lined the skin on his chest, right above his heart. Blood oozed out from the ghastly wounds.

Xie Hui stopped attacking after drawing blood, a cold smile appeared on his face, "Not bad, your reaction speed deserves some compliment, to be able to dodge my Heart Penetrating Claw. However, that was just warm up." As his words ended, a darker gray light shrouded Xie Hui's hands, growing more intense as both his hands diffused a frightening death aura.

Yet, there were signs of vitality weaving amongst the death aura, in delicate films of green energy threads.

Death aura and vitality were contradictory forces at their core, unable to coexist, yet both energies appeared together around Xie Hui's hands.

"Death God Sinister Technique!" A Distinct Void Door Elder on the ground blurted. The other experts around him on the ground paled, showing similar shocked faces hearing that.

"Death God Sinister Technique? The same Death God Sinister Technique that was lost tens of thousands of years ago?!" A ruckus swept through the crowd of experts.

During the ancient times, one of the six ancient kings, the Ghost King had two illustrious subordinates, and one of them was referred to as 'Death God'.

Although this Death God wasn't on par with the six ancient kings, his strength was not to be scoffed at as one of the top masters of his time. The cultivation technique he practiced was called Death God Sinister Technique!

"Right, it's the Death God Sinister Technique!" Xie Hui's voice sounded from above, confirming what the Distinct Void Door Elder blurted out.

A few years ago, inside the Ghost City that only appeared once in a thousand years, Xie Hui was there too. Although he failed to find the Ghost King Sutra, he left the Ghost City with the Death God Sinister Technique.

In these recent years, he secretly practiced this Death God Sinister Technique away from prying eyes in the Cosmos God Cult's Holy Land, finally achieving success with the technique.

Today was a great opportunity to display this technique, a show of power to deter all four directions.

Xie Hui coldly faced Huang Xiaolong. In a split second, he lunged toward him with both hands bent into claws, ready to strike.

"Death God's Boneless Claw!"

A deluge of death aura churned like thick clouds dancing in the sky, shaping into numerous death god avatars waving their sharp claws, issuing menacing growls and eerie whimpers, trapping Huang Xiaolong in a circle with no way out.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes grew icy looking at these death god avatars encircling him, then, at this moment, he triggered the Asura Physique transformation. Behind him, majestic ebony demonic wings appeared.

From the time Huang Xiaolong refined the Asura bloodline, the power of his Asura Tactics was magnified, and its effect raised the Wings of Demon to another degree.

When the ebony black wings spread out, demonic runes glimmered in a golden hue.

Huang Xiaolong's actions were lightning fast, swinging the great saber in his hands.

"Dragons Stirring the Heavens!"

A flood of blood-red dragons swam out with heaven flipping momentum, entangling and colliding with the death god avatars.

Up in high air, attacks and retaliation, two different kinds of lights flashed endlessly. Thunderous blasts were heard one after another.

Thick death aura and suffocating slaughter energy continued to collide, forming waves of shockwaves that hit the Castellan Manor and the surrounding area like an energy downburst.

With each powerful collision, Huang Xiaolong's body shook a little, staggering back repeatedly. Although the Great Dragon Saber was the ancient Dragon Clan's treasure weapon, and a powerful one at that, Huang Xiaolong's own battle qi's strength lost to the opponent. The gap between them was clear as day. Therefore, it was a struggle for the blood dragon's slaughter energy to duel against the death god aura.

Xie Hui sneered, "Your saber skills are not bad, but what a pity, you cannot draw the saber's full ability." On the surface, Xie Hui spoke these words, but inwardly, he was shocked. One must know that he was a peak late-Sixth Order Saint realm, half-step at the edge of breaking into Seventh Order Saint realm, whereas the other side was a trivial mid-Fourth Order Saint realm.

From his initial attack, he thought he could easily injure someone of this cultivation level.

'However, this ends here!'

Xie Hui jumped forward, death aura spiraled around his body like neverending angry waves. The tiny talisman symbol on his forehead glimmered as his momentum rose higher and higher, as if he turned into a god of death.

The experts below watched Xie Hui with apprehension.

'It seems like I must summon my martial spirits!' Watching Xie Hui's rising momentum, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

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