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Chapter 428: Not Even Qualified to Carry His Shoes?

 Chapter 428: Not Even Qualified to Carry His Shoes?

Xie Hui sat on the main seat, listening to the flatteries coming from the Enforcement Elders' mouths. He smiled faintly and nodded his head while raising his wine cup in a toasting gesture. No one knew what was going on inside this Young Lord's mind.

Chen Xiaofeng went on, "Rumors say that Shi Xiaofei has an innate born Buddha Physique, once Young Lord coupled with her, Young Lord's cultivation would definitely grow by leaps and bounds!"

Another round of bootlicking ensued, filling the spacious hall with laughter and cheers.

"Have all the guests been notified?" Xie Hui asked while placing his wine cup down.

"As early as half a month ago, we have sent out invitations to all the renowned experts, but it happened on such short notice, so the Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House's Sovereigns can't make it." Chen Xiaofeng answered, "They only sent some Elders over."

Xie Hui nodded, "It's fine." Then, he asked another question, "Does Shi Fantian know?"

Chen Xiaofeng replied, "He does, but that old wrinkly-skin flew into a rage and had the Cosmos God Cult messenger disciples we sent all killed!"

"Shi Fantian, that old fogey, doesn't know what's good for him!" Another Enforcer barked, "He should be thankful that our Young Lord took an interest in his daughter, how dare he kill our Cosmos God Cult disciples!"

Xie Hui gently waved his hand at the people below, "We're in the wrong in this matter for setting the wedding without consulting the elders, Shi Fantian is an empire's Emperor on Snow Wind Continent, it's only natural he's upset."

Chen Xiaofeng and the rest quickly nodded in agreement with Xie Hui and the clamors about Shi Fantian stopped immediately. When all was said and done, Shi Fantian would be the Young Lord' father-in-law.

"Any movements on the Asura's Gate side?" In an abrupt change of topic, Xie Hui inquired another question.

He Zhi was the one who answered, "After the Enigma City matter, Asura's Gate didn't have any other movement, but the Qi Family's Patriarch was killed by Huang Xiaolong, whereas the remaining members were taken under the Asura's Gate. Half of the fourteen big families hastened to submit under the Asura's Gate as if hot water scalded their feet!"

A cold gleam flickered passed Xie Hui's eyes.

"Young Lord, that Huang Xiaolong actually dared to slaughter close to ten thousand of our Cosmos God Cult disciples!" A one-eyed old man sitting further down from He Zhi spoke up, "Such impertinence!! The Cosmos God Cult doesn't exist in his eyes!"

This one-eyed old man was none other than Hu Chen, one of Cosmos God Cult's Enforcement Elders and also Hu Guang's father.

"That's right, Young Lord. If we do not respond in kind, all the experts on Starcloud Continent would think that the Cosmos God Cult is afraid of Huang Xiaolong!" A Legacy Hall Elder, Sun Luyu stated.

Chen Xiaofeng and the others around echoed the same sentiment, suddenly the entire hall was filled with angry clamors. Xie Hui gently pressed his hand in the air, calming the group of people.

"Father is in Peace Emperor World, he won't be able to return for a short while." Xie Hui continued with an impassive expression, "Let Huang Xiaolong live a few more days for now, when Father returns for the Grand Martial Exchange and conquers Starcloud Continent, Huang Xiaolong and the Asura's Gate will be on the top of the kill list!"

Conquer Starcloud Continent!

Chen Xiaofeng and everyone were genuinely shocked by this revelation.

"Young Lord, has Lord Leader...?!" He Zhi ventured with caution.

Xie Hui nodded, "Correct, Father has broken through God Realm."

Chen Xiaofeng, He Zhi, and everyone else showed an astounded expression on their faces, then it turned into euphoria as they rushed to their feet, conveying their congratulations.

An hour later, the party dispersed for the night. Xie Hui too returned to his own residence courtyard.

His residence courtyard was brightly lit even though it was deep into the night, exuding a festive ambiance. In the middle of the room was an extra large bed, where a beautiful young woman sat in a waiting posture. This peerless beauty was Shi Xiaofei.

Watching Xie Hui walk into the room, Shi Xiaofei stood up angrily with her eyes glaring at Xie Hui. Even Shi Xiaofei's angry expression was a sight to behold.

