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Chapter 419: Surrender the Murderer

 Chapter 419: Surrender the Murderer

Huang Xiaolong did not utter a word as he walked to the main seat and sat down.

One could even hear a needle drop in the heavy silence.

Huang Xiaolong sat down silently and did nothing to indicate to Wang Dingzhi that he could stand, thus Wang Dingzhi remained in a kneeling posture without daring to move an inch. The menacing cold air from Huang Xiaolong caused the temperature in the hall to plummet drastically.

However, Wang Dingzhi was sweating profusely, while that manor steward stood blankly at the side, as if the word 'Sovereign' that came out from Wang Dingzhi's mouth scared his soul into oblivion.

Within seconds, sounds of rustling wind came from many different directions into the main hall. No doubt, these noises were the manor guards rushing over, ready to encircle the trespasser.

Huang Xiaolong breaking into the Castellan Manor and injuring over a hundred manor guards had alerted the hidden experts within the manor grounds.

Hearing the sharp wind noises arriving one after another, Wang Dingzhi grew more anxious, however, Huang Xiaolong had yet to permit him to stand. He dared not stand on his own accord to order these manor guards to retreat.

Huang Xiaolong silently sat in the hall. In that short moment, a group of manor guards had broken through the doors and rushed into the main hall.

The manor guards who broke into the main hall in a rush were stupefied seeing their Castellan kneeling on the floor.

"Castellan, are you alright?" One of the manor guards arrived swiftly to Wang Dingzhi's side, inquiring with concern. In his view, their Castellan was subdued by the black-haired young man and was forced to kneel in humiliation.

The guards snapped back to their senses, bellowing as they simultaneously attacked Huang Xiaolong.

Reaching this point, Wang Dingzhi could no longer remain kneeling and hollered out in anger: "Impudent! Damn the lot of you, get the hell out of here this instant!" Jumping anxiously to his feet, he released a powerful wave of energy.

All the manor guards were forced back awkwardly by the powerful wave of energy from Wang Dingzhi.

The manor guard and steward closest to Wang Dingzhi were the most miserable, receiving the highest colliding impact, their bodies were sent flying out of the main hall. Both of them fainted before they hit the floor.

The manor guards struck by Wang Dingzhi struggled up from the floor. Confusion, apprehension, and bewilderment clearly showed on their faces, not knowing what they did wrong. It was beyond their understanding that the person that attacked them would be their own Lord Castellan.

In the next moment, they witnessed Wang Dingzhi quickly getting down to his knees again before Huang Xiaolong, "They are not aware of Sovereign's identity and inadvertently offended Sovereign, please have mercy and spare their lives!"

A crisp clap resounded in the minds of these manor guards, shock written all over their faces as their pupils shifted towards the black-haired young man sitting in the most conspicuous seat in the main hall.


Their Asura's Gate Sovereign?!

Huang Xiaolong merely glanced at Wang Dingzhi from the corner of his eyes, speaking in a low drawl, "I ran into something very interesting on the first day I arrived in Enigma City."

Something very interesting? Wang Dingzhi's heart tightened nervously.

Huang Xiaolong continued in the same slow drawl, "Several Cosmos God Cult disciples were harassing a young woman in the Auspicious Scepter Restaurant. One of our Asura's Gate disciples tried to stop them, but was pounded until he was gravely injured by those Cosmos God Cult disciples. On top of that, our disciple was humiliated in public, he was told to lick the toes of these Cosmos God Cult disciples. When our Asura's Gata Enforcement Squad arrived, not only did they not help their own sect brother, but hid and watched behind the scenes."

Sweat was falling down Wang Dingzhi's forehead like monsoon rain.

Huang Xiaolong's voice echoed softly in the hall, "What made it even more interesting was, after those Cosmos God Cult disciples were taught a lesson by me, the Asura's Gate Enforcement Squad disciples actually ran out like loyal dogs, taking orders from the Cosmos God Cult disciples in an attempt to capture me and the other Asura's Gate disciple, wanting to throw us into the dungeon!"

By this point, Wang Dingzhi had lost all colors from his face as if all of his blood were drained away. At this moment, he finally understood the reason for Huang Xiaolong's anger, why the murderous aura coming from Huang Xiaolong was so ferocious.

A sect's Sovereign was nearly thrown into the dungeon by his own sect's disciples!

