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Chapter 409: Sovereign Chen Won!

 Chapter 409: Sovereign Chen Won!

The Azure Wind longsword in Li Molin's hand swung out at full force, a crisp phoenix cry echoed and a dazzling azure sword light burst into the air as an azure phoenix shadow flew out.

Li Molin's figure jumped in haste.

Dang! Metal clashing noises rang out endlessly. Under the azure phoenix's attack, those Poison Corpse Scarabs were sent flying out, but even so, Li Molin felt cold sweat dampen her back.

The picture of Poison Corpse Scarabs drilling into her cherry mouth, down her throat, gnawing at her flesh, covering her chest, not to mention scurrying down her navel, between her legs and her butt.... Li Molin couldn't help quivering from the inside.

Her face turned a shade paler.

However, a second later, those dozen Poison Corpse Scarabs flew toward Li Molin once again. As if her scent attracted the other Poison Corpse Scarabs, more and more started to move towards Li Molin.

At a moment like this, Li Molin had no time to deal with Zhao Shu. The Azure Wind longsword in her hand swung out, sending the wave of Poison Corpse Scarabs away. Not far from Li Molin, another shrill scream came from a Deities Templar Elder.

Turning over to look, Li Molin saw that Elder's mouth was filled with wriggling Poison Corpse Scarabs fighting to get in. Distress screams continued to gurgle out from that Deities Templar's mouth, but his voice sounded muffled and hoarse due to his airway being filled with black critters.

Watching this scene, Li Molin felt her stomach turning. Finally unable to hold it in any longer, the sea beast meat she ate for the last few days was vomited out with a loud 'wah.'

Noticing her condition, Liu Yang swung his blades, blasting away some Poison Corpse Scarabs coming at him, seizing the small window, he leaped to Li Molin's side.

"Elder Li, are you alright?" Liu Yang asked anxiously.

Li Molin merely shook her head.

Zhao Shu's voice sounded again at this time, "Wah, you got pregnant so fast?" His eyes moved down to Li Molin's stomach, "Your stomach doesn't look like you're pregnant, ah!"

Li Molin raised her head, catching Zhao Shu's eye movement nearly made her vomit blood.

"You!" She glowered at Zhao Shu with fury.

But the surrounding Poison Corpse Scarabs closed in on her and Liu Yang.

Liu Yang slashed his blade around frantically, keeping them away while he urged Li Molin, "Elder Li, there's no end to this, let's retreat first!" The Poison Corpse Scarabs' ability to evolve already made their task of killing Huang Xiaolong impossible.

Resisting in this manner, in the end, they would only end up as food for the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Of course Li Molin was aware of this, but...! She was unwilling! This time, not only were they equipped with the Divine Dragon Armors, they even held godly weapons in their hands and even used the golden silk, yet, with all these, they still failed to kill Huang Xiaolong?!

This failure would spread to all corners of Starcloud Continent, even to the entire Martial Spirit World, greatly damaging Deities Templar's prominence! Returning this time, their punishment would be extremely heavy.

Recalling Deities Templar's punishment, Li Molin trembled involuntarily.

"Elder Li, let us return first and report the situation clearly, I believe that Temple Preceptor would lighten our punishment!" Liu Yang said as if he could read Li Molin's deepest thoughts.

Li Molin still hesitated.

A scream brought the two of them back to the present situation. Looking over, they witnessed another Deities Templar Elder being bitten by a Poison Corpse Scarab. It's needless to describe what his ending was.

"Retreat!" In the end, Li Molin roared unwillingly.

"Withdraw!" Liu Yang repeated her order to the Deities Templar Elders.

Both of them disappeared in a flicker, and one after another, Deities Templar Elders followed, escaping for their lives.

In an instant, not one Deities Templar Elder remained in the square.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu did not expect the Deities Templar group to turn and flee in such decisive manner, but it was already too late for them to chase. Moreover, both knew that relying only on the two of them, they couldn't hinder Li Molin's group from fleeing.

