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Chapter 430: Notify The Young Lord

 Chapter 430: Notify The Young Lord

Huang Xiaolong was getting closer to the Cosmos God City's Castellan Manor.

However, the incident outside the southern city gates alerted the Cosmos God Cult disciples. More and more Cosmos God Cult disciples gathered from all directions, circling around Huang Xiaolong.

Originally, the city was filled with a festive atmosphere, carriages lined the streets as people hurried around, but the murderous aura exuded by the Cosmos God Cult disciples as they all rushed toward one direction had startled everyone. In the blink of an eye, the streets were empty of people.

Sensing powerful energies targeting him from all directions, Huang Xiaolong remained stoic, his feet did not falter at all as they continued to walk in the Castellan Manor's direction.

Cosmos God City Castellan Manor.

"What? Someone breached the southern city gates and killed more than three hundred of our disciples stationed there?!" Chen Xiaofeng stared at the disciple who came to report in disbelief.

There actually existed someone so audacious as to come to Cosmos God City and kill the Cosmos God Cult's disciples!

This was the first time something like this happened since the Cosmos God Cult was formed several thousand years ago.

Chen Xiaofeng, as one of Cosmos God Cult's Enforcement Elders, was responsible for maintaining order in Cosmos God City, which was why the guard disciple came to report to Chen Xiaofeng firsthand when this incident happened.

"That is so, Lord Enforcer, should we inform the Young Lord about this matter?" The guard disciple weakly suggested.

Chen Xiaofeng waved his hand dismissively saying, "Such a small thing, no need to report to the Young Lord, it will only dampen his mood." Then, a cold gleam flickered in his eyes, "Someone actually dared to come to my Cosmos God City, killing my Cosmos God Cult disciples! This is clearly seeking death, but don't kill him immediately. Capture him alive and find the names of his family and sect, I want all of his nine generations annihilated!"

"Yes, Lord Enforcer!" The guard disciple acknowledged with utmost respect.

However, the other side dared to kill in their territory, he must have some skill; Chen Xiaofeng thought for a moment and ordered two Saint realm subordinates to go check out the situation.

"Remember, capture that person alive!" Chen Xiaofeng instructed his two Saint realm subordinates, adding coldly, "You know what the consequences of letting that person escape are!"

"Please rest assured, Lord Enforcer!" Both Saint realm experts assured Chen Xiaofeng.

Chen Xiaofeng waved them away.

Both men saluted at Chen Xiaofeng and disappeared in a flicker from the spot.

At this point, the Cosmos God Cult disciples that rushed over had Huang Xiaolong tightly surrounded. On the ground, in the air, they formed a black sea of silhouettes.

As the Cosmos God Cult headquarters city, one could easily assemble one million disciples if not two million with one order. Not to mention, the disciples that were allowed to stay inside the city were all Xiantian realm experts and above.

One million Xiantian realm experts!

One could easily judge the extent of Cosmos God Cult's power!

Huang Xiaolong stared coldly at the sea of Cosmos God Cult disciples blocking his path, but he continued to march forward.

Suddenly, a Cosmos God Cult disciple leaped up, swinging his big sword down on Huang Xiaolong. With the first initiative taken, more and more Cosmos God Cult disciples followed, each one of them using their most powerful attack on Huang Xiaolong.

Watching them, Huang Xiaolong pushed his Qi Sea. Battle qi surged in his veins as Asura qi shrouded the outside of his body. When those Cosmos God Cult disciples neared him, the Asura qi around Huang Xiaolong whirled out like a flash flood, like an irresistible force, all the disciples were sent tumbling in the air.

In a split second, numerous Cosmos God Cult disciples crashed into the building structures around, bricks and wood shattered, crumbling to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong moved on, leaving behind rows of streets dyed in crimson red blood.

The colorful lanterns that were hung along the streets were all ruined. With Huang Xialong as the center, everything within a thousand zhang radius was all destroyed.

Tens of thousands Cosmos God Cult disciples-dead!

In the middle of a bright sunny day, a sudden gust of cold wind blew.

