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Chapter 425: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce

 Chapter 425: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce

Just as Huang Xiaolong's figure appeared in the hall, Qin Guoan and all Qin Family Elders' eyes zoomed in on him, however, no one from the Qin Family's side stood up in a warm welcome, they each wore an indifferent expression on their faces.

An elixir like the Nine Leaves Purple Grass was hard to come by in a thousand years, even someone such as their Treasure City Castellan hardly had something like it in his possession. From the Qin Family's expressions, it was obvious they did not believe that this black-haired young man in front of them had the Nine Leaves Purple Grass.

"You have the Nine Leaves Purple Grass?" Qin Guoan went straight to the point, tone condescending and filled with authority.

Huang Xiaolong scanned the faces around him, taking no offense from Qin Guoan's manner, he replied calmly, "Correct."

A disdained snort sounded from one of the Qin Elders, "Brat, do you know what place this is? If you fail to take out a Nine Leaves Purple Grass later, I'll end you with a slap!"

Huang Xiaolong retorted, "If I can take out a Nine Leaves Purple Grass, then will you commit suicide with a single palm?"

That Qin Family Elder was quick to anger, "You! Insolent!" The Elder carried a preconception that Huang Xiaolong, in fact, didn't have the Nine Leaves Purple Grass, and came to Qin Residence to rouse trouble. To him, Huang Xiaolong's retort only proved his thoughts.

"Mad Dragon Bears No Regret!" The Qin Family Elder attacked Huang Xiaolong with a palm strike. However, there was no mad dragon, only gusts of strong wind.

Qin Guoan and the rest watched from their seats with no intention to stop the Elder. They too wanted to see how much skill the other side had, to come into their territory causing trouble!

However, the Qin Family Elder suddenly turned ashen when his palm force was inches from Huang Xiaolong, a whelming power much stronger than his own swept over him.

Bang! A loud explosion resounded and the Qin Family Elder was blasted off his seat, leaving behind a pile of wood dust that used to be a chair. The robe on his body was shredded into many long stripes that hung down from his shoulder, not much different in appearance compared to a street beggar.

Qin Guoan and all the present Qin Family Elders jumped to their feet with a dumbstruck expression on their faces: what happened?!

No one in the hall saw Huang Xiaolong retaliate, neither did they feel any energy ripples from Huang Xiaolong's body, but their Qin Family Elder was struck like a broken kite?!

Although that particular Qin Family Elder wasn't the strongest, he ranked amongst the top in strength.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger at the void, the power of his finger pierced a hole through the main hall's stone pillar, then the back wall, through the courtyard wall, and finally the imitation mountain in the garden.

Qin Guoan, as well as the Elders, stared at the straight line of finger-sized holes that was straighter than a brush, their knees went weak. As a peak half-Saint himself, Qin Guoan honestly admitted that he couldn't do that.

Which led to the next question... this black-haired young man was a Saint realm expert?!

A Saint realm expert! Qin Guoan began to feel afraid.

It was clear now that the black-haired young man wasn't someone sent by the Jiang Family to disturb them. The Jiang Family couldn't afford to hire a Saint realm expert to deal with them.

"Sen-Senior, j-just now Guoan and the Elders were impolite, we humbly beg Senior to forgive us!" Qin Guoan forced himself to approached Huang Xiaolong despite his crying heart, apologizing with the utmost respect.

The remaining Qin Family Elders also bowed low, asking for forgiveness, their foreheads nearly touching the floor.

Seeing e no signs of anger on Huang Xiaolong's face, Qin Guoan invited Huang Xiaolong to sit on his Patriarch seat. Huang Xiaolong did not refuse, he walked straight to the main seat and sat down.

This made Qin Guoan feel a tiny bit better, but he and the Elders all stood on their feet, no one dared to sit.

Huang Xiaolong went straight to business after taking a seat, taking out a Nine Leaves Purple Grass. Immediately, the scent of fragrant elixir filled the entire Qin Residence main hall.

"Nine, Nine Leaves Purple Grass!" Qin Guoan shivered as he stared at the little green plant in Huang Xiaolong's hand. The Elders' expressions mirrored Qin Guoan's.