On the Asura Square, the corpses of three Deities Templar Elders quickly left nothing but white bones after the Poison Corpse Scarabs were done.

All the Asura's Gate Domain Leaders became ashen at the scene. Never had they imagined that things would develop in this manner. With the Deities Templar's Elders gone, then those Poison Corpse Scarabs would be coming at them...! The Deities Templar Elders were each equipped with Divine Dragon Armor, but in the end, they fled miserably. They, on the other hand, had nothing even resembling the Divine Dragon Armors.

Imagining the horrifying scene of their bodies being covered entirely in those black critters, a cold chill spread in the hearts of those Asura's Gate Domain Leaders.

Although death was a daily occurrence in their eyes after being baptized by numerous bloody battles and killings, the hair at the back of their necks raised at the thought of dying under the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Fortunately, the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs merely encircled them, without attacking. Still, watching the undulating black waves of Poison Corpse Scarabs baring pinchers and teeth at them, Gu Wen and the rest felt goosebumps on their skin.

Forceful shockwaves from the collisions above traveled downwards.

Everyone looked up, Huang Xiaolong and Chen Tianqi's battle seemed to have reached the climax, however, Huang Xiaolong seemed more unyielding and stronger as time wore on, whereas Chen Tianqi grew flustered and shocked.

For Huang Xiaolong, in the twenty-odd years since he arrived in this Martial Spirit World, he had never been able to fight to his heart's content as much as he did today. If he were to use one word to describe what he was feeling right now, it would be-thrilling!

Huang Xiaolong was just an early Fourth Order Saint realm, and comparing battle qi strength, he was slightly at a disadvantage against Chen Tianqi, despite that, his physique body was extremely tough. Chen Tianqi soon realized that Huang Xiaolong's physique actually rivaled his peak late-Fifth Order Saint realm's toughness!

What stunned him even more was that inside Huang Xiaolong's body, other than battle qi, there was another type of energy that surpassed the strength of his battle qi.

This foreign energy in Chen Tianqi's eyes was Huang Xiaolong's true essence energy.

Nearly pushing Chen Tianqi over the brink was Huang Xiaolong's martial spirit ability that could heal his injuries and replenish his battle qi! Meaning that his battle qi would never be exhausted.

His bright luminance could heal injuries, but not replenished his battle qi. If this fight dragged on for too long, the one ending up losing the battle would be him!

Suddenly, a ruthless glint flashed in Chen Tianqi's eyes. The platinum sphere around him expanded as a terrifying amount of light element power exploded from his body, causing Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu watching below to go pale.

This is...?!

"Radiant World Destruction!" Chen Tianqi's sharp voice sounded. It looked as if his body turned into a giant radiating sun. Then, this radiant sun suddenly exploded, releasing an abundant bright luminance energy everywhere, crashing, spinning. Under the destructive power, the surrounding space cracked and shattered.

Before Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the group of Domain Leaders' eyes, Huang Xiaolong was pulled into the center of this destructive power. After a long, long time, the frightening energy dispersed, and everything returned to its prior calm.

Chen Tianqi appeared, looking extremely pale, his body wobbled unsteadily.

This move, Radiant World Destruction, was a terrifying all-out attack. The downside was, after using this move, his battle qi and spiritual force would be overdrawn, and it would take Chen Tianqi at least half a year of healing before he could recover to his peak form.

Seeing the space on Huang Xiaolong's side shatter, Chen Tianqi believed that Huang Xiaolong was annihilated. Unable to sense Huang Xiaolong's presence around, he broke out in a hearty laughter, his voice hoarse, "Huang Xiaolong, you were claimed to be Martial Spirit World's most talented genius ever, in the end, you still died in my hands!"

He had used the same move to kill a Sixth Order Saint realm in the past, thus Chen Tianqi did not doubt for one second that Huang Xiaolong was dead.

The Domain Leaders bloomed into wide smiles at this result.

"Sovereign Chen won!" Gu Wen laughed loudly.