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Chapter 431: It's The Young Lord!

 Chapter 431: It's The Young Lord!

When Chen Xiaofeng reached Xie Hui's residence courtyard, he saw several maids helping Xie Hui into a bright red brocade groom robe. Seeing this, Chen Xiaofeng's mouth opened a closed a few times, hesitant to bring the matter up.

"Speak, what is it?" Xie Hui spoke first.

Chen Xiaofeng hurried forward to report, "Someone breached into the city through the southern city gates, along the way he has killed a large number of our disciples. I've sent two Saint realm experts over to deal with the trespasser, but both...!" his words trailed off awkwardly.

Yet Xie Hui looked calm, checking his appearance before the mirror as he questioned, "How do I look in this outfit?"

Chen Xiaofeng was slightly disconcerted as he looked at Xie Hui clad in a bright red brocade groom robe, coupled with Xie Hui's good looks, he indeed looked dashing. However, Chen Xiaofeng did not expect the Young Lord to suddenly ask such a question, leaving him stumped.

Xie Hui turned to the maid beside him, asking, "How is the Young Lady's preparation coming along?"

"Replying to Young Lord, we've have attired the Young Lady." The maid answered with respect and decorum.

Xie Hui nodded, "Go, bring the Young Lady to the front hall for the ceremony." Waving away the maid with his hand.

The several maids complied respectfully and retreated from sight.

"Let's go." Xie Hui strode out toward the front hall with Chen Xiaofeng behind him.

On the way, Chen Xiaofeng couldn't resist asking, "Young Lord, then that person, what do we...?"

Xie Hui merely waved his hand saying, "No need to rush, we'll talk after my wedding ceremony ends." After the ceremony was performed, then he and Shi Xiaofei would be true husband and wife.

This trespasser was probably the person Shi Xiaofei mentioned before; the one whose shoes he, Xie Hui, wasn't even qualified to carry! A sharp glint flitted in the depth of Xie Hui's eyes.

Recalling the tone and words Shi Xiaofei used when speaking to him last night, an intense murderous aura leaked from Xie Hui's body.

Whereas Chen Xiaofeng could only acquiesce, the Young Lord had expressly said so. However, the sudden burst of killing intent from Xie Hui's body baffled him.

Although that person breached the southern city gates and killed numerous Cosmos God Cult disciples, the strong killing intent coming from the Young Lord's body gave Chen Xiaofeng the illusion that there was a deep personal grudge between them, akin to arch enemies.

"Thinking about it, it's been quite a long time since i last battled." Xie Hui said out of nowhere.

Chen Xiaofeng was stunned for a second; did this mean that the Young Lord wanted to deal with this matter personally?!

A while later, Xie Hui, Chen Xiaofeng, and the rest of the Cosmos God Cult experts assembled at the front hall, the boisterous inner and outer halls gradually quieted down at their arrival. These guests from afar all stood up to greet and congratulate Xie Hui.

Xie Hui smiled and nodded in return.

Not long after Xie Hui and the Cosmos God Cult Elders arrived at the front hall, Shi Xiaofei appeared in the front hall dressed in a striking red bridal gown. No one could see the tears simmering in her lucid eyes under the red veil covering her face.

Outside the Cosmos God City's Castellan Manor.

Huang Xiaolong marched steadily under the sultry sun, enshrouded by a dense Asura qi as if he was the embodiment of an Asura from the abyss of the netherworld, sending palpable fear into people's hearts. He lost the interest to count how many Cosmos God Cult disciples he killed along the way.

The Cosmos God Cult disciples in the Castellan Manor's proximity watched tensely at Huang Xiaolong's approaching figure, a figure of darkness that contrasted with the radiantly shining sun.

The path where Huang Xiaolong passed transformed into a river of blood, leaving Cosmos God Cult disciples corpses piled high in the streets of Cosmos God City.

As Huang Xiaolong neared the Castellan Manor, the experts within the inner and outer hall sensed the terrifying murderous aura pouring out from Huang Xiaolong's body.

At this time, a big family's Patriarch inside the inner hall, Gu Lingbo, stood up and said, "Young Lord, this death seeking fool dares to come and stir trouble in Cosmos God City! I shall go out my with family Elders and capture him, to be judged by Young Lord!"

