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Chapter 417: Why Are You Here Only Now?!

 Chapter 417: Why Are You Here Only Now?!

The Asura's Gate disciple, Deng Cong, was glaring at the band of Cosmos God Cult disciples with hatred burning in his eyes, his voice sounded like a snarl, "Kill me if you got the guts, you want me to lick your dog legs clean, I spit on you!" Spit and blood splattered on the several Cosmos God Cult disciples.

Caught off guard for a second, several Cosmos God Cult disciples were stained with blood spit, courtesy of Deng Cong.

The Cosmos God Cult disciple named Liu Guowei jumped to his feet in a fit if anger, "Your mother, you really think that I dare not take your life?! Let me tell you, even if I kill you right here in this Enigma Oblast, your Enigma Oblast's Domain Leader won't even have the guts to fart in front of us!" Liu Guowei's hand moved, ready to kill the Asura's Gate disciple named Deng Cong with a lethal strike.

But Liu Guowei's action was stopped by another Cosmos God Cult disciple, "It's too merciful just killing him like this, didn't he fantasize about being a hero, saving a damsel in distress? We should crush the 'bird eggs' between his legs, so that he can never touch a woman in his life, then destroy his Qi Sea, isn't that better?! Wishing he could die, but he can't!"

"That's true! On top of that, let's strip that Yang Le'er naked in front of him, let him watch how us brothers milk Yang Le'er's big breasts!" Another Cosmos God Cult disciple shouted as he pointed a finger at the green-clad girl standing at the side.

This suggestion brought a bout of lascivious laughter from the rest.

The girl had delicate features, bestowed with a pair of flirtatious fox-eyes, moist and clear, extremely charming. Especially the pair on her chest, big, perky, and upright, something the layer of clothes failed to hide.

This girl was Auspicious Scepter Restaurant owner's daughter, Yang Le'er.

Crystal tears hung at the edges of Yang Le'er eyes, looking pitifully adorable even as she fumed with anger: "You dare!"

Liu Guowei whooped wickedly, "Whether we dare or not, let us show it to you with our actions!" His hand reached out toward Yang Le'er as he said those words, roughly pulling her toward himself, while his other hand reached up, wanting to tear off the girl's clothing on the spot.

Not one person from the crowd stepped up to stop these Cosmos God Cult disciples. They were widening their bright eyes as to not miss anything instead, waiting with anticipation for Liu Guowei's action.

However, all of a sudden, Liu Guowei felt a sharp pain in his hands. When his head turned to look, a black-haired young man was standing behind him without him knowing. At this point, that young man's hand bound both of his in an iron hold.

"Let go!" Liu Guowei was frightened and angered, shouting out loud.

Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly, with a slight shake of his hand, he threw the person to the air, channeling a small amount of internal force and sounds of breaking bones were heard.

Lui Guowei's anguish scream rang as his whole body was flung away, shattering tables and chairs as he crashed to the floor.

"My hands!" Liu Guowei screamed.

The crowd quickly looked over in his direction, noticing that both of his hands were totally crushed as they hung limply at his sides, they couldn't be lifted anymore.

The rest of the Cosmos God Cult disciples were dumbstruck, but quickly snapped to their senses.

"Hehe, here comes another busybody!" Cosmos God Cult disciple Hu Guang stared coldly at Huang Xiaolong accompanied by a sarcastic snicker, "Lil' punk, do you know the consequences of injuring one of our Cosmos God Cult disciples?!"

Huang Xiaolong shrugged, unconcerned, "Oh, I'm curious what the consequences are."

Hu Guang's voice grew icy, "You will end up a hundred times worse than he is!" A finger pointed at the Deng Cong, "Furthermore, no one will be able to save you!"

Among the six Cosmos God Cult disciples, Liu Guowei was the weakest, merely a Xiantian Second Order, whereas Hu Guang was a Xiantian Seventh Order, therefore, Huang Xiaolong was no more than a puny speck of dust in his eyes.

"Is that so?" Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed.

Asura's Gate disciple Deng Cong managed to get to his feet from the ground, speaking to Huang Xiaolong, "This brother, quickly run, flee as far as you can."

"Run?" Hu Guang's disdainful snort sounded, "Today, not one of you can escape!" The five Cosmos God Cult disciples immediately spread out, encircling Huang Xiaolong and Deng Cong in the middle.

Hu Guang strutted confidently toward Huang Xiaolong. His fingers bent into claws and lunged straight at Huang Xiaolong's torso.