Despite witnessing the black-haired young man's possible Saint realm strength, a small portion of doubt still lingered in Qin Guoan's and the Elders' hearts about Huang Xiaolong actually having a Nine Leaves Purple Grass.

"Right, Nine Leaves Purple Grass, moreover, its close to forty thousand years in age." Huang Xiaolong clarified, "No matter how heavy the injuries are, as long as there's one breath left, this small plant can fully heal all injuries."

Close to forty thousand years! The people in the hall were wide-eyed with shock.

A Nine Leaves Purple Grass close to forty thousand years! A thousand year old Nine eaves Purple Grass was already hard to come by for a such a rare elixir, what was the concept of a forty thousand year old Nine Leaves Purple Grass?!

Heavy breathing rose and fell in the hall. Yet, no one dared to harbor any dishonest thoughts.

"Senior, this Nine Leaves Purple Grass...?" A brief moment later, Qin Guoan collected himself, inquiring cautiously; their Ancestor was gravely injured, Huang Xiaolong appearing with a Nine Leaves Purple Grass couldn't be a mere coincidence, and definitely not something given free to the Qin Family.

"I heard that you have eight stalks Dragon God Grass in your hands." Huang Xiaolong was frank in stating his purpose.

Realization hit Qin Guoan, but in the next second, his expression became complicated. Although a Nine Leaves Purple Grass was extremely rare, it slightly paled in value compared to eight stalks of Dragon God Grass.

The minuscule change in Qin Guoan's face did not go unnoticed by Huang Xiaolong. Knowing the other side's thought, he added, "How about this, I'll use eight herb stalks close to forty thousand years that are in the same grade as Nine Leaves Purple Grass in exchange for the eight stalks Dragon God Grass in your hand."

"Eight, eight stalks of forty thousand year old elixirs of the same grade as Nine Leaves Purple Grass?!" Qin Guoan and the Qin Family Elders' voice rose an octave higher in exclamation.

Rare elixirs like the Nine Leaves Purple Grass close to forty thousand years, this young man actually had eight stalks!

Before many pairs of astounded eyes, Huang Xiaolong took out another seven different herbs from the Asura Ring.

The Qin Residence main hall was filled with a prism of resplendent colors, Qin Guoan and the Elders felt as if they had fallen into a sea of spiritual energy. Breathing in the rich aroma of these elixirs, they almost couldn't resist moaning out in pleasure.

The Qin Family member's eyes were glued to the eight stalks elixirs, unable to move away even an inch.

"How about now?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

Only then did these people returned to the present.

"Senior, these, these are too much!" Qin Guoan waved his hand repeatedly in answer.

Dragon God Grass might be valuable, but eight stalks rare elixirs the same grade as Nine Leaves Purple Grass definitely far exceeded the value of eight stalks Dragon God Grass.

Huang Xiaolong didn't mind, "Never mind, coincidentally I need Dragon God Grass now, therefore, in my eyes, Dragon God Grass is worth more than Nine Leaves Purple Grass."

Huang Xiaolong simply laid the truth out. To the current him, Dragon God Grass was essential. Only with them could he refine the primordial divine dragon body and enhance his own strength in the shortest time possible.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong's words, Qin Guoan did not refuse further, but he gave Huang Xiaolong another news, "Senior, a few days ago, Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce's President came and bought four stalks if Dragon God Grass from me, because of that, I only have four stalks remaining."

"What?!" Huang Xiaolong frowned, Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce?! He heard that this Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce was one of four top trading firms on Starcloud Continent.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong exchanged the Nine Leaves Purple Grass and three other elixirs for four stalks Dragon God Grass with Qin Guoan. A short while later, Qin Guoan and the Elders respectfully saw out Huang Xiaolong until the Qin Residence doors.

"Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce." Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

Nonetheless, he had to get the remaining four stalks.

But before paying a visit to the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce, Huang Xiaolong first flew off in the direction of Treasure City's Castellan Manor.

Shi Xiaofei went missing in Treasure City. With her strength, the only person strong enough to do any harm to her could only be another Saint realm. Huang Xiaolong had a distinct feeling that this matter was connected to Treasure City's Castellan Manor.