"What did you do to Xiaorou and Xiaoyue?" Shi Xiaofei demanded.

Xiaorou and Xiaoyue were the two maids that accompanied her from the Blessed Buddha Empire. Both girls followed Shi Xiaofei since her childhood days, thus their relationship was very good.

Facing Shi Xiaofei that looked like she wanted to swallow him whole, Xie Hui maintained a suave appearance, "Don't worry, they're fine. However, if you do not cooperate tomorrow, I cannot guarantee what will happen to them tomorrow night."

"You... despicable!" Shi Xiaofei gnashed each word through gritted teeth.

Xie Hui took no offense, a tiny grin emerged on his face instead, "Thank you very much for your compliment. I will show you just how despicable I can be."

Shi Xiaofei was heaving with anger from Xie Hui's words, her chest moving up and down. Xie Hui didn't bother to conceal his gaze as he stared at Shi Xiaofei's bosom.

Noticing his eye level, Shi Xiaofei's hands flew to cover her bosom, spewing fire from her eyes, "Xie Hui, don't even dream of touching a hair on my body!"

Xie Hui retorted, "Do you think you have any hopes of resisting?"

Shi Xiaofei's face flushed red with anger. From the time she was captured, the other side fed her something unknown to her that hindered her from initiating a shred of battle qi from her Qi Sea.

The current her was vulnerable even facing the lowest of Cosmos God Cult disciple, powerless to resist, not to mention going against someone like Xie Hui.

Shi Xiaofei resorted to glowering at Xie Hui with an icy gaze, "To tell you the truth, I already have someone I like."

This drew a frown from Xie Hui.

"Compared to him, you're not even qualified to carry his shoes!" Shi Xiaofei added with a vengeance.

Xie Hui broke into a unruly laughter instead of getting angry, "I, the Young Lord of Cosmos God Cult, am not even qualified to carry his shoes?" It sounded like the world's funniest joke in Xie Hui's ears.

Indeed, if one were to compare identities, relying on his status as the Cosmos God Cult's Young Lord, not only on Starcloud Continent, but even in the entire Martial Spirit World, no more than three people could rival him.

Regardless of that, the woman he set his eyes on, Shi Xiaofei, was saying it to his face that he, the Undefeated War God Xie Hui, wasn't qualified to carry that person's shoes?

If any of the Cosmos God Cult Elders like Chen Xiaofeng were here, watching Xie Hui's wanton laughter, they would know that Xie Hui was truly angered at this moment. There weren't many things or people that could truly anger their Young Lord.

"I'm really curious, who is this person that has captured the heart of Snow Wind Continent's number one beauty?!" His laughter died abruptly, a blizzard cold aura seemed to come from Xie Hui's body.

Shi Xiaofei's momentum matched Xie Hui's, "He will come save me tomorrow, you will know at that time."

"Good." Xie Hui did not press the matter further, "I shall wait and see the identity of this person whose shoes I don't even qualify to carry!" Murderous intent flitted in Xie Hui's eyes, "Tomorrow, if he dares to come, I shall fight him personally right in front of you, dig his heart out and feed it to the dogs!"

"You!" Shi Xiaofei choked with anger.

"But, I won't let him die so easily." A wicked sneer hung on Xie Hui's mouth, "Tomorrow night, I'll make him kneel here, in this room, and watch how I press you under my body, at my mercy; let him hear your sultry moans in pleasure. Still, he's blessed to be able to see your enticing naked body before he dies."

Shi Xiaofei's eyes turned scarlet, her chest heaved up and down, her hands raised high wanting to slap the person in front of her.

Xie Hui reached out, grasping her wrist, then pulled it to his nose and took a whiff of her intoxicating scent, laughing as he said, "I didn't expect that even your hand smells so nice."

Shi Xiaofei was rendered into speechless anger and humiliation.

"Fret not, my dear, I won't touch you tonight. I will save that beautiful moment for tomorrow night." Xie Hui turned around and left in a good mood, leaving the sound of his laughter echoing in the room.

Warm tears rolled down Shi Xiaofei's cheeks watching the receding silhouette.

Tomorrow, will he really come save her?

Although she wished he would come, would he really appear tomorrow? Perhaps he didn't even know that she had been captured, having no idea at all that tomorrow...