"Ultimate White Bone Claws!"

The flesh on his hands shrunk, drying up in the blink of an eye. They looked just like white bones that clawed out from a grave, emitting a stench of a rotten corpse. One could tell at one glance that this was an extremely vicious poison technique.

Watching Hu Guang, Huang Xiaolong simply raised his hand and pointed a finger at the space.

Huang Xiaolong's demeanor triggered a savage spark in Hu Guang; this little bastard is seeking death! He cultivated this Ultimate White Bone Claws technique by absorbing death aura that accumulated and turned into a potent corpse poison. Even a Xiantian Eighth Order warrior would be wishing for death if they were corroded by this poison, but they would only be rotting to their death.

But, in the next moment, his face tightened, for an incredible power that made his soul shake washed over him from that finger, shattering his Ultimate White Bone Claw's death aura as if it didn't even exist, piercing straight into his palm.

An indescribable pain made Hu Guang scream his throat hoarse. His body staggered feebly back, but his fearful eyes never left Huang Xiaolong's face, as a frigid cold energy invaded every single part of his body from his palms.

Hu Guang turned his palms toward himself and looked at the two bloody holes, which had a strange black mist dancing around them. One could even hear faint heart-chilling howls as the black mist weaved on the surface of his skin.

Everything that happened entered the other four Cosmos God Cult disciples' eyes. They each looked less arrogant and a little pale, for Hu Guang's strength was the strongest amongst them.

"You, who are you?!" Hu Guang demanded in anger staring at Huang Xiaolong, while running his battle qi, trying to expel the frigid qi out from his body. But he noticed that the frigid energy only grew more tyrannical.

Huang Xiaolong strolled toward Hu Guang, causing Hu Guang to retreat in a flustered manner.

"Kill him!"

Hearing Hu Guang's order, the other four pounced on Huang Xiaolong, attacking all at once.

When the four people's attacks were about to hit Huang Xiaolong, a glaring light shone from his body, repelling all four away. The four people felt as if they collided with a mountain. They were thrown backwards from the impact force and flew out of the restaurant through the windows in four different corners.

The spectating crowd retreated hastily in fright. Ignoring them, Huang Xiaolong continued toward Hu Guang.

Hu Guang's larynx moved nervously, his eyes still on Huang Xiaolong the entire time. He tried to bolster his own courage by saying, "My father is a Cosmos God Cult Elder, and my Master is the Treasure Oblast's Castellan, you dare...!"

Before Hu Guang could finish his grand sounding threat, Huang Xiaolong struck a palm out across the distance between them, striking accurately at Hu Guang's Qi Sea, sending him flying backward.

Blood spewed uncontrollably out of Hu Guang's mouth, dyeing the chairs and tables in close proximity red.

Asura's Gate disciple Deng Cong and the spectators were aghast, aghast that Hu Guang's father was a Cosmos God Cult Elder, aghast that the Treasure Oblast Castellan was his Master!

And this black-haired young man still dared to injure Hu Guang so heavily despite knowing all this!

Huang Xiaolong was still as impassive looking at Hu Guang. He didn't intend for that palm strike to kill Hu Guang, merely destroying his Qi Sea. To cultivators, having their Qi Sea destroyed and ending as a useless garbage was way more painful than death.

It was deathly quiet when a burst of footsteps burst into the restaurant.

"It's the Asura's Gate Enforcement disciples!"

The crowd cried out, quickly giving way.

Huang Xiaolong's face sank a little. These Asura's Gate Enforcement disciples' arrival was so timely, just earlier, one couldn't even see their shadows, but now they arrived in droves.

By this time, about a hundred Asura's Gate Enforcement disciples had rushed into the restaurant.

The leader of the Enforcement squad, Qi Wu, entered the restaurant and his face paled spotting Hu Guang in a pool of blood. In a few quick steps, he reached Hu Guang's side, saying as he helped Hu Guang up, "Young Noble Hu, are you alright?!" Panic was obvious in Qi Wu's expression, it was clear that both of them were acquaintances, moreover, this Qi Wu seemed to know Hu Guang's identity.

Hu Guang stood up, and at Qi Wu's question, his temper exploded; his palm struck and a raw five finger palm print colored Qi Wu's cheek. Hu Guang's roar reverberated in the entire restaurant, "His mother, what were you doing arriving only at this time!" That demeanor and tone were no different than 'whipping' his own subordinate.