Huang Xiaolong showed no emotions as he continued toward the Castellan Manor. However, he didn't get very far before another wave of Cosmos God Cult disciples had him surrounded once more.

Another storm of blood rain fell on the streets.

After a while, Huang Xiaolong lost count of how many waves of Cosmos God Cult disciples he had annihilated. Against those disciples, Huang Xiaolong did not hold back.

In the decades after his Master Ren Wokuang had disappeared, the Cosmos God Cult had been consistently swallowing the Asura's Gate territory, the number of Asura's Gate disciples that died in the hands of the Cosmos God Cult reached ten million, if not more!

Step by step, Huang Xiaolong marched on, getting closer and closer to the Cosmos God City's Castellan Manor. The Asura qi shrouding him grew denser, his eyes were already a deep scarlet, the concentrated slaughter aura coiling around Huang Xiaolong began to form black snowflakes!

Under the bright shining sun, black snowflakes were falling from the sky; no matter what, this scene was eerie and strange.

"Raging Inferno Glorious Spear!"

"Wind God Kick!"

At one point, as Huang Xiaolong was moving closer to the Castellan Manor, a rain of spear images flew right at him, piercing through space, followed by countless shadows of a leg that formed into a fierce gale. Both powerful attacks aimed to do severe injuries to Huang Xiaolong.

From some distance away, two figures could be seen arriving at breakneck speed.

Saint realm experts. Looking at the two figures, Huang Xiaolong struck out both palms, sending a myriad of palm imprints that shattered the spear and leg images. In the next second, Huang Xiaolong's silhouette disappeared from the ground, and when he appeared again, he was already in front of the two Saint realm experts.

Huang Xiaolong held the Eminent Holiness Halberd in his hands. With one frontal thrust, it pierced straight through one of the Saint realm's heart, then it was retrieved, and with another swing, the Eminent Holiness Halberd penetrated the second Saint realm expert's chest.

Everything happened so fast that neither one of the two Cosmos God Cult Saint realm experts had time to react.

Huang Xiaolong pulled the halberd back, letting the two bodies plummet to the ground. The street pavements cracked like spider web lines.

"You, who are you?!" One of them asked, obvious fear in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong did not answer. The Absolute Soul Finger bearing the true essence fire penetrated both men's temples and they slumped to the ground with wide shocked eyes.

Huang Xiaolong put their bodies into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda as food for the Poison Corpse Scarabs and went on his way.

At this time, a commotion spread in the inner and outer hall of the Castellan Manor.

Earlier, when Huang Xiaolong breached the southern gate, killing over three hundred Cosmos God Cult disciples, these experts were kept in the dark, but as more and more Cosmos God Cult disciples were killed, because of the powerful energy fluctuations that felt ever closer to the Castellan Manor, those experts finally noticed that something was wrong.

In the shortest time, those experts found out the shocking news that someone broke into the Cosmos God City, killing their Cosmos God Cult disciples along the way.

"Foolhardy! He dares to cause trouble here in Cosmos God City!"

"This person's dead for sure! But for him to breach Cosmos God City, he must have something up his sleeves!"

"So what if he has something up his sleeves? Can he fight all the Cosmos God Cult experts relying on him alone? I'm curious which family's disciple he is. Having such a mad disciple is the catastrophe of that family!"

Those experts stated their opinion in an unrestrained manner, whereas experts from the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and others were secretly gloating in their hearts. On the big wedding day of the Cosmos God Cult's Young Lord, someone broke into the Cosmos God City, killing numerous Cosmos God Cult disciples...? No matter the result, Cosmos God Cult's reputation would suffer because of this.

"What?! The Saint realms I sent are both dead?!" Chen Xiaofeng was angered and shocked listening to the latest report. Among the two Saint realm experts he sent, one was a Fourth Order Saint realm, while the other was a peak late-Third Order Saint realm. He didn't expect that both would be killed barely a few minutes after leaving the Castellan Manor.

Chen Xiaofeng's eyes shifted, then he hastened away in the direction of Xie Hui's residence courtyard. This matter had escalated to a level where the Young Lord had to be notified.