Wang Dingzhi's tongue was twisted into knots, not knowing what to say.

"Wang Dingzhi!" Huang Xiaolong suddenly snapped.

A cold shiver ran down Wang Dingzhi's body: "Sovereign."

"Does Enigma City belong to the Asura's Gate or to the Cosmos God Cult?!" Huang Xiaolong barked the question at Wang Dingzhi.

"Enigma City belongs to our Asura's Gate." Wang Dingzhi answered fearfully, his heart was trembling inside.

"Then you tell me, why does a Cosmos God Cult disciple dare to order our Asura's Gate Enforcement Squad before the public crowd, right under our noses, in Enigma City? Beating up our Asura's Gate disciples, humiliating our Asura's Gate disciples?!" Huang Xiaolong questioned mercilessly.

Terrifying Asura qi surged around Huang Xiaolong, enveloping the Castellan Manor main hall in a suffocating slaughter aura.

Fear paralyzed all the servants, maids, and guards on the manor grounds, feeling an immense pressure enveloping them.

Wang Dingzhi was still on his knees, holding his breath as his face turned increasingly paler.

While this was happening in Enigma City's Castellan Manor, in the neighboring Treasure Oblast's Castellan Manor, Castellan Peng Zhuang had just received the message that his disciple Hu Guang was injured in Enigma City to the extent that his Qi Sea was destroyed and both hands hacked off. In a fit of anger, he turned the tables and chairs beside him into dust with a slam.

"Relay my order, tell the Qi Family's Patriarch, Qi Lei, to search the entire Enigma City! I don't care how, he must find that bastard for me! If he escaped, I will uproot his Qi Family!" Peng Zhuang's roar thundered through the manor.

"Yes, Castellan!" The Cosmos God Cult disciple quickly complied and ran out as if he was fleeing for his life.

On another side of the Enigma City, inside the Qi Family's hall, more than a dozen people were lying on the floor. Amongst these dozen people, one of them was the very same Cosmos God Cult disciple who had his Qi Sea destroyed and both hands hacked off by Huang Xiaolong, Hu Guang, and the Asura's Gate Enforcement Squad Leader, Qi Wu.

The Qi Family had always been closely connected to the Cosmos God Cult, or better phrased, they were Cosmos God Cult's dog inside Enigma City. Now that a Cosmos God Cult Elder's son, Hu Guang, had both of his hands and his Qi Sea crippled inside the Enigma City, Qi Lei's face was warped with anger, and at the same time, with fear.

Asura's Gate Enforcement Squad Leader, Qi Wu, was a direct descendant of the Qi Family's main branch, someone that Qi Lei arranged into the Asura's Gate by pulling some strings. Qi Wu was a good talent and was one of the disciples that the Qi Family was focused on nurturing. He didn't expect Qi Wu to end up getting killed by someone like this.

"Sovereign!" A Qi Family Elder burst into the hall looking flustered, reporting to Qi Lei, "Just now, Treasure Oblast's Lord Castellan sent someone over with an order, we must search the entire Enigma City to find that murderer, if not, if not..."

"If not what?" Qi Lei asked.

"If that person escaped, Treasure City's Castellan said that he would annihilate Qi Family!" That Elder did not dare to conceal the matter, telling Qi Lei what was said.

Immediately, Qi Lei's and the other Elders' faces turned ugly.

Annihilate the Qi Family!

From these words, they already knew the extent of Treasure City Castellan's ire! Not to mention, Hu Guang's father had yet to know about this matter, if he knew, one could imagine the consequences.

Qi Lei knew that Treasure City's Castellan was someone who kept to his word, if the Qi Family really failed to capture that murderer, they would face annihilation.

"Have we found where the killer went?" Qi Lei asked.

One of the present Elder answered, "We received word moments ago, that person went into the Castellan Manor."

"The Castellan Manor?" This information was unexpected.

"Patriarch, what do we do now?" Another Qi Family Elder inquired Qi Lei.

A ruthless gleam flickered in Qi Lei's eyes, "To the Castellan Manor, now! Force Wang Dingzhi to surrender that killer to us, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude!"

Although he didn't know what relation that person had with Wang Dingzhi, at this moment, Qi Lei wasn't in a position to be concerned about this point. Regardless of that person's identity, he must capture him, or the consequences of Treasure City Castellan's wrath was not something that their Qi Family could afford!