Ever since he heard the news of Cosmos God Cult Leader Xie Chao's breakthrough to God Realm, this Gu Family Patriarch, Gu Lingbo, had decided to submit under the Cosmos God Cult and the situation now was a heaven sent opportunity for the Gu Family to perform and exhibit their loyalty.

Just as Gu Lingbo's voice fell, several other Patriarchs and Sovereigns stood up saying similar words, each claiming they were willing to capture this trespasser on behalf of Cosmos God Cult and await Young Lord Xie Hui's judgment.

"Then I shall give my thanks in advance to all." Xie Hui smiled and said.

"Young Lord is too polite!" Gu Lingbo, as well as the other Patriarchs, and Sovereigns quickly replied, then they all left the inner hall in light steps, as if walking on cloud nine.

When Gu Lingbo and a dozen other experts were outside the Castellan Manor, they immediately detected Huang Xiaolong's figure, shrouded in a dense fog of Asura qi. Coincidentally, Huang Xiaolong just arrived at the Castellan Manor.

Gu Lingbo let out a cold snicker spotting Huang Xiaolong. Without spouting any nonsense, he grabbed the chance to attack first before anyone else. Clenching his fist, Gu Lingbo struck a powerful punch at Huang Xiaolong's chest.

Huang Xiaolong watched the opponent with frosty eyes. When the opponent was close enough, Huang Xiaolong raised his fist and punched out, meeting the opponent's fist directly.

Gu Lingbo let out a cold sneer seeing this, the essence of his cultivation technique was hard and unyielding, having a powerful physique was vitality. Although he was only a peak late-Fourth Order Saint realm, average Saint realm Fifth Order experts wouldn't dare to take a punch from him.

Above all, he had determined that Huang Xiaolong was just a mid-Fourth Order Saint realm. This was the main reason that he dared to be the first one facing Huang Xiaolong.

In a split second, Gu Lingbo's face stiffened, his eyes widened fearfully looking at Huang Xiaolong, but it was too late for him to retreat and a loud 'boom' rang out. Accompanying this blast was the sounds of shattered bones.

In front of a group of shocked Patriarchs and Sovereigns, Gu Lingbo let out a ringing shriek of pain, his body rebounded back into the Castellan Manor, ramming over hundreds of Cosmos God Cult disciples before finally crashing into an imitation stone mountain.

After sending the Gu Family Patriarch flying with a single punch, Huang Xiaolong leaped high into the air and a giant saber appeared in his hand. The very same great saber that he got from the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins.

Ignoring the astonished looks around him, Huang Xiaolong bellowed as the giant saber in his hand heavily slashed down from high up.

"Dragon Splitting the World!"

A larger than life saber light pierced through space with a blood-red dragon chasing behind it, exuding a suffocating bloodlust aura.

The sudden burst of murderous aura spread all the way to the Manor's front hall, where Xie Hui was about to perform the wedding ceremony. All the experts within the manor turned their gazes toward the source of the bloodthirsty aura, catching a shocking sight of the giant saber light and a blood-red dragon.

The saber light finally struck!

The entire Cosmos God City Castellan Manor trembled, strong tremors shook the ground.

One after another, expert flew up into the air and saw a giant saber mark cut through the length of the Castellan Manor from front to back, splitting the manor below them into two halves. The sections next to the saber mark were destroyed by the powerful saber energy, crumbling into ruins. Stinging saber energy continued to vibrate in the air around the deep saber mark.

Gaping at the result, everyone inhaled sharply.

The power contained in one slash was so terrifying!

At this point, Shi Xiaofei already discarded the red cover from her head, staring at the silhouette high in the air. A tear rolled down her cheek. 'He's here, he really is here! He really came to save me!'

While everyone was still aghast at the damage done by a single saber cut, a figure flew up, a well-aimed fist struck out at Huang Xiaolong in a sneak attack. A flurry of fists drowned out Huang Xiaolong's figure.

The sudden turn of events astounded the crowd of experts.

"It's the Young Lord!" An expert of the Cosmos God Cult exclaimed.

The person who attacked Huang Xiaolong was the Cosmos God Cult's Young Lord, Xie Hui!

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